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Beautiful theme! I have a client this would be really well suited for, but I should ask in advance if there is a way to change the curves at the top and and background to be squared off should they request that… though I really like it how it is! Would it just be a matter of swapping a few image files?

Thanks. I really look forward to working with this theme.

Hi, You all need to clear some html codes and edit css a little bit to remove the curves. Open a thread on my support forum when you buy the theme, I will give you detailed instructions about how you can do that. Thanks for interesting my themes. Best Regards

Hi, Now you can have smooth version of the theme with an option on the Styling Options. All you need to update your theme to v1.1

Actually, as I play with the css in firebug, I see that 99% of those changes I mention above can be done straight from minor css mods. Sweet!

Yes, as i mentioned above it’s all need some css/html edit.


I love this theme.

Before I buy it however, I have a quick question. Can the headings, menu and slider text be done in upper and lower cased letters – or is it only possible in capital letters?




Yes it’s all up to you. Also you can change the fonts and heading size from the theme options

Best Regards

What a nice break from the run of the mill. Will recommend to a client but definitely bookmarked to use. Nice work with the product showcase. I’m in full agreement with wahkeenasitka from a buyer’s perspective, so consider for your future updates.

Hi, You will have wide options in order to create any home page you want. I’ve just replied wahkeenasitka please take a look at my reply. Thanks so much for your kind comment. Best Regards

HI ! only a question ? for change the backgraund photo in the header ? the size ? and its possible ? thanks so , and very good work !

Hi, It needs just a single line of css editing. When you buy please open a thread on our support forum, I will provide detailed instructions about how to do that. Thanks so much.

Very cool theme. For some reason I am having an issue with the menu. I’m probably missing something simple. It’s not vertical…see the screen shot below:

any suggestions?


I need to check your web site to investigate the issue you having. Can you please send me your URL via the contact form on my user page. Thank you

I just did a fresh install of wordpress and the theme works great…fixed whatever was causing that issue.



there is an issue on the portfolio page.

I have set it that when you click portfolio it shows all items (by not choosing a set category) – i choose 6 per page (same happens with 9 or 12).

there is a numbering to go to the next page (see screenshot) yet it gives a 404-error when i go to the next page.

url format=

can you help pls?


Most probably you having a permalink issue, it’s related with WordPress by the way. If you provide me your WP credentials via the contact form on my profile page, i check and try to fix it for you. Kind Regards

sent you my login details :)

Hi, just wanted to say I love this theme! One of – if not THE best I have worked with.

How nice to hear that. It is really appreciated. Cheers!

Thank you for your response on previous question. Still absolutely loving the theme…so good.

I deployed it within a day to here

Just a couple of questions though!

1. How can I give the home page some more optimised SEO titles….I am using Yoast?

2. The text on the slider appears a little funny sometimes in IE and Firefox. Seems fine in Chrome and Safari.



1) There is nothing you can do with Yoast or another plugin. That plugins optimize a page it self but i am using a home page post as part of home page content. I believe when you optimize your final page e.g., optimizing your About Us page it’s enough for SEO .

2) It might be because of the effect you selected for the slider. However if you still having the issue please contact me via the contact form on my user page and please provide me your WP credentials so i can work on it.

Thanks again,

Best Regards

BTW , your background image is too big, its almost 800kb. You can try to resize it about 500px wide. It may still looks good because of the 100% background feature of the theme.

Hi! I’m interested in buying your theme, but wanted to find out if you’ve done any testing/interactions with eCommerce plug-ins like WooCommerce. It seems like it should be compatible but wanted to check before purchasing. Maybe one of your customers have already done so?


Hi, It works with the plugins like all other themes but i recommend that find a theme which specifically designed for that plugins. I mean it works but not looks so good as the themes own parts. I hope it’s clear. Thanks for interesting in my themes. All the best.


gww Purchased

Hello Very cool theme. Only one question I have not any info in my Home page only the slider How can I make it shortness? Have I home page without vertical scroller? Website link:

Thank you


Hi Olga,

You can edit /css/style.css, set 300px for the max-height: value of this class instead of 600px. Hope it helps. Thanks for purchasing. Best Regards

This look really nice! :)

Love it!

Thank you saintdo!


