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Good one. I like it. I wish you good luck with sales.

Thank you Massix :)

Hi Tolga,

nice Theme. Thx.

Can You please tell me how can i use the Cufon Function for German Letters like Ü, Ä, ß, etc.?

Greetings Sebo

Hi Sebo,

If default Cufon font doesn’t support your language there two option you can choose. You can disable Cufon and use standart fonts or generate your font file by using cufon font generator. You can find detailed instruction from help file under “C1) CUFON FONTS ” section.

Thanks for purchasing and please let me know if i can do anything else for you.

Best Regards

Great theme! Does the newsletter signup work? Wordpress version soon?

Hi, Only contact and quote forms are working at the moment. I’m planing to release WP version in next month! Thanks so much for your interesting. All the best.

Wordpress version’s coming?

Because it’s not so frequent to find a sidebar menu style!

Hi, Yes there are not many theme which has left sidebar as default design element and yes I’m planing to release WP version in next month! Thank you very much. Regards

Hi Stcam—another great theme. Would like to see other color variations. Are they available here?

Hi, I’ve just added demo links of all color variations on the Item Details page. Thank you very much.

Nice clean design – best of luck with it. Definate bookmark

I’m glad you like it Sticker. Thank you.

In reply to your email, could you make the newsletter sign up form work if it doesnt already?... or does it?

No it doesn’t works. What kind of newsletter script do you need? is it ok if it only sends the email that has given to your email. If it’s ok, i can provide a little script for you!

Yes, I just want it to work exactly as it looks. You put your email in and click submit then it says Thank You and it sends an email to me telling me someone has signed up and here is there email address.

Much Appreciated

Ok here is your newletter script, you can download from the link


Super! Bookmarked.

Great wok man :)

Thanks so much man :)

This theme MUST get WP version – it has everything I need – combination of Portfolio/Product showcase/Gallery is just fantastic…

100% winner for the project I am currently working on!!!

When do you expect the WP version release?


I’m glad you like it! I’m planning to release the WP version of the theme in first half of next month. Thank you very much.

Best Regards

Hi, Just want to let you know that the wordpress version is available now Thanks.

I think this may be useful to me, I am going to purchase it sooner. Nice work.

Thank you :)

I can see a few people have already asked for this but we need a WP theme of this ASAP :)

I have already bought 3 of your templates so far and they just keep getting better!

This theme would help with a project I have to build within the next few weeks – could I give you a gentle nudge to finish the WP theme lol.

Keep up the good work!

Hi Thanks for interesting my themes, I’m working on new WP framework and planning to finish second week of next month. I’ll do my best to finish earlier. Best Regards

Hi, Just want to let you know that the wordpress version is available now Thanks.

Love it. Great work! Thanks! Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much :)

Great work!

it would be fantastic if this theme have the same colors as your RT-Theme-9

Check them out :)

Also, you can change the color in ten minute, it’s so easy to edit them.

Thanks so much for your interest.

All The Best

I’m ready to buy when the WP version is released. Looks great!

Very good. Great job! Thanks a lot.

@bsachse and @lucassilva Thank you guys!

Oh, has bought this theme. Has not looked that it does not work under WP. Can will give the discount for the WP-version? ;)

P. S. In advance I from Russia am sorry for my English.

Hello, Thanks for the purchase but as an author I’ve no option to give discounts. Best Regards


Any plans to include naviagtion dots on the sliders? thanks…

Hey sticker, No not planing for this one! Thank you.

Very much I wait for a version exit under WP. Till the end of July will be?

Hi, Just want to let you know that the wordpress version is available now Thanks.