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This is a Amazing! Congrat’s stmcan, i adding to my sale list, good luck with sales ;)

Thanks so much :)

Super!!! Love the background features…

Thank you. I’m glad you like it!

Excellent theme, congrats!!

Thanks vedoza

Nice theme i like it, you show prices in your portfolios, but does it have shop template with cart and checkout?

Because i need shop for my site.

Thank you SpiDeR_UG, no there is no shopping cart feature coming with the theme, however you can integrate one of the cart plugins.

Loveley theme, would buy if more colour and text options were available? The colours aren’t very colourful? The gradient effect on the headings is strange too…just my opinion. Its great otherwise

Thanks for your comments bastian82. Editing or adding colours to the theme is easy. For example you can change whole footers color only changing footers background color, including the buttons. I’ve included another psd file for the main navigation bakcground so you all need to select your color and save the png file. And the gradient effect can be disable.

Lovely as usual, bookmarked!

Thanks tonvie, appreciate it!

iyi satislar diliyorum.. :)

Cok tesekkur ederim :)

wow…fantastic !

Thanks so much :)


Just bought this theme and am blown away!! Amazing work.

Perhaps I’m missing something but you seem to have a whole bunch of great shortcodes except buttons e.g. to create graphical buttons like the “Buy Now’ one in the upper footer. Is this an oversight or are you planning on adding them. I’m prepping this theme to show a client and I really could do with having those options if possible.



David, I’m planing to add nice button shortcodes and more background options with next update. So please give me a couple of days, maybe a week to update the theme. Thanks so much for your kind comment and purchasing my themes.

Best Regards


There is a brand new widget called j-shortcodes at which allows you to do custom buttons of any size, shape and color, as well as boxes, etc, in lots of amazing ways, more so then almost any theme we have encountered. Check it out it may resolve your problem immediately. Here is the link:

PS we have nothing to do with it except that we have used it and it is great.


Splendid work. We have bookmarked. We admit up front we are big Striking fans and use it for much of our work but this is a super alternative for when the situation requires something different but also of high quality – the overall style is different yet also very corporate (we are pure corporate in our uses).

Love the background and pattern options and our guess is that a buyer could introduce more into the theme folder repositories for backgrounds and patterns and it would not be much work to add them to the shortcode menu (ie load more patterns into the pattern folder and add a couple of code snippets have them show up in the pattern picker).

It seems to us that you won’t have any difficulties introducing nice upgrades over time, to keep up theme interest.

Do you maintain a dedicated support forum as well for questions and code exchange between users?

Do you have any screen shots of the admin panels?

Does it have features like a custom css include loader, favicon loader (which of course can be done without an uploader but its so easy to include in the admin so why not ask), Google analytic include, sitemap generator?

Bookmarked and thanks for the quality product.

Websys team

Hi Websys,

First of all thanks so much for this motivated kind comment.

Regarding background tools, yes i’m planning to add some more pre-defined background options with upcoming updates, however you can create any background you want by using wordpress’ default background tools. (Appearance/Background) You can find some great pattern over internet like this one Also you’ll have another background options in the RT-Theme General Options, like random backgrounds, background slider or you can choose on of the pre-defined backgrounds.

Yes, I’ve a support forum, you can find it at Me and my support team will be glad to help when you need us.

We’ve “Feature Request” category on the support forum, you can send your requests in the category, they’ll be done if possible. I’ve already added some of your example request in my update list. BTW , Theme already has option for the Google analytics.

Here are the screenshots from the admin panel

Thanks again, Best Regards

Love the theme. Have a quick question: is it possible to have the slided on the home page and also have regular blog posts below that? I want the slider and blog together. I’ll buy this baby if it’s possible. Let me know.

Hi, As default no! But if you contact me after purchased the theme, i can send a new index.php and you can have posts and slider on the home page.

Thanks for your interest

Best Regards


I am having an issue with the widgeted footer area. No matter what setting is use in the theme option, I can’t get more than 2 collumn to show and the widgets are just stacking on top of one another.

Here is the working URL :



Hi David,

I’ve more than one solution for your issue;

- You can use Recent Posts shortcode instead of the Latest News widget, you can find the code and sample from

- You can update the RT-Latest News widget plugin (/rttheme_options/widgets/rt-theme-news-widget.php) with this one


excellent design… good luck with sales

Thanks :)

Awesome theme, I’ve been playing with it and everything is working great. :)

I was wondering if it’s possible to import dummy content into the theme? I’d like to just put what you have on your demo. I know this is probably a silly question, but thought I’d ask it since I’ve never found out if this is possible with wordpress template downloads.

Nevermind I figured it out: Just go to tools > import > and import the xml file found in the folder “dummy content”

Glad to hear you solved, please let me know when you need help. Thanks for purchasing my themes. Best Regards

Hi there, very nice – a quick pre sale question: is it possible for me to easily integrate a third party flash slider instead of your sliders?

I want to use this one:

Or if it will be possible to somehow rotate this flash slider via the content slider to alternate it with html content?

Thanks very much

Hi there, very nice – a quick pre sale question: is it possible for me to easily integrate a third party flash slider instead of your sliders?

I want to use this one:

Or if it will be possible to somehow rotate this flash slider via the content slider to alternate it with html content?

Thanks very much

Hi, You can use but it needs to be integrated by yourself. I don’t recommend that if you’re not familiar with php and wordpress. Thanks for your interest. Best Regards

Your themes are great. But why do not you make the word “Product” configurable? I wanna use your theme, but so many clients do not have “products”. They may have “Speakers”, “Tools”, or maybe “Machines”. I hope there is a way to change word “Products”. I have purchased 4 RT-Themes and all has the same limitation. Even “Portfolio”, it will be great if I can change it into “Classes”, or “Sessions”. This is just an idea, however; I will keep watching and purchasing your great themes.

Hi samialsayyed,

You can change them! Open /functions/rt_custom_posts.php and edit the $args and $labels of the custom posts. If you need hand please let me know. Thanks for purchasing my themes.

Best Regards


If you would like to receive support, please post your questions on our forum at

You will receive much faster support because we can easily see who needs assistance, and also you’ll be able to use search to see if your problem has been solved in the past and find a fix for it without having to wait. Best Regards

Great work once again :) I smell a plutoium paw coming :)

Good luck with saled my firend.

Thanks so much Bluz, I hope will get it in next month or so :)