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How do you get the navigation to display???...


You must use the WordPress menus for the navigations. Please take a look section “C) Main and Footer menus” in the documentation of the theme that can be found in the /Documentation/ folder as index.html

Hi, Great theme, Just wondering how I change the background colour of the menu, Thanks Vince

Hello Vince,

It’s been explained on the support forum you can find it from this link

Hi, Great theme, Just wondering how I change the background colour of the menu, Thanks Vince

One more question, How did you get the contact details on the menu in your sample? Is this just a text widget?

I have used “[RT-Theme 15] Contact Info widget”

Can I use any custom link in the slider or are the custom links reserved only for what is actually in the template itself (ie posts, portfolio, pages etc)? I would like to link to something outside of the website itself.


Hi, It’s only support custom links so you can use any link you want. You can take a look of the slider posts here

Thank you!


I have bought your nice theme, i have one question about, i will change the HOME slider images, where can i do that? You have writen “Go, Home Page Slider? Add New ” but i don’t have a Menu in admin panel with the name “Home Page Slider” ?? Would be nice you tell me where i can set up a new HOME slider.. Thanks!

I am going to reply this question tomorrow with a detailed tutorial. I’ll let you know it’s ready.



The tutorial is ready please follow this URL

Thank you!

Hi – really like your theme. Before buying I have one question though. I notice that you are using a logo that is 174×71 pixels. My client would need to accommodate a logo of 174×174 (square) – is the logo field easily adjustable? Many thanks,

Yes, You don’t need to do anything for it, just upload your logo, it will be accommodated unless is not wider then 180px. Thanks for your kind interest in my theme. Best Regards

Love the theme, the only things I’m having trouble with are:

getting the logo and the homepage in the menu to link to the same ‘homepage’ which setting to use in WP for this theme for me to get the logo and the home-link in the navigation to link to the same page

getting a separate blog page… if I set a page to blog this is where the homepage contents show up insteda of on the homepage.

Can anyone explain


Please go to WordPress Settings ? Reading Settings and make sure “Your latest posts” option is selected. Thanks for purchasing. Best Regards

hallo, really greate theme! will you also do it for joomla? if yes, till when! would really love to purchase it for joomla!

thanks! andi

Hi andi, Yes Stefan already started to working on it. Thanks for your interest.

Hello, Joomla version of RT-Theme 15 is available

Hey there,

what a great beauty this theme is. Good Job !

I need a solution for that. My background-image looks too much pixelated at all. Is there a way to stop the 100 % background feature of the theme with a bigger image that looks sharper ?

thanks innersmile

Hi innersmile,

The only way to change 100% feature of the background image is editing a line of css code. Find these lines in the /css/style.css and give an exact value for the width. Say your background image is 1200px, change the width value as width:1200px;

Thanks for the purchase. Best Regards

Hi! I would like to buy your theme, but I’m curious about the usability of it with plug-ins like WooCommerce or other shopping cart extensions… Have you (or maybe a purchaser reading this) happen to have experimented with such? Does it work out?


Yes it works like any usual WordPress theme. But, You may need to edit to0 many CSS codes. I recommend that search a theme which specially designed for one of these plugins. Thanks!


Thanks for this great theme, it really streamlines my website.

It’s the second theme I am purchasing from you (first was RT 6 ), great work.

I am however experiencing a reccurent problem:

- I am using Qtranslate to have my website in English and French (essential for my audience) - All custom fields in product pages as well as custom post display the text in both languages, including the quicktags.

Is there a solution for this?


Hello, I am sorry to hear that but I am not familiar with the plugin’s codes. This theme is using custom posts for the portfolio, products maybe you can try ask the author or community forum of the plugin that is the plugin supports the custom posts. Thanks for purchasing my themes. Best Regards.


Thanks for the great theme. Can you help with a couple of simple questions?

1. How do I get a category in my Navigation to simply show it’s sub menu instead of linking to a page? For example on your demo if you click on ‘THEME FEATURES ’ it just opens the options in the menu below without moving away from the homepage.

2. Can i use the typography options when I am just writing in a post/page?

Thanks for any help guys.


1) I have used the Custom Links and typed # for the URL fields. If you want to take a look how my menu looking you can find it in the documentation under the “c) Main and Footer menus” section by clicking the thumbnail image of the menu.

2) No, that’s not possible.

Thanks so much for the purchase. Best Regards

Thanks for your help!

very good work !

Thank you!

I love this theme! Any ideas why am I having trouble uploading the theme to wordpress? Thanks for any help you may be able to offer.

Hi, Be sure that you are just uploading the theme not entire package you downloaded from ThemeForest. Unzip the package into your computer then ZIP only the rttheme15 folder and upload it via WordPress ? Themes ? Upload

If you need additional assistance, please feel free to ask. Thank you for purchasing RT-Themes.

i am hoping all my options i wish to have in rt theme will be in the updated version really i m loving it :)

Hi sayyam, I’ve just updated the theme, enjoy the new attached documents feature :)

thanks it is aaaala :) aw’some

GORGEOUS theme!!! Amazing work!

Thanks so much! Best Regards

UPDATE – Version 1.1

  • New Feature: Remove Curvs option added to styling options
  • New Feature: Attached documents option added to products
  • Improved: Photo gallery shortcode now supports captions
  • Improved: Google+ icon included into the social media icon list
  • Fixed: Issue when using native WordPress backgrounds on red skin.
  • Fixed: Padding issue on slider titles.
  • Included: Turkish translation (.mo/.po)

Love this one, looks very professional! :)

Glad you liked it! Thanks!

Hi, Is it possible to add multiple addresses and maps in contact page? And in home page, could I add full width text and 1/2 divisions etc? thanks Nibin


You can create a custom contact page using by the contact form shotcode. If you want to customize the native contact us page it’s contact_us.php

If you need additional assistance, please feel free to ask. Thank you!