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Rudermann HTML Template v1.1 just uploaded. Please download new archive.

---Version 1.1 (11 January 2013, 6:20 GMT)
   Fixed: Countdown.
   Fixed: Isotope Portfolio (flickering).
   Fixed: Some JavaScript errors.

Hi, is there a way to set an image background? By the way, really excellent work!

Add in layout.css for body background.

background-image: url(../path/image.jpg);

Could you tell me exactly what line to put it in. That is in the layout.css. And is that all you have to do? Is there a way you can use different images on different pages? I know this is inconvenient for you, but this has been very frustrating for me since I have spent the past several days trying to figure it out. Thanks.

hi how does contact form work? thx mike

Which files are modified in the new version? I have already started modifying it so cant replace the entire bunch :(

Thank you. Appreciated.

Hi there. Any news about the instructions for the transition from 1.0 to 1.1?

Hi there. Any news about the instructions for the transition from 1.0 to 1.1?

Contact form is not working for me at all. (I’ve set the config file as instructed). Also, no matter what page I’m on, the navigation shows the highlight and effect over the “Home” link. I’m using version 1.1 light style, btw.

I just double-checked the form. All works fine. Check the server settings. Perhaps your server/hosting have not allowed to send emails.

Highlight of links also works fine. Use class .active for links. class="active"

Thanks, I see what I was doing wrong with the .active class. The form does not work for me, however. I get no error’s when the fields are left blank, even. This is from a fresh download of the package, either dark or light versions, with no edits made to the delivered files testing on my localhost. It is not an issue with my server, that I can guarantee. I just switched to your theme from a WP setup and had no issues with contact forms in it, nor with a contact form I used on an HTML template I was running before that.

I can’t wait for the WP version. Gonna be awesome!

I purchased this template, and I want to modify the “light” .PSD version…but I can only find the “dark” .PSDs. And I don’t want to modify the html…any suggestions?

I’m trying to get a 3 tier dropdown menu working from the main nav. 2 tiers (main menu and submenu) is fine, when I go to a third level tier no luck.

Is this supported, if not, is there an way to implement.

Hi there, is it possible to set the colors of all fonts individually? Or is it just possible for the yellow or turquois accent color?

Furthermore I am asking myself if it is possible to enter a vector graphic for the rudermann logo?

many thanks in advance!!

How long until the Wordpress version?

For technical reasons (release WordPress 3.5) Rudermann WordPress theme carried over to February.

Unfortunately I do not have time to answer all your questions. I apologize. We are working on the following projects. Tomorrow you will get answers to your questions.

From Support.

Can you point me to what I need to change in the css to increase the height of the hero slider. I’m looking at making the images 100 px taller and I can’t seem to get it to work.



I purchased this theme feww weeks ago. Sweet job.

However, I’m currently experiencing an issue with the hero-slider. It seems to be broken after browser resize. The currentIem position is wrong.

Please help.


Yes, indeed it is. We are thinking of a solution.

Do you have any idea on when it will be fixed?

I really need an answer on my issue with the contact form not working…

I have no way to answer your questions every day. Already fixed. New version will be uploaded today.

Thanks for the fix…glad to help find your bug ;)

Excellent work! But seems at your demo have issues with Firefox. in project page – “Launch website” and buttons with arrows.

Text lay at the bottom – not at the center from icon. in the purchase package same issue?

Yes. Thank you said. We have not seen.

Great theme , I want buy this but Theme. 1 Question : “Cute slider” included in the price? and Can I More picture add? Thanks.

Yes and yes

In the “process” code with the circles, how do I change the code so that it doesn’t automatically add a dot after the latest word?

delete from layout.css

.process-circle span:after {
    content: '.';


A couple questions.

1. On the iphone (and maybe other devices) a portfolio item is clicked to go into hovermode – the page scrolls to the top – I just want the overlay to happen Without jumping to top – because then you have to scroll down to find the information you just clicked.

2. How can I set a mobile menu for @media (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 979px)

3. How can I add padding between the logo and mobile menu? I did it on this .selectnav { width: 100%; margin: 60px 0 0 0;} and it works fine when I scale the browser but on refresh or mobile it is over the logo a bit and I want to drop it down on all instances @medias

Hello. We have some problems with Hero Carousel: when minimizing browser window, pictures on the carousel go left/right. When maximizing browser window from that position, pictures on the carousel change their size so the text goes lower. We used Rudermann template http://themes.tvda.eu/demos/rudermann/dark/ Looking forward to your your help

Version 1.1.1 just uploaded. Fixed contact form.