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I´m trying to use shortcode lightbox and autothumbnails but I think I’m doing something wrong. Copy paste code of your page fails too.

[auto_thumb width="300" height="100" link="" lightbox="" align="right" title="" alt="" iframe="false"] full path of your image [/auto_thumb]

Colud you help me?

WP 3 .1.4 RT theme 14 downloaded yesterday

Thanks in advance


Hi Arturo,

Make sure you’ve paste the image url in the brackets (full path of your image)


I really like your theme, thanks.

However I think there is one major problem with the possible products settings.

Say I want to have an uncropped image of my products on each single product page, so I turn off Crop Product Images and everything looks fine on those pages. Now however if I view the product categories page, all product preview images have a different height according to their proportions. On the other hand if I set Crop Product Images on, I have full control over the height of the preview images on the categories pages, but I can only have a cropped version on each product page.

Is there any way to have cropped images on the categories page and uncropped versions on the product pages?



Hi Al,

You can try to edit single_products.php Find this line (line 181) and change the true value as false. . Thank you for purchasing my themes.

Hi, Do you guys have problem that, when switching to browsers other tabs, the home page slides stop working sometime after switching back? Thanks.

Hi, Make sure your cursor not over the slider. When it is over the slider will be puased. If you need additional assistance, please feel free to ask. Thank you for purchasing my themes.

Best Regards

Hi Stmcan,

Thanks for your reply. I can confirm that my cursor is not over the slider. It just stopped, until I click manually click on the next slide button, and it will roll again. You can test on my demo site: 1, open the page 2, leave it for a while and go other tab browsing some other pages 3, come back 4, the slide stopped. I can provide you wordpress login if it helps. Thanks, tim

Great Theme! Is it just me or , that in IE8 , the box corners are not rounded. thanks.

Hi, Yes, IE8 doesn’t supports the css borders.

You gave an example document to help those with the theme your selling here. In the document it tells us how to add a portfolio item. You kindly provided an example youtube video link.

I used that while I was with my female client. To show her you could add youtube videos. Assuming it would be a music video or something appropriate.

I am disgusted that you have provided this: Sexist, offensive video as your example. I had to quickly remove it, the client was worried that their customers might see it. That it might affect their business. I also deal with many female clients and this could be damaging to my image. It was a very embarrassing situation, in front of a female client with female staff around. If your theme contains offensive material you should make note of it on the first page.

I suggest you do that now and I could have also got a verbal warning for this. You are either professional or not? Which is it?


I’ve 2 questions:

1. How can i put text in this area:

2. How can i create menu like this:

Best Regards


Hi Jacek,

1) You must use widgets (read E) Sidebar Contents from the documentation file) 2) You can create drop down menus by using WordPress menus (read C) Main, Top and Footer menus or

The documentation file can be found under the /Documents/ folder. (index.html)

Best Regards

Hi I am planning to buy this theme. Before I buy it, I have one question.

Can I use Japanese font on your menu bar?



I’ve included bunch of Cufon and Google fonts for the theme. But i don’t know which one them supports Japanese! But on the admin panel there is an option for disable font replacing feature.

Best Regads

Hello, The “Sub Title” is not displaying on the homepage – any suggestions?

It seems you’ve found a tiny bug. I confirmed when a post doesn’t have a custom link the sub title also not displaying on the home page posts. In order to fix it you can edit home_content_loop.php, line:119 ( with this one


Theme will be updated for the issue but if you don’t want to wait please contact me through the contact form on my user page so i can send the fixed file.

Thanks for purchasing my themes.

Best Regards

hi great theme , i have 3 of your themes and lov ethem. on RT14 , for somereason i can’t save or publish the slider. im not sure if its a theme thing or wordpress thing.?

any one else had this bug? i cant update or publish new or updated slider info. thanks juzz

Hi Juzz,

As I have tested there is no issue with the home page slider also nobody has reported any issues, but you. If you can contact me through the form on my user page, i can check your site. Please do not forget to include your web site url and if it’s possible provide me a temporary WordPress account. Thank you for purchasing my themes.

Best Regards

is the background texture and color customizable? I’m looking for something more clean and simple

You can use WordPress background tools and upload any background image or choose a color for it. Thanks

Great theme! I’m having an issue though, I’ve created post categories, they’re showing up in the posts options, but not anywhere else in the theme. Any ideas?

Nevermind! Figured it out, I needed to use a category and THEN it appears as an option.

Hi,i love all your themes,i just have one question,can i use this theme for my weblog,i want blog preview to be shown in front page under the page boxes like in blog page of the demo.

OK, one issue. The Contact – Us page, on demo site. It works differently on IE8 and other browsers. After click “Submit”, IE8 will just submit the form without validation? Other browsers work fine. Can you fix this please? Thanks

OK. Figured out myself. Just need to update your jquery.validate.js to 1.8.1. Problem solved in IE. Hope this can help someone.

Cheers, xchen

First Off, Thank you so much for this great theme.

This is by far my favorite theme I have purchased on here yet. It’s very well put together and easy to figure out. I will be buying this one again in the near future.

I’ve been able to figure out almost everything that I wanted to. I’m getting ready to go live with the site and wondered if you could shine a guiding light on one thing I can’t seem to figure out.

In the Social Media Options you have a spot listed for Bookmarking the page. How can I get this to work?

For Bonus Points

I like to use the Search Light Plugin on my Wordpress Sites. This is the first template I have not been able to get it to work with. I read through the code the best I could and from the looks of everything the ID’s weren’t changed from id=”searchform” or id=”s”

I realize this isn’t your problem, I was hoping maybe you knew why it’s not working.

Thasnks in advance

How do I put the google map back into the contact page?

Question: I want to add a contact form to one of my pages but there isn’t the typical WP “add contact form” button on your theme.

I took the coding from my WP blog and tried to copy it into the page on your theme, but it didn’t work, still looks like HTML coding. (see below) contact-form contact-field label=”Email” type=”email” required=”true” / contact-field label=”Organization Name” type=”text” / contact-field label=”Length of Event” type=”select” options=”Quick Speech (Less than 30 Minutes),Morning Event (9 am – 12 pm),Evening Event (12 pm – 5 pm),All Day Event (9 am – 5 pm),Weekend Retreat” / contact-field label=”Would you like a book table available for guests?” type=”radio” required=”true” options=”Yes,No” / [/contact-form]

How can I add a contact form (not the standard one, but one with various settings to my pages?


why the slider options are less. only 1 sort of slider :( not fair no backgroud customization as in rt theme13 :( product display option shall be of 2 types…with sidebar and without sidebar … tabs in shortcodes are disabled :( y so footer contact is disabled :( the features of rt theme 13 was more y this updated new theme has less one hope next update cover these things

Hi sayyam,

Actually more option always is good but forgive me for this theme. Next RT-Theme will have as much as it can be. Thanks for purchasing my themes. Best Regards

Tolga dostum merhabalar; Öncelikle ba?ar?ndan ötürü tebrik ederim. Wordpress oto kiralama sitesi yapt?rmak istiyorum ileti?ime nas?l geçebiliriz ?

Merhaba Bayram, Maalesef su an icin freelance is kabul edemiyorum. Ilgin icin cok tesekkur ederim. Saygilar.

A couple improvements you could make in your theme.

Link email address in the contact widget to mailto: etc…

Have control over the “Sub Menu” text in the right hand column. Might be nice to hide the text all together.

Default text inside of the search box…

Top navigation should align to the left instead of center.

Hi, If you send these as a question on the support forum, I’m sure Landon will try to show a way how you can do that by manually. Thank you for your purchase.