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Another Excellent Theme once again!!

I know its possible to have different contact forms on different pages using the shortcodes.

But how would be possible to do this with different field names??

Thanks, Shaun

Hi Shaun, I’m glad you like it. There are only one builtin contact form shotcode and you can use it everywhere you want. If you need different forms i recommend that use contact form plugins. Thank you so much.

11 splendid!

Elina saglik tolga abi, yine muhtesem digerleri gibi ayrica reklam teklifine acigim.. :)

Hayirli satislar abi..

This is a beautiful theme, great job! Can you embed video in the sliders? Or at least click them to open in a lightbox?


Hi Ty, Nope but i’ll remember this when updating the theme. Thank you so much for interesting in my theme.

What a great work!!! This is the most comprehensive piece of art,

is this theme compatible with the wpml multilanguage plugin?


Hi, This kind of plugins ignores custom widgets and custom fileds. So, I’d use the multi site feature of the wordpress if i were you. Thank you for your interesting.

I don’t suppose these product pages can be put in ‘price’ order?

Why is it that no-one does this?

Nothing worse than looking through pages of products with prices all over the place!

I’ll buy as soon as you do a theme with this option.

Dear Steve,

That kind of custom sorting features requires custom sql queries and if you start to use your own sql queries rather than wordpress API , theme may loose plugin compatibility. That’s why i stand aloof from this kind of features. Not promising but i will try to find a solution for it and let you know if i can make it. Thanks for your kind interest in my products. Regards.

Looks fantastic

Thank you so much!

Dear Webmaster,

i have a little problem installing the theme. When i uploaded it to my theme map on ftp en activate the theme through admin i get this strange report

“there is missing a custom background line 27 functions.php”

i also tryed it on antoher website of my and there i only get a blank page? Can you help me out?

Grtz G

Hi, Are you sure you’ve purchased the WP version of the theme. Because you’ve no purchased badge. Can you please check it!


How can I translate the search button text?

Find and translate the “SEARCH” word in the functions.php ( )

I use WPML . So each language needs a translation for “search”. Any idea how to do this?

String translation may help, you can find the phrases under “rt_theme” context.


I really like your theme! Just a question, is it simple to change the dot lines to something else? I guess you did it in the css?

Hi, yes it’s quite simple. You can change them by using the psd files or remove them using the css files. You can also use wp background tool for changing background color and image. Thanks for interesting in my theme. Regards.

I just purchased this theme for my wordpress site . . . I’m wondering if you could direct me to some resources that explain how to upload this template properly because when I try to do it through wordpress it doesn’t work (just through pressing the upload button and trying to install the zip folder). Perhaps there is more to it than this? Your help would be appreciated as I really want to get this theme up… Thanks!

I should add that I am using DreamHost and already did the one click install of Wordpress but I’m not sure how to make what I purchased my theme. Thanks again

Okay, I figured out how to utilize the index/help doc (I’m a newbie if you couldn’t tell) everything up on Wordpress except it doesn’t show picture. I saw the note about making sure the cache folder is writable with the right permissions, but I was hoping you could give some further instructions on this. I followed the darrenhoyt link, but it didn’t really explain it in nonexpert terms. Could you assist? thanks

Hi, You can change the folder permission by an ftp program or control panel of your web site. Please ask help from your hosting support if you need any further help about the permissions. You can also visit this page for further reading

Thank you. Regards.

Thanks for the reply . . . got that figured out I think. Another question though: where are the shortcodes located in the folder? Just what is in the index/help file? Thanks

Hi, You can find the shortcode usage samples in the documentation and from this page

If you’re looking for the shortcode functions in you can find in /rttheme11/functions/rt_shortcodes.php

Thank you. Regards.

Hi Again,

Is it possible to display the sub menu in the sidebar with only the sub menus associated to that menu link?

At the moment when you choose to display sub menus it displays all the sub menus for each menu link.

Thanks, Shaun

Hi Shaun,

Yes it’s possible, go to RT-Theme General Options and choose “Same Lavel Sub Pages:” option for it. Regards.

Hi Stmcan,

Thanks for the reply.

There is still a problem. It is displaying all the sub menus links in the sidebar.

I need it to show just the submenu links associated to that page that I am on.

Thanks again:)

Hi, It should be show the sub menu links as default. Please make sure that the sub pages are assigned as sub page. (edit a page choose a parent page)

Is there any way to change the color of the button in this page example?

Thank you!

hi, your button invisible for browsers chrome, safari etc. You can use this instead of this

Great, thanks, but I can’t seem to change the button text to not say “submit query” Thanks again!

I guess it’s a browser’s addition, there is no text like this in the theme files.

I love this theme! but… is it possible to include an access to private pages where I post demos, manuals, etc.? Thanks. Glòria.

Hi Glòria, I didn’t quite understand what do you mean, if you want to use password protected posts yes this theme is supports them.

I mean if this theme supports a widget for logged clients. I need it to allow the private access to manuals, .exe, etc. If it does, I buy it! Thanks a lot.

very nice and clean!

Thank you so much :)

Awesome theme!! I am moments away from purchasing:)

Would it be easy to integrate a “mp3 audio demo player” per product? in either the “general info” spot or elsewhere?

Thanks again, great work

Hi, The content of the genereal info tab of a single product page is using regular post content. So you can do whatever you do with regular posts. You can also add your embed codes into the video tab. It’s too optional as it can be. If you don’t want to these tabs, you all need to leave them blank. Please let me know if yo?u have any further questions. Thanks. Regards.

Hi thanks for this theme! Can you send me an email because i have a couple of questions about the theme

Hello, I’ve sent a message to you via twitter. FYI , we can’t see our buyers and their emails, so please use the contact form on my user page when you need to send me a file or have private questions. Thank you. Regards.

Hi- Thanks for the info. I like the theme very much however, I’m having the same problem with images, not resizing automatically, as some of the other posters have had. I’ve changed the file permissions as you state in the support docs but it only makes the images disappear. Can you please help. I’m on a deadline…

Hello, Please send me the url of your web site so i can analyze it for you.

FYI : There are no bugs with the slider and timthumb.php The timthumb.php is resizing images if your server supports it. Most of hosting are supporting but some of them need to set additional permissions to the cache folder (755 or 777) and some of them needs to set chmod 644 to the timthumb.php itself like hostgator.

There are more; some of users are using temporary urls and the script can’t founding the actual image path. That’s why i’m asking everyone that provide me an url to analyze their web sites.

And finaly, please remember that you can disable the resize function using by the RT-Theme options.