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very nice mate , this will sell big time

your very good at making all round business templates ,

good luck

Thank you so much :)

Outstanding work. I can’t believe the amount of themes launched today! This is the best so far in my opinion. Kudos.

That said, Comparing the relative price of other themes with simular aspects, the price is on the high side I feel. Not to suggest it’s incredible value for money at $22, but in terms of Theme Forrest pricing, it’s up there on the elevated end. Just my 2 cents.

Your theme below is retailing at $17 – As a matter of interest why is this theme retaiiling at $22?

Best of luck with it.

Hello Sticker, Thanks for the kind comment. Regarding the theme price i can just say that this theme has product listing, tabbed product detail pages, ajax contact form and contains more custom jQuery codes than RT-Theme 8.


Nice theme bro. It fits perfect for a new client of me. One question before I purchase it:

How easy is it to change the 5 standard colours to a custom one?

Kind regards and good luck with sales.

Hello Mate,

I’ve prepared sliced psd files for each theme and seperated the element colors to another css file. I think it’s very easy to work with this theme and also i’l be here for all your questions.

Thank you very much

Thanks for the prompt reply. My comment on the price was a relative one. It’s still fantastic value in the grand scheme of things…

And to prove the point – I bought it!

Many Thanks

Thanks so much! Please let me know if you need any further help with the theme..

Will do – Thanks again.

Hi stmcan, This template will be perfect for a client, and I am delighted to see your business-centric approach. I would like to suggest that you consider adding 2 items for future versions: 1)client login and 2)newlsetter subscribe—cool modals? Would love to see your spin. Thanks again for the great template, and strong design direction!

I’ll consider your nice suggestions, Thank you very much


WOW ! Incredible work!

Thank you

nice theme ;)

Thank you very much :)

I love the template – so much so that I purchased it today. But I can’t believe that I didn’t see that it’s not wordpress :( Can I hire you to make it wordpress compatible?

I’m sorry to hear that but i’m planing wordpress version of the theme. Just can’t saying when it will be ready. And sorry again for not available to freelence work for a couple of weeks.

Thank You

I like the template and I purchased it today too. I did the same mistake…I didn’t see that it’s not wordpress. Is the Wordpress version coming soon?

I’m planning later of this month, sorry to hear that!

Hi stcam, Thought the sluggish transitions in the banner rotator were due to all the traffic visiting your great template, but alas, I am noticing a similar problem when testing it on my local machine. Got any idea what’s going on? Thanks so much.

Can you please say what browser you’re using for and is there any possiblity that not enough memory left on your pc!


Hi stmcan, Well, I’ve got tons of capacity, and I am using latest version of FF. I retested in IE8 , and there’s no problem. May have something to do with size of one of your images? Hope this helps. I must say this is one of the nicest templates I’ve seen of TF for business related sites. Keep up the good work—looking forward to seeing more from you.


Really nice template, I want to buy but wish it’s WordPress Version…

Questions, will u make WordPress Version of this template?

Yes, i’ll make the WP version of this one later this month. Please follow me to get informed about my new items and updates ThemeForest: Twitter:

Thank you very much Regards

I will also buy it when the Wordpress version will be available

Thank you

Wordpress all the way.. I’ll be back to purchase when it comes out

Thank you, I’m working on new WP features for my themes such as new widgets, tools and options. So, please stay tuned. Thank you very much

Hi, How do you change the duration of the homepage slides?

EDIT – Found it!

How do I get the widgets to show up in the control panel? I can’t get the slider to work until they do….

Hi, Hwat is the font used in the headings? I want to source it for other areas of the site

Hi, You can add your css selector into the cufon array to use it. Edit js/script.js

//cufon fonts
        Cufon.replace('h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6,.portfolio_categories ul,.title a', {hover: true});

It’s Anivers by the way.

Hi, Great template.

Please keep me posted on the WP version – Really want it by the end of April if that’s possible.

I’m glad you like it, i’ll do my best for finish and let you know when it’s ready. Thanks.

Thanks for the prompt reply!