Discussion on Rubenz – Creative Portfolio AJAX WordPress Theme

Discussion on Rubenz – Creative Portfolio AJAX WordPress Theme

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neelio Purchased

Hi Artem Hope you’re well. Do you know if the theme is php 8.0 compatible? Thanks

Hello! Yes, latest theme & core plugin versions should run fine in PHP 8.x. Let me know if they don’t.


neelio Purchased

Thanks for your quick reply – seems to work great!

Had this theme for a few years, and for anyone that has doubts about the quality of it or the support, can be rest assured! It’s the best!

Thank you :)

Hi there, Would like to use it on our Site. I saw from my friend’s site that we will have to change the featured image on edit page & in-page in elementor. Will we have to do both or can be done on elementor itself?

and don’t we have a circular preloader in this like your other themes?

No, it doesn’t. Theme is relatively lightweight in terms of loading speed so the preloader will disappear too quickly (probably in less than 2 seconds) so visitors won’t even notice it.

Hi, Is there any way to doesn’t change the logo color on scroll depending on the section background? Thank you

Hello! You can enable/disable the effect in Customizer -> Header -> Enable Smart Contrast


mcmvox Purchased

Hi, are the elements in each of your wordpress elementor themes compatible with another theme? e.g. will a slider or a portfolio gird from Rubenz work in Arrigo? Imagine maybe if I were to install the core plugin of Rubenz into Arrigo, then the core elements would work in Arrigo? Is this possible, and if it is possible… will it make the site loading a lot slower or it cramp up the site with excessive code? Would you recommend to ‘not’ mix the elements from different themes? Thanks.

Hello! No, they won’t work without the original theme they were designed to work with.

How do i set custom background colors for this theme?

You can add the additional custom conditions for this option in file wp-content/themes/rubenz/header.php line 28: $enhance_header_contrast

Ok, Another problem i have is pages not loading correctly at first load sometimes, I found out that reloading again is when they load correctly, how can i fix this?

If you’d like me to check this please extend your item support and provide your website URL and login/password to WordPress panel. You can send a PM at support@artemsemkin.com

Has any else been having an issue with the featured image not showing when hovered over in the menu? I created a new project and it’s the only one not showing the large background image when you hover. The issue just started the other day. I’m not sure if it’s an update issue or what but just a heads up.

Just an update of my issue. It seems now that when I create a portfolio item with a feature image, if i place it under the sub cat menu item, in the menu the feature item doesn’t show during hover, only when you make it a main category does the feature image show when hovered. This issue JUST started, the old portfolio items already created are fine as a sub cat. Not sure if this is an update issue or something, but just putting it on your radar. Thanks.

Hello. I don’t see any issues with the newly created projects placed into menu:

Ok, I recently updated WP version. Thanks for the reply I don’t know, weird.

Nice theme. Question, is there a way to have the image stay on reveal without hover on the “Portfolio Fullscreen Headings Slider”? It’s the version with the counter in front of the the image. The color is solid until you hover and then the image shows. Thanks.

Hello. Thanks. No, there is no such slider version. The similar one is shown on this page https://artemsemkin.com/rubenz/wp/portfolio-slider-backgrounds/ But it doesn’t have a counter.

Hello. PRE-PURCHASE QUESTION. Is there a limit to how many items can be shown on the projects / hover page? it seems as though you have ‘5’ on each page.

Also, can those titles be linked to individual pages within wordpress?



Is there a limit to how many items can be shown on the projects / hover page?

There is a limit but it can be increased (or completely removed) from Elementor widget options. Screenshot: https://yadi.sk/i/kUnhhReet0CEQA

Also, can those titles be linked to individual pages within wordpress?

No, those are bound to “Portfolio Item” post type.


I have been testing the Rubenz theme in its latest version with wordpress and all the updated plugins and I have found two bugs that I report.

1. The classic portfolio cover does not reproduce well in the Firefox browser (it happens to me both on desktop and on mobile). I leave you a video with a screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/4DvdSb3

2. I am trying to translate the template manually and also with the ‘Loco Translate’ plugin but it does not work, it seems that it does not synchronize well. It also doesn’t work for me with the .pot file of the ‘rubenz core’ plugin.

Thanks for reading me and sorry for the automatic translation of this message.

I don’t mind having the template in English but I need to translate the ‘all’ option of the portfolio filter.


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Why is it on a light theme the page title is light? I thought the titles change with the theme colors. For example Light title on dark and visa versa?

Hello! If you need help with that, please extend your item support period and provide your website address and login/password to WordPress panel. You can send a PM at support@artemsemkin.com

Are there any plans to add arrows that appear in the middle of the page as you scroll down to have another way to go to the next project without having to scroll all the way to the bottom or does that already exist in this template? Thanks.

Hello. No, it doesn’t exist. There are no plans to add new elements or templates to the theme. All the future updates will be focused on fixing bugs and maintaining compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress & Elementor.

