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Simple and Clean. I like it! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you so much!

Really cool theme. All the best :)

Thank you jdsans

Nice work on the menu headings. The colors look great.

I am glad to hear you like it. Thanks.

Looks very unique. Good job STMCAN .

Thank you so much!

good work… happy sales. wat abt HTML ?

Do you mean HTML version? I have plans to release but it is not scheduled yet. Thank you

you gave wordpress really a business approch, elegent and supereb job…. as i say a great job ! best wishes for sale

Thanks for your purchase and kind comment.

Great theme, I’m going to buy it very soon. Good luck with sales :-)

I am glad to hear you like it. Thank you!

yeap i always love your themes…

but i miss having the html added with them – you use to do it in the past, but with RT-15 and now RT-16 you have stopped. WHY ?

The other themes has HTML versions also, so I’ll include the core html files when I prepared. Thanks for your feedback and kind comments.

just so you know your “press” page has images overlapping sidebar…i was using chrome…great looking theme.

It was a demo related issue and be it’s been updated. So there is nothing to worry about the theme core files related this issue. Thank you for letting me know and your kind comment.

Real Real great job I like it very much

It’s so nice to hear that. Thank you.

Excuse me guy, I need your advice about choosing my hosting feature at Goddady. Somebody can tell me which one will be great to host this nice theme.

Thanks guys. Best.

Actually, I didn’t use godaddy before but any hosting that supports PHP5 and MYSQL will work for you. I’m using Media Temple and pretty happy with it. Thank you

Can the width of the sidebar be adjusted? Is it Fixed Width or can it be adjusted as well?

It needs custom coding, as default there is no option for it.

I’d have bought it but the product showcase with multiple images doesn’t work with Chrome

Thank you so much. It is really appreciated!

stmcan, I’ve also noticed that the demo home page slider doesn’t display text in chrome properly, while it does on Firefox, can you fix that as well?

Hello, It was another demo related issue and fixed! By the way, I have updated the theme and fixed the product slider issue on Chrome and Safari. Version 1.1 is available for download now. Thank you.

Is there any easy way to change the color of the site? You have dark and light. What if I wanted blue?

If i chose the boxed view, is it possible to have a solid background instead of an image?

The testimonial is only a widget, and cannot be a full page?



You can control the header, footer and banner row’s background color and patterns via RT-Theme Styling Options

You can customize the navigation bar and its font type, color, font size via Menu Styling Options

You can manage font types and sizes via Typography Options

Use 100% Background image single or randomized via General Options

Also of course you can use native WordPress background tools to create any background you want.

This theme supports new default Post Types of WordPress including Quotes. So, you can add your testimonials by using the Quote post types and list them in a page via Template Builder. This will gives you more flexibity when you creating your page that on your mind.

Also :) You can use a custom created widget area (sidebar) and add the testimonial widgets as much as you want and use it in a page in any layout you want, such as 1/4 or 1/2 via Template Builder.

Anyway I’ll be here to teach using the theme and I am sure once it’s done you’ll be very happy :)

Thank you so much for interesting my themes.

Best Regards

Can you tell me if the sidebar is 300 px wide? I need at least that for ad space that I am currently carrying. Thanks.

If you change the sidebar width, you need to change some php files also to fix image width’s that resizing by the theme. I don’t really recommend it. It’s possible but it’s not quite easy.

Hi stmcan,

I already buy your create theme and I am really exited to see what I will look like after my custom. But I am looking for hosting services. Thanks for your advice about Media Temple.


Nice to hear that! If you need assistance, please feel free to ask. Thanks for purchasing my themes, it is really appreciated!

Hi stmcan, We need english and french website. Is- it possible to get a bilingual website.

Thanks for your help.


Hello, Yes it’s possible! You can translate the .po files to use it with your language. It’s also works great with the WPML plugin. You can read more about .po files from our support forum

If you have any further questions regarding this theme, please let us know by opening a support request on our support forum at

Thank you for purchasing my themes.

Best Regards

Hi Tolga, This is really brilliant! I need to find a project for this. When do you expect to have HTML ? My other STMCAN sites are still holding up beautifully… Keep up the terrific work!

Hi Sylvia, I don’t know when but i have plans to release its HTML version soon. Thank you so much for your kind comment and support. Best Regards

Theme Updated

Version 1.1 – March, 6, 2012

Fixed: Product Slider bug on Chrome and Safari


Can you please point me the file that loads all google fonts? You are missing some that I want to use!



We’ve been discussed on the forum at this page for RT-Theme 15

You use the same way to add your fonts.

If you have any further questions regarding this theme, please let us know by opening a support request on our support forum at

Thank you for purchasing my themes.