Discussion on Ruki - A Captivating Personal Blog Theme

Discussion on Ruki - A Captivating Personal Blog Theme

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selym Purchased

Hi there, I’m using Ruki on a new website, but something happened with the homepage and it’s no longer looking like demo 4 which is the look I want. Can you advise me on how I can change it back?

The only theme related customizations I made during this time is changing the social share on posts from side and bottom to just bottom because I noticed in the video post format, the side share overlaps some elements.

I also activated some recommended plugins to get rid of the nag message, but reverting both of the above did not seem to make a difference, so I’m not sure what changed and how.

Can you tell by looking at the home page?


Thanks, Myles


selym Purchased

Hi Steve. Yep, you’re probably right. I just got sick of dismissing the message for recommended plugins, so I went ahead and installed/activated them. They’re all deactivated again.

If you check on nostalgist.co homepage, I only have 2 posts with excerpt text (not including the ones from the demo content). One is a standard post type, the other is a video post type, and the text size is different. (checked in Chrome and Brave browsers)

Also, add-on question. Is it possible to force all cropped homepage images to be the same size, or is this dependent on the source file dimensions? I had one post from today that seems to be larger, but if possible I’d like to keep them all uniform looking on the front page. I’m checking out the documentation about that now too.

I see it now, I’ll fix this in the next update. For now this CSS will fix it.

.flex-grid[class*="cols"] .entry-content p { font-size: 0.875rem; line-height: 1.25rem; }

You can change the image aspect ratio in; Appearance > Customize > Ruki: Theme Settings > Homepage Settings: Thumbnail Aspect Ratio.

You may need to Regenerate your images to create the correct sizes: See step 4. http://3forty.media/docs/ruki/#install

I hope this helps

Thanks – Steve

Thx Steve. CSS did the trick. As for regenerating thumbnails, that made no difference, so it must be related to the source dimensions sizes. I just went with a different image so all good there too. Thx again!


mohaxs Purchased

Hi… I was purchased your theme. I make static page in my blog, just like linktr.ee style. There have some welcome text and severals buttons but didn’t match my expectations. I try find Ruki Documentation and support here but seems doesn’t find what I looking for. Can you help me to:

1. How to remove 3 bars icon (side out sidebar) on mobile/tablet? It was not shown in desktop mode. 2. How to remove footer slogan?

Or maybe you have suggestion or template that make my front web just like linktr.ee.

Thank you in advance.


Thanks for your message.

You cannot build a homepage like that with Ruki.

Here’s the documentation: http://3forty.media/docs/ruki/

Ruki has it’s own styling which will be applied with any page you build so whatever you create will always look like Ruki. For example: http://www.3forty.media/ruki/?page_id=342.

You can use ALL of the Gutenberg blocks and alignments, they are all supported and styled.

1. Without the toggle icons you can’t show a menu. If you don’t have or don’t want a menu you can add this to your custom CSS;

.mobile-header .toggle-menu span { display:none; }

You can manage toggle icons in: Appearance > Customize > Ruki: Theme Settings > Header Settings

2. Appearance > Customize > Ruki: Theme Settings > General Settings: Footer text

I hope this helps

Thanks – Steve

Hello Steve,

I have had an issue with the website for some time. When the home page loads, I have 2 columns of blog posts. But the blog posts all load in 1 column and then readjust to 2 after everything has been loaded.

I have Ezoic ads now on my website and this issue has existed before the ads. My website is www.drawcartoonstyle.com Is there anything I can do to make both columns load simultaneously?

I’ve even changed the theme settings to show just 6 posts on each page to see if that speeds things up, but that’s not working either? The website shows an A+ on GT metrix and is quite fast. So, I am a little stumped.

Actually, please ignore the comment. I changed it to grid and it’s working fine now. =)

Glad you resolved the issue.


Loving the theme so far! I had a hard time choosing from three amazing themes but settled on Ruki because it’s just plain beautiful.

Quick questions, though. What font family was used for the Ruki logo? It’s not the Mulish font used for the theme headings since the “u” is different.

Thanks for your time!

Best, Heather Lounsbury


Thanks for your message.

Font is “Cera Pro Black” https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/typemates/cera/pro-black/

Thanks – Steve

The sidebar titles do not show on mobile version. How can I fix this? my site is https://www.symingtonlaw.com/

They show for me, is there a specific page or widget where the title does not show?

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Disregard the previous message, I figured it out.

i want to load sub menu with ajax. i mean i dont want to load sub menu when the page is loaded. is it possible in your them?

Ruki does not have an Ajax sub-menu

can you do it for me if I buy the theme. and how much does it cost?

Sorry, I’m no taking on any custom work at the moment.

How can I turn off mobile version? When I go to my website on my phone I do not want it to switch into mobile version, I like the way it looks not in mobile.

I do not even want the mobile version option to display. How can I remove this so it does not show when viewing on a phone?


You can’t (well not easily).

The only thing that changes in the mobile version is that post listings are stacked to a single column and the header changes to a mobile toggle version. Other than that it maintains all styling of the desktop version. Unless you have enabled AMP in which case single posts and pages display a stripped down AMP version.

Are you seeing something different on mobile?

Thanks – Steve

Hi there!

Loving the theme so far. But I could use a little help figuring out how to use the hooks provided.

One thing I would like to do is add an extra widget area on my homepage – under the post blocks and sidebar but before the footer widgets.

