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Looking great! This will be a hit. Good luck.

I hope so :) Thanks so much!

Nice work:) Good luck with sales!

Thank you Can :)

TONS of features in this puppy! Nice work!

Thank you for purchasing, it is really appreciated!

Nice theme – is it compatible with the Shopp ecom plugin?

Hi, I not familiar with the plugin so didn’t test with it. I’d recommend look for a theme that specifically built for that plugin. Thank you!

Thanks for the reply. Which ecom plugin do you recommend for use with this theme?

I can’t recommend, because didn’t tested with anyone!

Looks nice, good luck with sales!

Thanks mate! Same to you!

Responsive. Yes!

Yes, It is fully responsive design and tested with almost all popular devices! Thanks!

Nice features, congrats ! Wish you the best with sales :)

Thank you Bedros, appreciated!

Does is come with a variety of slider options? or just the one?

Hi BookWise,

Actually I was able to include more than one sliders, my framework totally supports it. However, the responsive design blocks you to use every slider you want and i don’t want to provide a slider that looks terrible with the mobile phone screens when you say it is responsible design! Anyway, I’ll consider to add new sliders of course but they will be hidden on mobile screens, because it is pointless unless you are using a slider something like the default one. Also, please keep in mind that you can use any slider plugin you want by inserting it’s shortcode into a text widget with sidebar creator and template builder tools. The theme gives you wide opportunities when you discover how it works!

Thanks for your kind interest into my themes.

love it, great theme :)

Thanks anariel7, glad you hear you like it!

Great theme! Works and looks great on the iPhone. I noticed on e slight snag though on the iPhone. On pages like the header overlay text is cut off. I think it might be as simple as changing the mobile css for “header_overlay_text” to auto. Can this be fixed?

Also, how hard would it be to change the way the overlay icons appear when you hover over an image. Instead of a drop-down “slam”, more of a fade-in?



Hi Scott,

- Actually it’s a free space of coding for advanced users I’ve been using some custom html / css codes to show people what kind of things that can be create with! Anyway, fixed mine by lowering its top margin. You can take look this screenshot to see the idea behind it. ( )

- Not, just needs a little customization in the scripts.js that I can help you :)

Thanks so much for your kind interest in my products. Best Regards

Simple and Elegant. Looks nice :)

Thanks bluenila!

bence super olmusss. emegine saglik. bol satislar

Cok tesekkür ederim, saygilar!

Hi there – just bought the theme and couldn’t load it as says style.css style sheet missing – opps or have I done something wrong?


You need to unzip it into your computer first! Please watch this installation movie that i prepared just for this theme You can also find other videos inside the documentation file that which can be found in the /Documentation/ folder as index.html

Thanks so much for purchasing my themes.

Best Regards

Thanks that worked – it was me!! Looking forward to getting my hands into creating a my next beautiful website.

Quite an amazing theme and it has so many cool features!

Can’t wait to start making my next website with it.

Thanks RT, you know how to deliver!

Thank you very much for your nice feedback and purchase. It is really appreciated!

This is a very good theme!

Thank you sir!

hi great theme.

you have probably said already but I wondered if you supply the demo content file (.xml)



Hi John,

Yes provided the a dummy content with dumny images. The xml file can be found in the /Dummy Content/ folder.

Just looking for some new templates for a client, this was the first I clicked on and I don’t think I need to look at anymore. Clean, fresh, super-fast and adaptable. Nice one!

How great to hear that! Thank you very much :)

Looks great! very nice, have a many sales ;)

Thanks louiejie ;)

Hi there, excellent theme!

I am seriously considering to use this theme for a large project. To make sure it can be used for that purpose, I need to know a few things:

1. Video answered this question. Excellent!! :)

2. Also, can images be inserted in a block without padding? Or could you add that option? I know I can create classes, but it would be much easier to have it as an option for a block.

3. What I really need is a portfolio style blog. A regular blog is impossible. This project is a magazine and will need a post overview like the two or three column portfolio, with all the possible variations for display of a category of posts. Would it be possible to implement that as well? In fact, it would be the portfolio custom layout, but the image would point to the article and it would have there would be more content or course.

4. Another question: the effects are very flashy. The effects need to be smooth. I have seen this request earlier too, will this be implemented?

5. Would you be available for custom work? There are some specific design changes that I would like that would take me far more time than you :) This is going to be a magazine for women. All corners need to be slightly rounded. Also, the menu needs restyling for this reason.

6. Finally, WooCommerce will be used with this theme. Is there a way to connect the current products to it so they can be added to the cart? I know this is a more complicated request, but – obviously – some shop needs to be connected to the products, or they can’t be used :) A replacement of the WooCommerce product page would be something unique and really worth implementing.

Sorry, for the long list, but I have lots of themes that I purchased for projects that were never used because of not being very clear about what is needed. Hope you understand ;)

Thanks in advance for answering! Tom

Hi Tom,

1) nice :)

2) Images for photo gallery? I can provide you some simple css codes that you can paste it into the Custom CSS codes fields inside the styling options to decrease the padding between them. That way, it will be easy and proactive!

3) All i can say that, the portfolio items support too many layout possibilities like 1,2,3,4,5 columns and they supports commenting like regular posts.

4) Yes, fire me a message via support forum when you have it, i’ll provide the solution.

5) No, unfortunately i am not! But, maybe we can find someone else who can help you!

6) I didn’t tested with the woocommerce plugin, so i can not say anything about it.

Thank you very much for interesting in my themes.

Best Regards

Hi, thanks for your clear answers! Will purchase :)

Cheers! Tom

Thank you jeofrey, appreciated :)