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I have encountered some issues When i changed logo image, its not working in IE. the logo which i used was bigger than the original. i kept in jpeg format only. but why the image not coming? please fix the prob…..


Hi, Can you please provide me an url if it’s possible so i can try to find your issue.

Best Regards

Hi, fantastic template, I’ve created a website with it but I’m having an issue on the products page with all the product boxes all floating to the left down the page on ie6, if I send you the page could you have a look at it, I can pay for your time if needed, Lee.

Hi Lee,

Please send me an email via contact form on my user page, no need to pay I’ll take care of it for you if it’s possible.


I need the sidebar on the left.

Please tell me what I have to change. Thank you.

I need the sidebar on the left (only about_us.html). Please tell me what I have to change. Thank you.

Why don’t you help me? I need the sidebar on the left. Please tell me what I have to change.

Hello, I’m sorry for the delay but the sidebar designed for right side and you can’t have it on left. Please let me know if you need any further help.

Best Regards

Hy.Great job with this one.

I have a single question:can be added second level drop down menu?

Hi, No that’s not possible with the current codes. Thank you.

Afternoon stmcan,

Love the template and I’m very happy with it, I just a quick question I was hoping you could help you resolve regarding the cufon font.

I have it applied to pretty much the same items as you and I can’t figure out why when I preview it on my system (client-side), it rendering works, but when I upload everything to the site, I get the standard font.


What I see when I preview in browser:

What I see when it’s uploaded to the site:

Is there something I need to change or upload to the site? I have all of the folders and files associated with the scripts up on the site. Thanks again!

Hi, The file name of the Anivers font has been saved as “Anivers_400.font.js” but calling “anivers_400.font.js” from the html file. Most of servers recognize it but some servers like apache may not. So, please rename the file under js folder as anivers_400.font.js i.e., All letters must be lower case.

Thank you. Best Regards.

Worked flawlessly, thanks man.. much appreciated!

slider_curv.png is only in the blue colored.

can you create the other slider_curv.png in color?

replied below!

Yeah, slider_curv.png in every theme color is necessarry!

another question: how can I use the Navigation background image for the current item (“menu_button.jpg”) without script? (Only with css)

I’ve just replied your first question below!

you can add “current_page_item” class like shown below

<li><a href="index.html" class="current_page_item">HOME</a></li>



your template is very very nice! I like it very much and I think slider_curv.png Should also be available in red, green, orange and black.

If you have this png in these colors I’ll purchase your template immediately.

Great work.

replied below!

@Chefarzt, @Makaay, @web334

Hello Guys,

Yes you can colorize the slider_curv.png and all other part of the theme. Please open all_elements.psd where in psd folder, make your adjustments, then save the by choosing “save for web” to saving method. When you’ve finished, photoshop will generate an “image” folder that contains all the image files as i named. Copy and replaces the images (not folder) in the images folder of the theme. You can change all the elements using this method.

Best Regards

it’s very difficult without Photoshop but it’s no problem for you

Hi, I’ve included all color’s PSD files in the theme. Please explore directories in the PSD folder to find colored psd files. By the way if you need custom color of the files you need to create by using the psd files. Please let me know if i can do anything else for you. Regards.

Hi there, great template looking to buy today but have a quick question if I may. I need to insert an iframe to an external link that would be 75% or 730 px of the page [container].

Is this possible to code on 1 page only, for example the product detail page, guess I would need to edit css?



Hi still looking to buy this but wondered if above question is possible? Also I don’t run php on my server, is the contact form only usable with php and can the homepage slide be edited to slower/faster if required?



Dear Gary,

I’ve used the prettyPhoto plugin with this template and it supports iframes in a lightbox. Otherwise you can simply use it in classical way.

Regarding the contact form, I’ve only provided a php contact form with the template.

Yest you can edit the speed of the sldiers by editing js files, you can find deteailed instruction in the help docement.

Thank you.

I am looking to set up the portfolio page where when you click on the categories, it will slide to the appropriate portfolio category page. Could you point me in the direction of where I would even start to accomplish this?


I should missed this one to answer, i am so sorry about it! You need custom javascript coding for that with a new portfolio layout. Please let me know if i can do it anything else for you. Thank you.

I bought your RT-THEME 9 for html 2 since months ago. Right now I´m having a problem with the contact us page because when i fullfilled the information and click on send, it seems that the system is processing the email but it doesn´t.

Can you help me with that?

the webpage is


Hi, Have you edited first lines of the contact_form.php? If so, i have no idea about the issue because it’s a generic contact form script. Please let me know if i can do anything else for you. Thanks for purchasing.

Hi! Great template – I love it. I have an issue with a new menu I inserted as a Flash file. I renders ok in IE 8 , but not in Opera, Safari or Google Chrome. Wold you please have a look at the link and, if possible give me a hint about where to insert (and change tje code – of which I have very little knowledge…)

Here’s the link:


Kindly Richard Jensen

How can I change the layout to right to left ? I am using it in arabic site

Hi, you need to change the charset of the Content-Type. Best Regards

This question was asked on page 2, but it wasn’t answered. I, too, am having problems with the contact form not working.

The appropriate Contact page has been selected in the RT-Theme -> Contact Page tab. Also, the applicable send to e-mail address has been assigned, yet no messages are being delivered to the address each time I submit a message via the contact page?

Anyone else having issues with the contact page? Is it me or does it require a fix? Thanks!

Hi, If you’re asking about the wordpress version of the theme, please use it’s dashboard. Thank you.

Hi! Richard here again. Your template is working now and I’m so glad. I have one question about the the text in the tabs in the product_details.html file. In preview it looks fine, but on the server it looses quality.

Could you have a look and – perhaps – an idea abouy why this happens.

Here’s the link:

Great job!

Hi Richard, I’ve just checked your site and it seems working fine for me. Please let me know if i can do anything else for you. Thank you very much.