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great work!!

Thank you so much!

can i change the navigation to right instead of current left navigation

No you can’t do it. Thanks for your interesting.

Are the products listed in price order? The demo shows products all at the same price but this would obviously not be the case on a ‘live’ theme, so what I would like to know , if I were to list say 10 products, all with a different price, would they be listed in price order, or by the order of when each product was posted?

Can you show me a screenshot of the product options and how to organise these by price order as I’m looking to utlisie this theme for a car sales site and need cars to be listed in price order from the most expensive to the least expensive as i don’t want them in random order.

Thanks Steve

Here are the screenshots of the product pages and the options;

Btw, you can’t order them by price but you can order them by date, author, id, random, modified or title. So you can manage the order by manipulating the publish dates as well.

Unfortunately then for me, on this occassion, it’s a no goer. I need a theme that puts products in price order.


I would like to buy this, but I have one quick question: could the navigation on the left side (in your demo: HOME , ABOUT US, PORTFOLIO , OUR PRODUCTS , COMPANY BLOG , CONTACT US) be used for my categories instead of my pages?

Yes, you can put everyting you want all. Left, footer and top menus created by wordpress 3.0’s amazing new menu features. Check out this page if you’re not familiar the new wp menus Thanks

This is a great theme, great work, would be so cool if you could build a shopping cart into it? :)

Best of luck with the sales,

Yes, It would be cool, maybe i think about it in the future. Thanks so much for your kind words.

Hi there, I love this theme and can’t wait to get stuck in and set my website with it.

I am however having some troubles with the timthumb script. I’ve set the permissions correct. 777 for the cache folder, however all images that are being thumbnailed are erroring with 404.

Example can be found here;

Cheers, James.

Hello James, It looks like the script still needs the permissions to work. Try to give Chmod 755 to the theme folder and the cache folder. If you still get error please ask help from your hosting support. Thank you so much for purchasing.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I’ve run chmod 777 on my theme’s folder just in case. The timthumb is still not displaying correctly and 404s.

This is strange considering I’ve used timthumb on about 5 other sites and they are working fine.

I’ve used timthumb.php in the theme like all other themes do! So please ask help from your hosting support. Btw some hosts don’t accept 777 so that’s why i said try 755.

In the end chmodding timthumb.php to 644 worked.

Thanks for your help.

Glad to hear everything’s ok now

Bu temada bulunan Contact form türkçe karakter destekliyor mu? daha önce alm?? oldu?un Rt-Theme 5’te türkçe karakterler sembol olarak ç?k?yordu.

Merhaba, Turkce karakterleri aslinda su haliylede destekliyor ancak sizin eposta okuyucunuz bunu belirlemiyor, ornegin gmaile gonderdiginizde problem yasamazsiniz. Eger HTML formatinda gonderirseniz maili, sorun tamamen hallolur. Bunun icin contact_form.php dosyasini acin, satir 69 u buradakilerle ( degistirin. Tabii diger contact form pluginlerini de kullabilirsiniz. Saygilar.

Number 10.. Thanks abi..

Thanks :)

Ah, you’ve done it! I’ll buy it soon for one of my client!

A question : is this theme working properly with the new WP3 multisite feature? Because most of the theme I’ve bought do not work well (especially the sliders) when they’re used for a child site of the network (in subfolders mode in my case).

Thank you for your answer!

Hay?rl? sat??lar Tolga abi. Ba?ar?l? bir tema ellerine sa?l?k.

Cok tesekkur ederim. Saygilar.

Thanks so much mate :)

Hi I’m from Brazil. I do not speak very good English. If I buy the theme, I will have a support for the detailed configuration of how work. I will have a hand in this direction?

I don’t know how can i help you really, i can only give support in English!

nice work, clean and usefull!

Thank you very much!

great it..maybe get one for my client..

I’m glad you like it! Thank you.

Hey, great theme! Is there a way to create bullet points in the main page content RT-Theme box Widget? Thanks!

Yes, please add these codes into the css/style.css

    .content .box ul, .content .box ol{

Thank you

Thanks, I gave it a shot, but still nothing. It’s not critical, I just wanted to display something as points on the main page content.

Also, how did you create the contact sidebar menu on the home page in the example live view? Sorry for all the questions!

I’ve used regular lists and social media shortcodes. Here it is

Hello, I installed the new theme in my themes folder through external ftp – seems the uploaded theme will not show when activated.

I get a blank screen and defaults to original skin. I am using wordpress 3.0 – do you have any ideas on why the theme can’t be activated?

I tried uploading the files a couple times and still nothing. Please help.

- juneink

Hi, Can you please provide me a link or temporary wp account, so i can analyze your site. You can send it privatetly via contact form on my user page. Thank you.

Just realized my version of wordpress was 2.9 – I upgraded it and your template works jus fine ;) Thanks for the quick response.

Hi, how can make the font / style support swedish letters as åäö and ÅÄÖ?

Hello, The font that i used for Cufon are not supporting that characters. Please disable cufon (open WP Admin -> RT-Theme General Options -> disable cufon texts) to solve this issue.

Thank you

Hi, i like this theme, Im evaluating to buy it. Is it possible to transform the menu so it shows dropdowns to the right? I need these because im going to use lots of pages.