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I like this theme but want to know when you will have the WordPress version for this theme.

Hi, Yes I’m planning to release WP version in next month. Thank you.

Hi, i just want to let you know that the wp version is available Thanks!

Beautiful Work. Can a fade effect be applied to the homepage slider?

Hello sticker, yes you can change the effect! I’ve included instructions into the help document. Thank you.

all is dotted but nice work anyway

thanks mabuc!

Just checked this out.

Mate good work. It is extremely fast. Some colour would be nice lol, but very sleek and above all FAST !

Thanks mate :)

Hi Stmcan, Another great theme. The Tabbed Product Detail page is very smart looking and clever. Don’t have a project, yet for this one, but I have been so happy with the themes I have purchased from you and your excellent follow-up that I will find a home for this one. Thanks again! Best of luck with sales!

Thanks so much voodoogal! I appreciated.

Hello, How easy is it to customise & setup without too much html knowledge? The background image can be customised i reconn?

Would you be able to add a shoping card? language selector? Please quote

thanks philippe

Hello Philippe,

It should be quite easy to setup and edit if you ever use an html template before. Yes this background image and most of object are customizable for this theme. e.g., you can change the background image by editing a line in the css file. Regarding shopping cart adaptation, I’m available for freelance work at the moment. Sorry about it.

Thank you. Regards.

Great template. Having troubles getting Cufon to display Anivers once published to the web?? checked out TypeKit for answers too… but a bit stuck… wondering why I can’t get the specialty type to load when published, but shows up just fine when developing on local.

Great, I’ll try it, and get back to you… also, technically the file name is “Anivers_400.font.js” ... which I’ll turn into lower case and reply. Thx.

Success! “anivers_400.font.js” makes the typefaces load correctly. Big thank you from here. Great job on this template.

Great news :)

If I get the RT 11 and in the future will make new versions like “Updates” , Will I recibe Updates by FREE ?

And my other question its, if i can recive one version of BIG slide but with the few little boxes than indicate how many slides have the main banner. jejeej ..

By the way , good work !

Hi, Yes you will able to download all future updates when you purchased the theme. And you can add unlimited slides into the sliders. Thanks so much. Regards.

Any updates when there will be a WP-Version available?

Hello, I’m working on new WP framework and will release when it’s ready. But can’t tell the exact dates at the moment. Thanks for your interest in my themes.

Hi, i just want to let you know that the wp version is available Thanks!

i bought this theme thinking it was for wordpress. do you have an idea as to when you will have the wordpress one up?

Hello, I’m sorry to hear that! I’m planing to release the WP version later in this month. Thank you.

Hi, i just want to let you know that the wp version is available Thanks!

Hi, Great theme, I’m also after a wordpress version of this.

Could you email me when available?

Regards, Dan

Hello Dan, Ok I’ll let you know when it’s available! Thanks for interesting in my theme. Best Regards.

I downloaded this for WordPress because it said THEME . call it a TEMPLATE . It is not a THEME . THEME implies WordPress.

Hello, I’m sorry to hearing that! There too many site templates here that calling as theme. You can ask help from themeforest support. Best Regards.

Wondering where to slow down the homepage slides. Thanks.

Hi, You can change the timeout by editing js/script.js. Please find the line below and change the value as you wish
line 23: timeout: 4000,


I’m having a bit of trouble with the slider on the product_detail.html page.

The ‘tab name’ doesn’t generate a complete link. All it does is generate the # followed by the slide number. This is OK except for the fact the system we are using requires a base url tag to be present in the head. So, when the tab link is clicked it returns the user to the homepage.

I can see that the link is generated from line 131 in jquery.coda-slider-2.0.js but as JavaScript is not my strong suite I need a little guidance as to what code I could put here to generate the full url of the page.

Any ideas?

Other than that, it’s a great template and I can see the amount of detail you have included would have been a lot of work!



Hi Nick, You can disable the crosslink features on tab by replacing codaslider paramaters like this

open js/script.js find the coda part and replace codes with provided on the link.

Thanks, Regards.

Thanks for that, it worked a treat.



great template. but will try and wait for the wordpress one… hard to hold out as i want to get up and running… hopefully not long now juzz

Hi, I’ll update you know when it’s available. Thank you for interesting in my themes. Regards.

Hi, i just want to let you know that the wp version is available Thanks!

Awesum theme! Very flexible too! :)

Thanks so much :)

Can i send it back? Because i was looking for the WP theme :) Or change it also good :)

Hello, As an author I’ve no permission to do that, please ask help from the envato support about your request. Thank you for your understanding.

Can you answer my question please?

I would also like to be notified when this is available for WordPress. I will buy it immediately!

Thanks stmcan!

I will do! Thank you for your interest in my products. Best Regards.

Hi, i just want to let you know that the wp version is available Thanks!