I’ve added this piece of code to functions.php (child theme): // ======================================================== // Home Above Footer register_sidebar( array( ‘name’ => esc_html__( ‘Home above footer’, ‘ruki’ ), ‘id’ => ‘home-above-footer’, ‘description’ => esc_html__( ‘Add widgets here to appear above footer on homepage’, ‘ruki’ ), ‘before_widget’ => ’<section id=”%1$s” class=”widget %2$s”>’, ‘after_widget’ => ’</section>’, ‘before_title’ => ‘

’, ‘after_title’ => ‘

’, ) );

But from there I’m a bit lost. How do I use the hook ‘ruki_before_footer’ and where (which file?) do I use it to add the widget area to my homepage?

Would really appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction.

Kind regards,


Hi Kayleigh,

You need to add the sidebar and action function to render the sidebar.

If you would like to email me 340@3forty.media I can send you the code changes you need. It’s easier than trying to post them here.

I hope this helps

Thanks – Steve

Hi Steve,

Thanks for getting back to me so fast. I send you an email.

I’ve sent you an email with attachment.

Thanks – Steve

“Added AMP theme”

Is there any settings for this? I just upgraded so I want to see where I can find any settings (if available) and how to test it.


I would need to see the post can you share a link? 340@3forty.media


Replied, thanks.

1. I have installed Demo 6, with one click One Click Demo Import plugin. And it looks like this: https://i.imgur.com/FT5YhWY.png

2. It is tottally diffrent than Demo 6. How to fix this issue?

I also experince such kind of errors in main page: https://i.imgur.com/MvWPHyr.png

3. If i try to import Demo Data manually, I get such an error: https://i.imgur.com/sO9bK7q.png

To be honest, I totally disappointed about theme installation process. Too many error. One click demo imprter does not work even.

Please advise proper solutions.


I did reply to your email yesterday at 12:20pm. Perhaps it’s in your spam folder?

1. There must be an error with the import files. I will fix this and release an update.

2. There are also full setup instructions for each demo here: http://3forty.media/docs/ruki/#demosetup

3. I can’t replicate this. What file are you trying to import and where?

Thanks – Steve

I checked. Your message came to my spam box. Thank you for return.

The real problem. If I want to install the same demo 6 and there is a problem with the Widgets, then can I not use the theme until you release a new update?

Until I release the update with the fix for demo imports you can use the setup guide here https://3forty.media/docs/ruki/#tabs-6 for demo 6. I am looking at the import problem and plan to release any updates required this week.

I would need to see the specific widget problem you are having before I comment on that. Are they third party widgets, Ruki widgets or WP widgets?

Thanks – Steve

Hi How can I set up “Subscribe to my newsletter”?

You need to install: https://wordpress.org/plugins/mailchimp-for-wp/

Save the MailChimp Form and then add the widget wherever you want it.

Thanks – Steve

Thank you!

i purchaed year ago but im not installed it , but now installed demo data give me server error when import demo content why ? i have experience in wordpress this is the first time give me error when importing theme

Your server has timed out when importing data. You need to increase your server PHP variables;

memory_limit, upload_max_file_size, max_execution_time etc.

You will need to speak with your web host.

Thanks – Steve

i increased all still give me error i used WP Increase Upload Filesize | Increase Maximum Execution Time plugin

You will need to speak with your web host. This is a server error not a theme error. Let me know what demo are you trying to import and I will check it.

Just realized the price went up today, was just about to pull a trigger, when is this going to be on discount again ?

Thanks for clarifying. Are future updates included in the purchase too ?

Yes of course. All future updates, all current and future demos and 6 months support are all included.

I hope this helps

Thanks – Steve

I’ve just now released a major AMP update with a dedicated AMP theme and support. It’s looking better and better value :)

Hi, Will this theme work with bbPress? Thanks


Yes, Ruki works with bbPress but there is no dedicated styling.

I hope this helps

Thanks – Steve

Why is the featured image on each post so big? How can I adjust this?

You can change the thumbnail aspect ration in Appearance > Cutomize > Ruki: Theme Settings > Single Post settings

How do I remove the “Love This” option after every post?

That sounds like a plugin it’s not something in the theme.

Hello can we add Discord to the social media links? See a lot of options, but nothing for Discord. Discord is my most used social and would really like an option to add that to the site social links so readers can go subscribe there.

Or is it something I can add?

No problem.

If you have the time, I would really appreciate a rating, it really helps.

Thanks – Steve

I want to. I don’t see an option to leave a review on the reviews page though.

Log into your TF account and go to go to “Downloads” select a star rating for Ruki download.

Thanks so much – Steve

Hello, hope you are doing well. I wanted to know if there was any way to translate phrases that don’t seem to be able to be modified in loco translation.

Are you setting up a multilingual site?

If it’s a single language site you simply enter your own text in whatever language you run your site

Yes it is a multilingual site. It is both french and english

You need to refer to the documentation for the plugin you are using, for example here’s the WPML guide: https://wpml.org/documentation/getting-started-guide/translating-custom-fields/

Thanks – Steve

How do you use the Ruki: Homepage Post Blocks plugin? I’ve enabled it but it doesn’t seem like anything is happening.

I’ve done that but nothing happens. I’ve entered “test” in the title but it doesn’t print. I’ve tried using a post ID but nothing new pops up on the homepage.

Have you enabled blocks in Appearance > Customize > Ruki: Theme Settings > Homepage Settings Post Loop Display Type

That’s what I was missing. Thanks!


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