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Nice template. probably,I will buy it. Thanks.

Thank you. I’m glad you like it!

I buy it. Keep going bro ;)

Can this one do the image in the menu as the HTML version does?

not yet, but i’ll add that feature when updating the theme.

Another awesome theme. Great work and good luck with sales!

Awesome theme man.. Good luck with sales… Excellent looks

incredible theme!!!!!!!

superb minimal graphics and customization infinite!!!

Thank you so much guys i’m glad you like it!

My next theme! You are the best! Check your mail, you’ve a message!

I got your email and thanks so much for your kind comments. I’m really appreciative it. Thank you.

Hey I can’t see the navigation bar when I installed this theme? Any suggestions?

Hello, Please go Appearence -> Menus -> click RT Theme Main Navigation Menu tab and create your menu as you wish. Thanks for purchasing my themes. Best Regards.

Hi, Thank you I was able to get that to work. However, my Portfolio Categories are not showing up as drop-downs on the Navigation Bar.

I have searched through this entire thing and can’t seem to figure it out. How can I get that drop-down when I hover over the menu item of portfolio.

Even for other other pages, their sub-pages are not showing as a drop down.

Any ideas?

Hello, Please read the section “C.Main, Top and Footer menus” of the documentation file. (/Documentation/index.html) There are everything you need. Also there is a screenshot of the demo menu.

How do I stop the slider on the products page? I only want 1 image, which it shows, but then it continually shifts to show different images which are not there and displays the super irritating blue box with the question mark in it… lol

Also, on the home page, when I use the column shortcode it doesn’t work… no matter which I choose, it stacks them on top on one another instead of horizontally. I’ve play around with the box properties but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Any and all advice is much appreciated. I love the clean look and feel of the site!

Thank you in advance.

Hi lizzyloo, I’m sorry about delay because we’re providing support via our support forum at . Please post your next messages to the forum. Anyway, you can update two files to stop the slider when you have only one product image on the product slider. In order to do that, update single-products.php with these codes and /js/scripts.js with these . By the way, the 1.0.1 version of the theme almost ready to upload, you can wait the update if you have time. Thanks for purchasing my themes. Best Regards.

Unlimited sidebars stmcan???? Nice :) I think we will purchase this?

One question, we need to change the height of the header, i assume this can be done in the css?

Is there also a easy multiple language support?

Regards / Roland & Katarina Stockholm Sweden

Hi Roland and Katarina,

Yes this theme lets you add unlimited custom sidebars and it means you can create a sidebars for pages, posts, products or portfolio items which you’ve selected. Also, theme is ready to translate and WPML plugin, so it’s easy as easy WPML plugin. The height of the header is flexible, so if you use a bigger logo this won’t be a problem. Thanks for insteresting in my themes. Best Regards.


Very nice theme. Can you help in changing a custom color scheme for a client project ? Please let me know ASAP .


Does this theme have to ability to do tabbed panels like RT9 ?

Hi SSol, No! This theme has no tabbed panels but RT-Theme 13 is coming with massive tab support. It’ll be ready in a week. Thanks for your interest. Kind Regards.

hello , nice theme btw, i have a small issue here . i need to have a dynamic sub menu in the sidebar (in i have pages parent page named about us which include subs mission vision and parent page named services which include service 1 and service 2

if i am browsing about us i need the sidebar to show this

About us —>mission —>vision services and if i am at services it will show About us Services —>service 1 —>service 2

Hi. I’ve just purchased the theme. Only two questions, please. How can I introduce the multiple language, as the livepreview?

Regards from barcelona, catalonia

Hello, You need to use WPML plugin for that. You can find the plugin at Thanks for purchasing. Best Regards.

Is this template compatible with the membership plugin offered by Thank you. The template looks great!

Hello, I didn’t tested with it but this is a regular wordpress theme so i assume that it won’t be a problem. Regards.

I have a bug. When I set up 6 boxes on the home page I have the following situation as in picture:

The last box went to a third row order should remain in the second row. How do I solve this ? Thanks.

Sorry for my bad English.

Hello, I’m sorry about it, please change

on line 71 in home_content_loop.php to fix it. Also, an update will be ready to donwload for the theme in very soon. Best Regards.

Great Theme. Question…

I only want the sub-category of products displayed in the sidebar if it is the children of the CURRENT parent, all other parents not shwoing children. Can this be done? I take it it’s in the code followed:

if ($post->ID == get_option('rttheme_product_list') || $taxonomy=="product_categories"): $product_list=true; if (!get_option('rttheme_product_hide_categories')): $args = array( 'orderby' => 'name', 'order' => 'ASC', 'show_last_update' => 0, 'style' => 'list', 'show_count' => 0, 'hide_empty' => 0, 'use_desc_for_title' => 0, 'child_of' => 0, 'hierarchical' => true, 'title_li' => __( '' ), 'number' => NULL, 'echo' => 1, 'depth' => 2, 'current_category' => $term_id, 'pad_counts' => 0, 'taxonomy' => 'product_categories' ); //add class current categories if ($taxonomy=="product_categories" && !is_page()){ add_filter('wp_list_categories', 'category_class'); add_filter('wp_list_categories', 'category_top_class'); } ?>


Hello, This is not possible but you can try

    'child_of'           => $term_id, 
to show only current categories’ sub categories.

PS… I’m having the same “slider product” issue that lizzyloo is having.

Hi, I’ve just replied lizzyloo. Thanks for purchasing my themes, Best Regards.

Hello, I would like to thank you for this theme – the most professional one I have bought here at ThemeForest! I enjoy working with it, it saves lots of my time… Thanks!

Thanks so much for your comment and purchasing my themes. Best Regards.