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Hey, I asked this question two weeks ago and you did not reply?? Hey, A couple questions.

1. On the iphone (and maybe other devices) a portfolio item is clicked to go into hovermode – the page scrolls to the top – I just want the overlay to happen Without jumping to top – because then you have to scroll down to find the information you just clicked. 2. How can I set a mobile menu for @media (min-width : 768px) and (max-width: 979px)

3. How can I add padding between the logo and mobile menu? I did it on this .selectnav { width: 100%; margin: 60px 0 0 0;} and it works fine when I scale the browser but on refresh or mobile it is over the logo a bit and I want to drop it down on all instances @medias

Why are you making this so difficult – I see you are responding to other questions after mine. This is the third time I have requested these answers.

Am I the only one going to your Ticksy.com page and left wondering where the F**K! do I go to raise a ticket!! I dont want to pay $5 to subscribe – I just want some support… How hard is that???

Checking to see when the Wordpress version will come out? I saw that it was suppose to come out in late January.


Hi there guys, I saw the link is http://tvda.ticksy.com/

I hope it helps!

Hello, I am trying to add my twitter feed into the index.html page. I replaced the @envato, but cannot figure out within the file “last-tw.js” where to put my information so that it pulls my twitter feed. I posted on the wrong template forum before.

Thanks, Mike


I purchased this template and it’s awesome!!! Love it! Getting lot of positive reviews so far…thank you!!!

I have two questions for you. I also emailed these questions to your support email address at: themes@tvda.eu on Jan 10th but haven’t heard back yet. Hoping you would reply…

1)I’m using 3D/Cute slider and wanted to know how can I make an hyperlink behind the images….I tried wrapper around the image but then the cute slider does not load….here’s the sample code: In the below code, chicago1.jpg is the image in the cute-slider…and when somebody taps on that image, they will be taken to project.html. However, the page does not load, I keep seeing the load-control image over and over again – see attached.

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    2) By using CuteSlider, I want to put some text on the bottom-left of the slider and some on the bottom-right of the slider. However, everytime I use align=right, it still puts everything on the left. Any ideas why? Essentially, I want to keep the title and description on the bottom-left of the slider and move other items such as buttons (tickets), price, etc. on the exact opposite side just before the slider arrows – bottom right.

    Thanks, Jatin

Do you already have this theme on WP?

Please give me some response, on my question. im waiting now for 6 weeks.

One question. Does your beautiful template use the awesome Bootstrap LESS mixins/variables and all the features that bootstrap/twitter/LESS gave to world so that we might suffer less? or just plain vanilla CSS?

Great theme either way, but please keep it out of the hands of the WP hordes.

great template ! any options for rtl ? thanks !

hello there, is it possible to have the demo files as i am about to purchase it.

Just bought this & it’s not displaying properly in IE & Safari?? The portfolio items aren’t displaying and no slider image function on index page?

update – connection problem on my side…. working ok now.

I hope that you get to the Wordpress version. I’d like to buy this theme. When do you think you’ll be ready? January was the last date you mentioned. What’s your timeframe now? Thanks in advance.

Poor after sales support – sent in Two tickets now to TIKSY – one was over a month ago… good site… Shit support… oh and it doesnt look like the PHP forms work… so be warned before you by this theme….

Site: 4/5

Service: 0/5

I second miguel1810. I was going to say the same thing. I contacted the support in December, then January and every month since then. Keep getting put off.

Don’t believe them if they say they’re going to get the WordPress out. They said December, but it’s now the end of April…

Okay… can you advise on what files I should update – as you have updated this – is it a case of downloading the new file and replacing -


Also… you’ve fixed the countdown… what do I need to replace to update the countdown…

SOme help or people who have already downloaded this Template would be appreciated…

Look forward to your reply??

I really hope you reply… as the PHP form and the Countdown clock are two of the areas I need sorting…

Thanks :)

Hi, I notice if I resize my browser (Firefox), that the hero slider doesn’t center itself, you have to do a refresh. Love this template.

Any news about the Wordpress version? can’t wait about it