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nice work, GLWS :)

thanks AliA :)

Welcome! Cong!

thank you Ninetheme :)

How does one get the “css style switcher” to stick – for instance – we want to permanently select text menu (not icons) and BLUE colors. The documents are not clear at all and while I am sure I can hack the CSS to make it work I’d rather not spend the hour or more to find it…


Is there any way of disabling the “fade in” in the first section on the home page – we are having a issue where it will not display correctly on some smaller monitors – for instance the home page comes up with the header but the content area is completely white until the user scrolls the page. We changed the header size hoping it would fix it, but it did not, in fact it got worse. You can see the example here:


if you use the site full screen it works, but resize the browser window smaller and the content area appears then disappears and goes completely white. Scroll down and it re-appears. We have not been able to find how to disable it, or change than window size so it appears on smaller screens… please help this is delaying our rollout… thanks ! We have cut out all the CSS and have not been able to change the way the first section fades – maybe in another module ?

Hi! I’m sorry for the problem with fade in effect. You can disable it by finding ht-js.js in js folder. Then move to line 347 or look up comment code : /* A n i m a t e d O n S c r e e n */ If you want disable fade in effect , you can remove code : $(’#ht-ultility .onscreen-marker’).onScreen({ doIn: function() { $(’#ht-ultility’).find(’.foods’).parent().addClass(‘animated bounceInLeft’); $(’#ht-ultility’).find(’.openning’).parent().addClass(‘animated bounceInUp’); $(’#ht-ultility’).find(’.reservation’).parent().addClass(‘animated bounceInRight’); $(’#ht-ultility’).removeClass(‘invisible’); }, }); Or if you would like to not use fade in effect in other part, you can find it here and remove the code. I did comment it in detail. Hope it work for you. Thank you for purchasing our theme.!

No worries – we are doing something you probable never counted on someone to do (change header size) .. we fixed the problem by commenting out the line $(’#ht-ultility’).addClass(‘invisible’); in the JS module – so your info above helped a lot! Thank you!

Killer template! Good luck!

thank you wrwipeout :)

Thank you drupalet!

thanks mukhles61!

Looks great! GLWS ;)

thank you AirTheme!

Awesome! Best of luck

thank you daveeeo!

Hello really nice template !!

Now if you want some money, you need to create it for wordpress and i will problably buy it ;) Have a nice day

I’m afraid that it will not be available until the end of this month (just a plan). So if you are in hurry, you can buy HTML version and hire someone to convert it into Wordpress :) Or you can look around the market, I’m sure there are pretty themes out there that currently has wordpress version ;)

ok thanx for the quick reply, yes keep me in touch when the wordpress version is coming out ! Have a nice day… Yohann

Sure, we will. Have a nice day, too!

Hello, very nice work, thank you

Where to find and how to change the icons in the navigation menu??

Excuse my english … Thanks again

Hi jdnelson,

Thank you for your purchase! Here is step by step to change the icon in the navigation menu:

I will assume that you want to change the icon for Home menu.

1. Go to Font Awesome and choose the icon you want to use and copy its name.

2. Now open index.html with your editor. Go to line 56. In this line, you will see i class=”icon fa fa-home”

3. Replace fa-home with the name you just copy in step 1. Save the file and you’re done.

Note: other icons are located in line 70, 89, 106, 121 and 135.

Hope this help!

thanks abmathasuriya!

Nor Preview …..

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thank herrbutzie for notify me, i check it now

I checked it and upload preview link again, thank you so much!

Nice theme, Great work! I want to use the font “Twinmarker.ttf” in the theme, is it possible?


Thanks! Where can i change the menu icons? I wanna do a own… don’t find them anywhere..

Hi, for example you want to change icon coffee, follow the below steps:

1. Change i class=”icon fa fa-coffee /i by img src=”img/YOURNAMEICON.png” alt=”” class=”img-responsive icon”. Note that i can not put full html tag. You need find i tag and change to img tag

2. Go to ht-js.js in js folder, find and change hoverMenu($(’#ht-main-nav li.nav a.nav i.fa’)); to hoverMenu($(’#ht-main-nav li.nav a.nav .icon’));

3. If you want to change other icons, you only need to step 1.

Amazing theme! One pre-purchase question, is the “loading” sprite included and customizable?

Hi mjfduss, “loading” sprite’s included and you can replace our logo by your own image.

How do I add something to make the page automatically scroll or toggle down a bit? some people are dumb and not scrolling down when they click on a page

Hi krispmag! scrolling a little bit is not good idea, the other way is an icon in the right of site that mean scroll down for peaople.

Congratulation for your work. That’s an awesome design. However I don’t get email when customers contact us through the contact form or if they submit a reservation. I already changed the email address on php/ contact-form.php same for reservation-form.php. When they submit this message appear “Success! Your message has been sent to us.”But no email in my box. Could you help me on that? Thanks.


Hi, sorry for your waiting, i fixed this problem with working contact form. So i updated to themeforest, it take a time to approved update version. So if you don’t want to wait it, leave me your email here, i will teach you how to fix it. Best regard! Haintheme

Thanks for your support. I’m looking forward to know how to fix it? thibault.detraz@me.com Thanks again.

Amazing after sales service. Thanks for your support. Cheers.

Very good job!;

thank you!

Hi, I’ve been playing with the theme as I usually do before buying it, and I came across something very weird. If is want to add anything JS related to the index.html page (like a slider or a carousel from other vendors) any JS component I add breaks the native JS. The top Nav menu stops functioning, animation stops working and so on. There is no duplicate jquery or anything of the sort. I’ve bought many products that supposed to complement the site. I must be sure the template is ok before I purchase this template. All the other products I bought are working perfectly with other themes (MightySlider, LayerSlider, Royal Slider, themePunch Revolution). Do you know anything about it? Do you want to take a look at it? Regards, Adi

Can you give me more detail about your situation? I believe that my template can adapt well to other js file. Please send me email: wordpress.runner@gmail.com Regards, Haintheme!

Very very Nice Job. Thx a lot

Hi There, is it possible to provide some code for the contact page and the reservations page to stop mailer spam.

yes, it need to be added captcha to avoid mailer spam.