Hi ! Is there a way to add the text reveal effect on random text I’ve added ? thanks

Hello! No. This effect requires a special HTML markup which is present only on certain custom-made Elementor widgets (provided by theme core plugin).

hi, in console i getUncaught TypeError: wpcf7.initForm is not a function and any content i get blank page, if i deactivate contact form7 all wp and theme work fine! But allways in admin get message The following recommended plugin is currently inactive: Contact Form 7. please any recomended alternative for CF7 ?

Hello! Probably you’re using the outdated theme version because this issue was addressed since Rubenz 2.5.0.

Please update both theme & core plugin to their latest versions.

yes, i updatet all plugins and wp core to latest versions and theme rubenz.core to 2.7, now CF7 work fine without errors, but i get other error TypeError: data.next.html.match(...) is null PJAXUpdateAdminBar PJAX Update Body.js:2 PJAXUpdateAdminBar PJAX Update Admin Bar.js:23 PJAXInitNewPage PJAX Init New Page.js:27 Wp and theme work fine, still only error without visual symptoms

Please send your website address and login credentials to Wordpress panel so I can check it. You can send a PM at support@artemsemkin.com. I’ll reply after this weekend.

Hi there, my copy on most of my site is not showing unless I refresh my browser, only then it shows. All my plug-ins are up to date. Why is this happening?

Hello! It’s hard to say without inspecting the actual website since the live demo operates without any issues on the latest theme & core plugins versions.

If you need help with that, please extend your item support period and provide your website address and login/password to WordPress panel. You can send a PM at support@artemsemkin.com

Hi, I want to know if the theme is compatible with elementor in wordpress in it all parts. Thank you

Hello! It’s compatible in general but there are some limitations related to AJAX navigation and smooth scroll plugin (both can be turned on/off). If you’d like to get more specific information please clarify which Elementor’s feature compatibility you’re interested in.

Is there a place in the theme to add small text under the Main title and divider of each Project name? For example Company name / Category (in small letters under). It would save room in having to add it under where the Product, Started, Launch? I look in the docs but didn’t see anything if not, then it’s cool. Thanks.

Hello! There is “subheading” custom field you can set for any portfolio item in admin panel. It’s displayed under a page title.

in small letters under

By the original design it’s displayed in 33px size with a moderate top margin, but all these styles can be adjusted via simple CSS. If you need help with that, please extend your item support period and send PM at support@artemsemkin.com

Thanks for the quick reply. My client doesn’t have the extra money to pay again (they had the theme too long and free support ran out), but thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I’ll have to figure something out to get that CSS. Thanks.

Just updated to v2.5.0 and got this Fatal Error…

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare arts_elementor_get_document_option() (previously declared in C:\laragon\www\Rubenz\wp-content\plugins\rubenz-core\inc\helper_functions.php:10) in C:\laragon\www\Rubenz\wp-content\themes\rubenz\inc\functions\elementor_helpers.php on line 46

To solve this I had to enter wp-admin using recovery mode and manually update rubenz-core to v2.0.6.

Hello! Sorry about that. That is entirely my fault. I’ve already released a hotfix few minutes ago. It’s already available to download install (version 2.5.1). If you don’t have an access to admin panel, please to the following:

1. Remove Rubenz Core plugin (you can remove wp-content/plugins/rubenz-core via FTP if you don’t have access to admin page)<?p>

2. Install the latest theme update 2.5.1

3. Re-install Rubenz Core plugin (you will get a prompt in admin panel).<?p>

Let me know if the latest update helped or not. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Thanks Artem v2.5.1 update went smoothly and prompted the Core 2.0.7 update too. Thanks for the quick fix.

Yes, the hot-fix update involves Rubenz Core plugin update too.

hi, it is very very nice theme, i want it, but i have only one question: what about seo index for every post page portfolio project? There is any solution for indexing slug, url, title, subtitle and content? pushstate can working? Thank you very much!

Hello! Thank you. The developer of Barba.js library (used in the theme transitions) says that it’s SEO friendly https://github.com/barbajs/barba/issues/189

Hello, in the blog posts the embedded social media posts like Twitter, Instagram are not visible at first page load because of Seamless AJAX transitions. How can I turn off this on blog posts only? Or what should I write to Prevent elements from being AJAX triggered. jQuery selectors. Example: [data-elementor-open-lightbox], .myPreventClass? Thanks!

Hello. It’s better to go PHP way with it. Use this code snippet in your child theme’s rubenz-child/functions.php file. This will handle both in/out routes for the blog.

This is an awesome theme. But I have one question.

Can I used this theme in fully light mode.

Hello. Thanks. Yes, you can switch a particular page color theme to “light” in Elementor document options https://yadi.sk/i/_Zhh9lbC6Ob5dA However header overlay menu and footer will always remain black. But those can be changed to light with a short CSS adjustment.

Thank you very much for the reply. It was very helpful and I solve that. Also I need to adjust the header and footer color too. what’s the CSS code for that?

Please mention item your purchase code and send your question to support@artemsemkin.com


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