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I find that isotope isn’t working properly when you re-size your browser. For instance, on your demo, if you re-size the browser to say mobile width, the portfolio items are arrange correctly, however, the items that are not supposed to be shown are still taking up space. Any fix?

I found a fix I think. .isotope-hidden{display: none !important;}

Hello, Could you please tell us what files have changed from version 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 I have a lot of html pages created on version 1.1.1 and I don’t want to update all of them, just the ones where fixes where applied. Thank you, regards.

Great stuff! But I went into trouble when scaling down the cute-slider (height < 520). When the transition is complete, the resulting image is overlapping the next row. Is it possible to resize the cute-slider?


Anybody having issues making the a.href links work inside the slider? <div> <h4 class="title color-text">Great product for a great price</h4><br /><span> <a href="/buy-now" class="btn rounded">Buy Now</a> </span> </div>

All templates will be updated by the end of this week. New Twitter API.

Hi, how do I make the blog comments to work? Do I need a database or something? Where are those comments stored? The dummy comments in the blog-detail.html are hardcoded. Is it possible for visitors to comment to my posts?


It’s just a HTML template. Comments are shown here for example. We’re going to release a theme for WordPress with full functionality. Soon.

New Twitter API updated allready?

Hello. Template updated.

Thank you very much!

11 days later and no updated Twitter API. I love this theme but the support SUCKS!

Hello. Template updated.

thank you! :)

Hi there!

We update the template to version 1.1.3. Fixed Twitter feed (Twitter API 1.1).


We apologize for our very very bad support. We promise to correct the situation. We will provide support from Monday to Friday.

Thanks for the update great theme you have here.

How do I change the color of the vertical line to the right of “Portfolio”?


Best Rgds,


Does anyone know how to get the load more on the portfolio to work?

As it’s a HTML template, you should need implement your backend language, like PHP and AJAX to make it works. This, like all other HTML Templates, would require some coding knowledge.

Another easier alternative is use the WP version that will be out in few days.



Another easier alternative is use the WP version that will be out in few days.

I know you have a life, your own priorities, etc. but do you know that many of us are waiting for this like the messiah !




Lovely theme, but coming from Wordpress I’m worried about the learning curve.

If you have any plans to release it as a Wordpress template, I would buy it in an instant, along with many others I’m sure.


It’s a beautiful theme, but when the WP version will be available?

This theme is probably the best one I have had from Code Canyon – simple but oh so effective. And theyve sorted the Twitter API.

You can even have multiple feeds if you set up your filing structure correctly…

I’m just trying to sort the config.php to get that working

but 10/10

When will the wordpress version be available?

<!- Start Ajax Loader -> Load more items… <!- End Ajax Loader ->

How do I make the page load more items ?

I know customer support is clearly non existent…but I am hopeful someone can help. Is there a way to get the countdown working on mobile devices..it’s fine on Ipad but disappears on the iPhone.