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Theme is great, do you have a Wordpress version.

Hi, I’m plannig to release on this weekend. Thank you

Great Template. Love it! Just bought it.

Quick question how to I change the timing on the homepage slider?

Hello, you can find the answer in the help/help.html C ) Javascripts -> The main page and portfolio slider effect section

Thank you very much

Best Regards

Hello there, I’m also interested in Wordpress theme (the green one), I’ll wait if it’s coming these days :)

It’s in the review queue at the moment and waiting to approve! It should be online in 24 hours :)

Thank you very much


This is an awesome theme!

Is the script that handles the site search included?


Hi, This is HTML version but Wordpress version can do that

Thank you

yeah! is there a way to upgrade this html version to wordpress?

No, i’m sorry you need to purchase the WP version for use in wordpress.


yes, I agree. what I meant was, can I pay the difference to upgrade it as this first purchase was an error

I’m sorry but as an author i don’t have any permission to do that! Please let me know if i can do anything else for you.

Hi stmcan!

Your theme is really awesome! :-) Love the backend options, so damn flexible and it works like a charme… well, almost. At the moment I have a few problems with the RT-Theme Options:

Contact Page I entered a working and correct e-mail adress in the field, filled out the form in the frontend and pressed the sending button. A message appears, that the form is send. But the submission is neither delivered to me nor to the sender…

Dynamic Sidebars I can create as many sidebars as is like to (btw: such a great and helpful feature!). But after creating a sidebar 2 problems appear:

  • I cannot delete any of the created sidebars. Hitting the delete button gives me a correct message (“settings saved”), but the sidebar is still in the list and under Appearance -> Widgets…
  • I cannot fill the created widgets. Drag and drop works fine, filling out, too. But the changes don’t take effect. When I refresh the side, the sidebar widget is empty again!

Can you help me?

Best Regards

You make some really great themes. I’ve bought five themes, 2 of them yours. Yours are the best ones, and the only ones I’ve actually been able to use. Thanks.

Thank you so much robbiego :)

Hi I just purchased this theme however when I downloaded it the Wordpress files weren’t available. Please let me know what I need to do. Thanks.

Hi, I’m sorry to saying that but you must be purchased wrong file because this is HTML version, you need to purchase WP version to use with wordpress

Thank you

Hi, I have encountered some issues with the product/portfolio pages whereby the rounded box at the bottom just don’t align. Is there any way you can help me to touch up the html file for me? I can email you the link so you will know what is the problem. Thanks.

Hello, I’m sorry that missed answer please send your link via contact form on my user page!

Thank you


I want to add the dynamic tabs to a full width page. I have amended the style.css doc on line 268 to a full width pixel size.

The grey box is still staying at the default size of 590 pixels.

How do I increase the size of the outline box to compensate for the full width page?



Because it’s using images! You need to increase the size of images in the tabs box too. You can find the design as “full width box for product details” layer in all_elements.psd (full_box_top.jpg, full_box_middle.jpg, full_box_bottom.jpg)

Please let me know if you need a hand!



I might need a little help – I’m terrible with Photoshop!

I have a screenshot to send you – can you reply to my email this morning as I cannot send attachments through your profile page.

I will pay if so required.


Can you let me know the situation please with the tabs issue…

Hi Sticker, I’ve just sent an email to you!

Gotit – many thanks!

It’s probably a silly question, but I simply want to center the navigation bar, but I’m having a little difficulty. Can you point me in the right direction please?

(Sorry for the ongoing support saga!)

Hello Sticker, I’m so sorry being late to answer!! I’m happy to hear you’ve solved it the tabs in full widh pages.

I’ve put the navigation bar in #header_right layer and you can edit the layer to re-position all navigation bar. For example;

    /* header right area */

Please let me know if you need any further help

Best Regards

No problem at all! Many thanks indeed.

You may well sigh, but I have another quick enquiry if you dont mind!

I’m very sorry to be testing the limits of after-sales service on this theme, but its a large project!

Is is possible to add a background colour to the full width tabs you created? (the tabs themselves) Or even to make the tabs text a larger font size/colour?

The client essentially wants to add a little contrast to the page and higlight the tabs themselves.

Thanks again and sorry for the ongoing saga!


You need to edit tab.jpg if you need to change background color but you can change the font color by editing the lines below (style_cf.css)

 /* Products detail tabs */

    #tabs ul li{
        background:url(../images/tab.jpg) right top;

    #tabs ul li a{
        background:url(../images/tab.jpg) left top;
        color: #A9A9AE;

Please do not hesitate to ask if you need any further help!

Best Regards

Great! Thanks again, and my apologies for so many queries!

If any other arise I am happy to pay for your time and effort.


It’s always my pleasure! Thanks for buying my themes!

Can search engines see the text within the tabs (technical details etc.) on the ‘product detail’ page?

is it to put the sidebar on the left? e.g. on this site

is it possible to put the sidebar on the left? e.g. on this site