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Hi very nice looking theme I can see from the demo the theme handles youtube videos Im just wondering about vimeo


Trying to contact Thunderbuddies! Please answer on

for me the demo website is blocked by Avast

Hi, Our Server was attacked. Its been fixed now. Thank you for the feedback.


Thank you very much for this Template -

I can not find the Code for you Support forum.

I have a question according to the background of a page in a one-pager.

it is possible to use a picture as a background for the whole page area?

And can you say me how to add more of the social icons to the list??

Thanks a lot!

Hope you can help me.

Hi, Please see this animation on where to find the license code . Please create a thread on the support forum. We will be responding there shortly. Thanks

Hello guys, great theme.

Hey there are a LOT of unanswered issues on your support forum. If you could give us some help, that would be great ;-)


Hi, Our servers were recently attacked so we were really busy in backing them up. We will shortly be answering all queries and releasing bug fixes.

Thank you for the feedback.

Hey! I’m considering this theme and can see the multi language support note. Is it WPML compatible? Thanks!

Hi, Yes its translation ready so will work with any translation plugin. Please see screenshot from documentation for reference: .

Thanks for a quick answer – good to hear that.

Hello! Is it possible to add subtitles (always visible) to the Portfolio items?

Pre sale question:

Is it possible to change the height of the main silder? I mean, instead of being full screen, I change it to half screen? I’m afraid some “old” users don’t know how to navigate in this website layout…


Hello, I really like your theme but have a question before I buy it.

Is it possible to change the background colors and the colors of the menu bar with my personal color I choose?

thanks in advance,

Looking to purchase this but just have two simple questions. I see you refer people to your support forum but every link seems to go to an error page? Is there an actual support forum or is the comment section here the only place?

Also do you offer a free demo by any chance to make sure it has all the custom theme options i need for the look I want? Thanks!

Hey, we provide support via email and on comments . No i am afraid we dont have and demo offer .


Thanks! One last question : Can i add widgets at the footer or is it only for sidebar in posts section?

We dont have a widgetized footer in the theme design so its limited to sidebar only.


Any updates planned for the theme for wordpress latest versions? Can I update wordpress safely?

Nice theme but no support and no updates… :(