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Congrats on your new framework! Looks great :)

Thanks so much, it’s appreciated.

I get the following warning in a dialogue box when I click on the RT-Theme Layouts button in Edit Page. What do I do to correct this? Thanks

Warning: require_once(../../../../../../wp-load.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /*wp-content/themes/rttheme-14-premium-wordpress-theme/rttheme14/rt-framework/admin/pages/rt_shortcodes_popup.php on line 3

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ’../../../../../../wp-load.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/*/wp-content/themes/rttheme-14-premium-wordpress-theme/rttheme14/rt-framework/admin/pages/rt_shortcodes_popup.php on line 3


As far as i can see you’ve uploaded all the package you downloaded from themeforest. Do not upload the entire file you get with the theme, upload only the rttheme14 folder. (zip the rttheme14 folder first, if you will use WordPress theme upload tool)

Another quick solution for you

You can replace the /rt-framework/admin/pages/rt_shortcodes_popup.php with this one (unzip first)

This will be fix the issue you having.

If you need additional assistance, please feel free to ask. Thank you for purchasing my themes.

Best Regards

Tolga Can

Woohoo :)

Thanks so much Tony :)

Hi just wondering how can I activate the contact page to look like the one in the live preview??

Hi, You can add the contact form shortcode by using the shortcode icons on editor, then paste your google map code in HTML view. In my example map width and height: 660×240px

You can also search google map plugins on the WordPress plugins page. Thanks for purchasing my themes.

Best Regards

nice and clean :)

Thank you atinder, I am glad you like it.

slider doesnt work properly in Internet Explorer. Have Noticed this in many wordpress themes using the Nivo Slider.

Hello, It’s not Nivo Slider and working OK at my end. Thanks.

So glad you decided to do a wordpress version! I was about to buy the HTML version and saw under your comments there was a Wordpress version! Yay!! Thank you!

Thanks :)

is this compatible with WP 3 .2?tq

Yes, I’ve tested with WordPress 3.2

Regarding the Social Media Options:

I have activated the Email Icon Link by with my email address but when you click on the little email icon in the footer it it takes you to a 404 page. when I’ve hovered over the icon I can see that it directs you to: – even though I’ve just put my email address.

Fantastic theme – I’m loving it!


I’ve put the icon for multi purpose usage, so you can link it to your contact us page or put mailto: code before your email for example

If you need additional assistance, please feel free to contact with me. Thank you for purchasing my themes.

Hi – thanks very much that now works. On another note I am confused with the contact form shortcode.

[contact_form title=”Form Title” email=”” text=”Form description”]

I have put my email address within the ”” and the form looks okay but I have sent many test messages and they have not come through.

I have checked my email account and it is receiving messages just not ones from the contact form!

Any suggestions? Many thanks

Hi, it’s a simple contact form script, you can try to create more powerful contact form using with this plugin

BTW if you still want me to take a look to your web site please start a new discussion on our support forum at, with url of your contact page.


Thank you but a simple form is all I need – this one does not seem to be working. I don’t think the send button is working properly.

Ok, Let me check it for you, please send me the URL through the form on my user profile page.

Very nice theme, is exactly what I need minus the big picture frame under the menu. How easy would it be to remove it?

Do you mean home page slider? It can be changed by RT-Theme / Slider Options on admin panel. Use the Slider Height (px) option to manage the slider height. If you want to remove it completely you can delelte all codes in slider.php

Very nice theme, is exactly what I need minus the big picture frame under the menu. How easy would it be to remove it?

Perfect! I need my client to approve it and it´s a done deal.

I hope your client likes it :) Thanks a bunch!

The client said Yes and I just bought your theme. Congrats!


  • Added: Turkish, Spanish, German language files
  • Improved: header.php, /js/scripts.js for IE
  • Improved: /rt-framework/functions/rt_shortcodes.php

How do I remove the “Theme Updates” section from your RT-THEME 14 THEME OPTIONS menu. I don’t want to be notified of new version updates. Thank you.

Hello, You can delete this line from /rt-framework/classes/admin.php I will consider to add an option to close update notifier in next updates. Thanks for purchasing. Best Regards

No such line existed in that file but I figured it out. Thanks.

Please take a look at line 35

Oh, the line was included on the new page when you click the link. I thought I was actually looking for the text phrase “” in the source code. LOL

One more question, is there any way I can change the font color in the footer widgets to be a bit darker like the rest of the text found throughout the site? The footer widget font colors are just a bit hard to read since they’re a very light grayish color. I want to make the font color darker in the footer widgets.


You can edit this css code in /css/style1/style_cf.css for the footer texts.

Hi! Is there a way through the code to modify the logo dimensions? I think that my image gets automatically resized by the uploader?

Hi, There is no logo resizing but make sure you’ve selected “full size” option before clicking “insert into post” button.

hi can the colours be changed easily to PURPLE ? A client would love this site if its in Purple….

how easy is it to change



Hi Ian,

The background color and image can be easly change via WordPress background tools. Also, you can change heading, menu and body font colors via RT-Theme Styling Options. If it’s not enough I’ve included all the psd files (seperately) and you can edit all elements as you wish. For example, you’ll find all buttons, slider points etc. Thanks for interesting in my themes. Best Regards

thanks – we bought the theme as it looks great – will look at the colour options at the start of the week when we start to build and construct the website. Appreciate the fast reply

OK. This theme is very good designed. I mean the Framework and Coding are well implemented – Good Job. Also the Editing Icons are just cool!

Highly recommended.

One thing, not sure what I did, but I never got my twitter feed loaded? I put twitter id: aust_news Any ideas?

Hello, Make sure the account has new tweets. Twitter API doesn’t show older tweets. Regards.