Thinking of buying for my client, but they need a LinkedIn icon in the social part. Does the theme come with that?


Hi, Yes it has the icon! You can check this page to see which icons are supported

Thank you

Amazing – thanks!

Could you tell me why the image slider (on pages) doesn’t work?

[slider] [slide image_width="650" image_height="300" alt_text="check it out" auto_resize="true"] [/slide] [slide image_width="650" image_height="300" alt_text="check it out" auto_resize="true"] [/slide] [/slider]

What am i doing wrong?

edit: none of the sliders/slideshows work…

Hi, I need to check your web site. Can you please send me your WP credentials through the contact form on my profile page

Thank you for purchasing my themes

Hi, I’ve checked your web site and seems sliders are working properly. Also an email sent.

Hi Tolga,

Does the theme run win WPMU ?

Best regards, BackuPs

Hi BackuPs,

I developed on WPMU , so it runs properly. Thanks.

Best Regards

Its a real shame that the menu is heavily reliant on javascript, it means that not only will search engines have a hard time indexing the site but users who have javascript turned off will also have problems navigating it

This is the only reason I have not purchased this theme yet..

add a css alternative for when javascript is inactive and I will buy this theme in a shot ..


First of all thanks for your kind feedback. Let me clarify it; the menu i used is working with same technic as all other drop down menus which written with jQuery. There wont be any troubles with the search engines because it loads all the menu items like any other CSS or Javascript menus. Please do hot hesitate to purchase it because of this matter, if you really like the theme :)

Thanks again.

Best Regards

Thank you for the fast response, I had a look at your html and saw that the html part of the menu is not reliant on the javascript so it should not affect search engines, however I am still concerned about accessibility to those that have javascript switched off as when you do the drop down motion does not work meaning important parts of the site would be missed by those visitors.

I have purchased templates before and made the request for a css alternative and they have been kind enough to complete my request so I have purchased the theme, I am afraid I cannot purchase a theme that I believe is not as accessible as it should be.

If the issue is technique I would like to refer you here to get some ideas on how it can be done

thank you

I understand your concern. I’m sure you also know that when JS is disabled visitors still able to see top level menu items. JS off stats not bothering me at all. As you realized already almost all themes on themeforest using JS menus. Thanks for your interesting in my themes anyway. All the best

edit: portals and services such as facebook, google, gmail, msn, hotmail, twitter also not working when JS is off. They’re forcing people to enable javascript. If an internet user don’t use these services let him don’t see your sub menus :)


what a wonderful template, thanks for sharing with us!

please one small issue: i would change some english text in other, couldnt find out, how, hope you will help

Contact Form: Your Name, Your email, your email was successfully sent… please see my screen

Thanks in advance

Best wishes, Marc

Hi Marc, You can switch the contact form with a plugin like contact form 7. Go to the RT-Theme contact page options you’ll find the instruction under “3rd party plugin” title. If you need additional instructions please open a thread on our forum at

Thank you for purchasing my themes.

Best Regards

Hello Developer,

thanks for the very quick! answer, yes, its an alternative to your contact form, but i like more yours :)

i understand wordpress very well and i like customize, but for change the english text in your contact form i couldnt find the right .php file

Best wishes Marc

Hi Marc,

Sorry for my previous answer :)

1) I have included a .po file for theme localization so you can use software and create your own language file with your country code like for German; or Spanish

All you need to copy your .mo into the languages folder.

2) Or edit /rt-framework/functions/rt_shortcodes.php line 310 to 337

Best Regards

Hi. I am interested in purchasing your theme. I have two questions:

- The background image as well as all of the colors are customizable, correct? - Is it possible to create a page that has a list of services; or a full width static image (similar to the slideshow, but it being one image vs a scrolling viewer?

Thanks in advance!

1) You can upload your own background photo for the 100% background option like the demo page also you can set bunch of image for randomized background option. If you decide to make your background more different the WordPress’s Appearence -> Background option will still be available for use.

2) Only these colors are available to change through the theme options

3) You can create any page you want by using the RT-Theme quick styling incons and WordPress editor. It’s easy to create a page like this one

You may also want to see this page to get more idea about the slider options of this theme

Thanks for interesting in my themes. Best Regards