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Hi hqdesigns, nice template and editor. GLWS :)

Thanks dude;)

This seems good in theory… I’ve paid for it, I added the purchase code and downloaded what I thought was the builder.

It doesn’t seem to work. I realize I’m your first purchase. So maybe there are bugs. Perhaps I should have waited to purchase.

I’d like some help here.



Hi Joe

We apologize for the misunderstanding. We dont sell builder exactly, but offer an opportunity to use it on this builder page: http://hqdesigns.in/emails/ruby/builder to build your own letters and download it.

We hope this can solve your problem.

The special thing about this email template is its graphical beauty, good work.

Huge thank you!

Hello Your template is great! How do you change the header “RubyMail” text and the background image of the header? Many thanks in advance.

It’s ok figured it out myself..

Do I need to buy a code every time I use the builder and download a letter?

Hi, rubenr11!

No, you purchase one time, and your code will always work according to Rubymail.

Whenever I try to save a design I get a “server error 500” NOT HAPPY!

Same thing happens when trying to replace images – better fix your server buddy

Hello, barryedickinson!

We are very sorry for that, now it’s fixed. Please, retry now.

Need your help with a couple of things ASAP:

How can i remove social network links that are placed on the “social networking bar?”

And, how can I add a pdf attachment on your example buttons like “Home, About, Contact Us”??


Hello, vklaric!

Thank you for purchasing RubyMail and sorry for our silence last 2 days.

About your questions: - Social buttons. Unfortunately, current version of email-builder doesn’t include tool for editing social buttons list. So, you may to edit builded email in any HTML-editor and remove unused social buttons. Good news: tool for editing this list just in builder is in progress of development and our next product will include it ;) - Attachments. You can insert any link in any button. So, you can upload your PDF document on your hosting and insert link to the href of needed button (right in email-builder). If you need to add some attachments to your email, do it in email-client when you will send your letter.

One more thank you for your interest and good luck!

Hi, is there a way to delete some of the social media buttons? I don’t need them all….

Hello, tmandie!

Unfortunately, current version of email-builder doesn’t include tool for editing list of social buttons. So, you need to build your email with all of them and then open builded email in any HTML editor and remove code of social buttons (it’s placed in very bottom of email).

Good news: next version of email builder will include such tool ;)

If it’s hard for you to edit this code, please write us on support@hqdesigns.in and we will try to help you.

Thank you for your attention and good luck!

thanks. But you don’t have instagram icon?

Unfortunately, we don’t.

All of graphic elements (icons, photos) are not included to package and used by us only for demo.

You can use such icon as you wish, but needs some coding skills.

Please, email us, if you wish, and we will help you with pasting any icon in our template ;)


I am very interested in buying the script but I have a question, I noticed that the left side there is some default layout. I can add more layout templates? I can mount some clippings in HTML and insert on the main stage?

Sorry for so long answer.

You can build your own email in our builder and then insert such code as you wish. Also, I have to notice, that we DON’T sale the files of builder — it’s hosted on our server and we just give you an access to it. Files of template-builder are NOT included to the package.

If you have another questions about customization of our email, please, write us and we will answer you ASAP.

Thank you for your attention!

Hi HQ Designs, Unfortunately your sever isn’t properly working at the moment. I’ve been trying to upload pictures through the email builder during the past few days, and no luck yet.

Please fix this ASAP as urgent and important emails must be sent!

Thanks! Vallery

We apologize for inconvenience, now problem is solved.

working perfectly, thanks!

I would like to purchase the code for the builder but upon loading images, it keeps saying “Unable to load file. Server problem”. I understand that I haven’t purchase the theme yet, but this should work regardless until I export the file, right? Please advice. Is the server down, and does that happen often?

We apologize for inconvenience, now problem is solved.

Hi, how can I use this template with Campaign Monitor? Rgds, Gro

Hi there!

You can select needed format in SAVE-tab in our builder. There are HTML selected by default, but you can also export it in CampaignMonitor and Mailchimp.

Thanks for your attention!

HQDesigns Support Team

Where / how can we purchase the builder as a package to run it ourselves? Your server is very unreliable.

We are going to move hqdesigns.in to new server soon, so it will be ok.

Unfortunatelly, we don’t sell the builder.

very complete, good job!;



Could you please confirm me, before I buy your template that i can change all titles, remove items, insert logo on your builder?

How should i integrate your template in sendgrid?

Thank you for your help