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Hi RT,

is there HTML version of this?

would like to purchase one.

regards, boon

Hi Boon, I want to publish as an HTML and Joomla versions of this theme but not scheduled yet. Please follow me via themeforest or twitter to get inform when they’re available. Thanks for your interest.

Hi, Just want to let you know that HTML version of the theme is available!


Thanks for the theme! Really nice.

However I do get one error, where the slider is supposed to be, I get one error.

”: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string item in on line”



I need to check your web site to investigate the issue you having. Can you please send me your URL via the contact form on my user page. Thank you


Great Theme. Just purchased it.

Where do i manually change the text listed default in the search panel – which php file? (Text = Search).

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

Hi, You can find it in sup_page_header.php at line 14

Thanks for purchasing. Best Regards

For some reason I cannot get the homepage content under the slider to show. I’ve tried as a widget and using the home page boxes, nothing ever shows up. Help please!


Hello Vince, I’ve just got your email and seems you already figured out. Anyway, there are two ways to put content on your home page; 1) using home page custom posts 2) using the widgets

You can find detailed instructions in the documentation file which can be found as index.html in the /Documentation/ folder. Please read D) Home Page Contents section for further instructions.

If you still need additional help please let me know. Thank you for purchasing RT-Themes.

Best Regards

thanks! Yeh, it seems I had some general wordpress writing and reading settings changed to work with my previous theme. Yours worked exactly how you said it would. User error! :) thanks again

Glad to hear that everything is OK now :) All the best


Just a quick question.

Does this download include plain html files?

Just in case I don’t wish to use this template with WordPress, can the html files included do this?


Hi, No this package just includes, WordPress theme, PSD files, Documentation and Dummy Content xml file.

Best Regards

Hi stmcan,

just a message to thank you for your help and congrats on this theme.

My site is just beautiful, all is intuitive and just straight forward, am looking forward to your next theme!

the best of luck with your sales!


Hello Kay,

I’m so glad to hear that. Thanks so much choosing RT-Themes. All the best

One more quick fix please! I cannot get my contact form to show like the one you have in the demo, I followed the three steps, but no luck, seems simple enough. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.


You need to create a blank page then choose it as your contact us page through the contact page options of the theme. If you did already please provide me your login details via the contact form on my user page so i can check it for you.


If i only want to have a background picture and wish to remove the bg shape and color which files do i need to change?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards

Hi, You can use native WordPress background tools for it. (Appearence -> Background)

Best Regards

Hi, again

I figured it out. I just had to upload a background picture in the normal WP menu.

Thanks for a great theme template

Best regards

Glad to hear that. Best Regards

sent the login details! Thanks!

Ok, I’ve just replied.


1. Great Theme! :) 2. Is there a way to change the text when you hover over the social icons in the sidebar? (ie. facebook, twitter, etc)

Thanks, Stephanie

Hi Stephanie,

You can find them in /rt-framework/classes/loading.php line 90 Change the first of arrays.

Thanks for your kind comment.

Best Regards,

Hi! This is a lovely theme, I really appreciate the “rounded” layout!

Everything works like a charm, except 1 thing: There’s no space around the headline in the slide. Please take a look at this screenshot:

Any idea about how to fix it?

THANKS in advance!

/Thomas, Sweden

Hi Thomas,

I need to take a look. Can you please provide me your login details via the contact form on my user page so i can check it for you.

Thanks for purhcasing.

Best Regards

Thanks stmcan for your reply! I have sent you a message with my login details! Thanks!


Love the theme, excellent job!

Couple of quick questions regarding the “[RT-Theme 15] Recent Posts #2” widget:

1) How to make the thumbnail larger (i.e. 114×114)?

2) How to make the thumbnail a permalink to the post?

3) How to display the category and also make it a hyperlink to all articles published in that category?

4) How to display number of comments and make it hyperlink to the comments?

5) How to make all of the text align to the right of the image? (the way [RT-Theme 15] Recent Posts #1 aligns to the right of the date)

Here is an image of what I am trying to accomplish for posts on the front page:

Also, is there a way to display the portfolio items on the front page?

Thanks SO much for your help!


First of all, please open a thread for this on my support forum at It’s too hard to reply and track this kind of questions by using this dashboard. Secondly, most of your questions related re-building, i can’t help all of them. Thanks for your understanding. But please open the thread at least i can reply a couple of them.

Best Regards

I re-posted to the forum, could you at least respond as you said you would? If I could at least make the thumbnail larger and place a portfolio or blog on the front page, that would be extremely helpful.

Just started to replying forum questions. You’ll get an answer in an hour. Thanks!

Another question.
1. How can I customize the left sidebar to customize the color? I have changed the top and bottom portion to the color I want, but I cant change the color in the actual bar.
2. What is the shortcode for putting products on a page?
Thanks, Stephanie

1) In your case, for the red skin you need to edit background value of this line (line: 3189) in /css/style.css

2) There is no shortcode for the products available. You need to use custom product posts add new products to your website. also please take a look into the documentation file that can be found in the /Documentation/ folder as index.html

Best Regards

Hi, I have this theme installed and the option to limit the portfolio image height is gone. Any idea why this is happening? The portfolio image thumbs are all of varying height.


Try to de-activate plugins you recently installed. But still, please provide me your login details via the contact form on my user page so to let me take a look what wrong with your web site.

Thanks for purhcasing.

Best Regards

i m looking… looking… looking… ok right now :) nice work.

It’s nice to hear that! Thank you

Looking forward to the HTML release!


Thanks for your interest Ben, I’ll keep in mind.

Hi Ben, I just want to let you know that HTML version of the theme is available!

thinking to buy but i’m curious how seo friendly this theme is etc?

Hi, The theme has designed by considering basic SEO principles, so it’s SEO friendly as much as it can. However if you need to increase your optimizations you can use one of the professional SEO plugins with the theme as well.

Thanks for your kind interest


Just purchased this theme and it is by far the cleanest and most organized theme i’ve ever used. I love the built-in shortcodes! Saves alot of my time Quick question though- I want to have captions underneath each picture like this link:

When i entered “Title=” it shows up only when you hover mouse over image. What do I enter to include the orange title under my pictures? I am using photo gallery shortcode.


The photo gallery shortcode is not supporting captions under the pictures but i will add this option on the next update for you. I am planning to upload the update in this week. Thanks so much for your kind feedback.

Best Regards

Hi, I have updated the theme and included the caption feature for the gallery shortcode.