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Looks awesome! Nice work ;)

Thanks :)

Great Theme cudazi

Really nice! ;-)
Good luck with the sales

Fantastic! Congrats.

This is a good looking theme! But does it support Post Formats?

Since WordPress 3.6 is on the horizon and changing the functions up, I’ve chosen to add them at that point. Thanks!

I might buy your theme. Not only because it looks terrific, but I’ve checked the comments you’ve got from your other themes. And the level of support you give to your customers seems to be top notch!

Thank you, I really do try to help the best I can. Let me know how the project goes – I love to see the final result!

Awesome, Curt!!

Thanks Jami!

Long time no work mate, but you come back in style! Great looking thing here. Still enjoying working with your previous work. Luck with sales!

I appreciate it! :)

Question: Is it possible to get a different behavior of selection (like a float-up) for the ‘filtered’ portfolio item?

The reason I am asking is that if the selected/filtered item is down below the fold, then all that the user sees is blurred out items, giving no clue for the selection. For example, please select the ‘Ocean’ category in the ‘Photography’ portfolio.


By default it’ll behave just like the demo. A jQuery plugin could probably be integrated as well down the road with some edits.

Do you offer this is a stand along blog with html and css files working. (minus the wordress stuff)

I don’t have a site template version, sorry. You could purchase and install it to WordPress and copy/paste your generated HTML code if you wish.

Just bought this, but getting a white screen when I load it. I am on WP 3.5.1.

Hey there, be sure you’re only uploading the theme as instructed in the documentation, not uploading the entire zip. The demo is running 3.5.1 at the moment too.

I have a lot of experience with WP, so I did not upload the zip. :D I’ll have another look, maybe I missed something.

No worries, the file to upload to Appearance > Themes in the WP Admin area will be “” found within the Theme Files folder. If you’re used to .org themes, they upload a bit differently.

i cant get the pportfolio to work, its not showing in a light box like on your demo.

Hello! Please be sure you’ve installed a lightbox as suggested in the “WordPress Setup” section of the help file. (The help file opens in a browser in the main download > help > index)

Hi. Great theme – 5 stars from me:-)

Wooooo! Thank you, it’s been well loved, I appreciate the purchase and rating. :)

Hi. How to change Copyright text?


Elso, How to change options for Page with comments and page without comments?

While editing a page go into the WordPress admin’s screen options tab (upper right) and check the discussion box. You’ll see additional settings appear when editing a page.

love this theme, one slight issue with Disqus integration (i know it’s a plugin, but with 1m + downloads it’s a pretty popular one)...

the theme won’t respect native comment settings… so for example if you have disqus installed (possibly other comment plugins too – i haven’t checked) and you disable comments on specific pages within wordpress, disqus comments will appear regardless of the page comment setting in wordpress.

the solution i’ve used is to wrap <?php comments_template(); ?> in an if statement like so in content-page.php:

<?php if ( comments_open() ) { ?> <?php comments_template( ’ ’, true ); ?> <?php } ?>

Hey there – I haven’t seen that before, unusual since the comments function itself has a

if ( have_comments() || comments_open() ) {
surrounding it. I’ll see what I can dig up.

Been banging away at this for a few days now and cannot get it to work. Are there any known plugin conflicts?

I installed all my normal plugins over the past few months and nothing caused trouble, can you send me a URL via my profile, I’ll take a closer look to be sure. Thanks!

Shoot me an email at hq AT kanshamedia DOT com

Hi cudazi,

My client has just bought this theme as has asked me to help a bit with its development. I might have a few questions over the coming week and wonder how I should pose my questions. Should I just get his Themeforest login details and pretend to be him, or can I log into your support forum (which I gather you have) without being the actual purchaser. The problem being that when you send a reply it is emailed to him, and he doesn’t always read his email.

Thanks in advance.

Hey there, have your client send me a quite note here or through my profile and I can then verify the purchase. Thanks!

Great. Will try to get it done in the coming days. Thanks.

I like this theme so much I think I’ll buy it when I’ve got some time to work on my website. But I hope you don’t mind if I offer a few suggestions which I think may improve your theme?

1). Add previous and next post links on single post pages.

2). Add a sitemap page template.

3). Add WordPress 3.6 post formats.

You’ve already answered the last suggestion. But still.. to be complete! :p

Noted, thank you!

Hi, this is a great theme really, and I purchased it among the first buyers indeed! I see I done well.

As preparing all my contents for the new theme, I guessed that: When using videos, enough to write a short URL into the post eg. Its responsive, and nice way of embedding.

However the video has two black areas at upper and bottom sides. Its caused by fitting not exactly. Moreover it doesnt autostart.

Using iFrame with exact high and width parameters, ist fitting perfectly, and possible to attach ‘&autostart=1’ parameter… so autostart works. However this way results not responsive video size.

Do you have any idea how to fit the video well, and have it remain responsive and autostarted at the same time?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, thank you for the kind words!

The auto embed is what’s built into WordPress, I’m not aware of a way to autostart without using the iframe embed. If you use the iframe embed, wrap it in this while in HTML mode and it should help the sizing:

<div class="embed-container"> your iframe code </div>


Thanks for the answer, that works fine! Good job!

Hi, I imported the content and was wondering how to import the picture and box of text for the widget in the right column so that it looks like the demo.


Hey there! The bio/photo is a custom plugin included. You’ll see it in Appearance > Widgets:

(You’ll need to drag/drop it where you need it in the appropriate sidebar)