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Very good, i like =)

very nice man. good luck with sales

Thank you

love your work.

Hello. Thank you.

Nice. You planning to WP this?

Thanks. Yes. In January.

Looks great, best of luck with sales :)

Thank you.

If this was wrapped in Wordpress…I’d buy 2 copies. Do you plan on implementing?

Yes. Wordpress version in January.

Let me know when you get the Wordpress version. Send me a message. I will be all over it.

I can’t wait! Early, Late, or Mid January? Just curious. Was looking to have new site then.

Sorry. Late.

Super cool! Good luck with sales :)

Looks wonderful , congrats :)

Very Nice – the 3D slider is quite impressive! Is it flash based or can it be viewed on apple tablets/phones?

Thanks. CSS3 and Canvas. Slider works on Apple devices.

Gonna be a hit

Thanks. I hope.

Awesome Work :) Thumbs Up

Excellent One! Waiting for WP… GLWS

Thank you. WP in January.

Wow man…. Amazing and unique theme you got here. Good luck with the sales

Great looking theme but a lot of the text (titles/headings/menu) look quite “bitty” and “distorted” ... Have you hard coded a font or used GoogleFonts etc?

You can use the Google Fonts independently. Send mail at themes@tvda.eu if you have problems with this. I’ll help you.

Love this template! Great work. Congrats :) Good luck with your sales!

Your works are great man, love’em!! If you’re interested in Joomla versions let me know perhaps we’ll work together next year :)



Thanks. I sent mail.

Excellent Theme. Just bought it. Love it.

One questions for answering please. I wish the countdown to finish on Saturday 30 March 2013 so in the countdown HTML I have input date as 2013:03:30:00:00:00. When I preview it shows 89 days till this event, but it should show 97 days? Am I missing something or is there some HTML or CSS or JS that needs to be changed to get the correct number of days? Seems as if it does not take into account the days remaining in 2012. Can this be changed?

Thank you. Still love the theme.

Thanks. We will fix next few days.

Delete from countdown.css string ul.flip li:first-child {z-index: 2;}

You are beautiful and I want to have your children.

But seriously, this is a great theme. Thank you very much for creating it and providing all the additional resources (PSD, Slider, etc).

Funny. Thank you.