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Hello. Can i add sidebar in post page? for example. http://www.3forty.media/ruki/?p=215


Yes you can add sidebars to posts and pages. Example: http://www.3forty.media/ruki/?p=161

Thanks – Steve

Hi, I’m getting an error while trying to install some Ruki Plugins…

The error message is:

“Downloading installation package from https://3forty.media/plugins/ruki-posts-widget.zip…

Download failed. Not Found”

The plugin URL’s have changed.

You need to download the latest version of the theme from your downloads page.

Thanks – Steve

Hi Steve, I’ve noticed my site is having a couple of issues.

First: my site loads slowly. According to Pingdom these are the results : Performance grade D 69 Page size 2.8 MB Load time 10.23 s Requests 90 How do I make it load better?

Second: when I share my websites main link to a social media platform it’s not generating a thumbnail, how do I make it do that?


Ruki demo has a Pingdom score of A (95) https://tools.pingdom.com/#5e5fe0fb1b400000

Can you share a link to your site so I can take a look?

Sure, the website is eternityfae.com I’m currently in the process of resizing all my images to a max height of 600px. Just to be sure it’s not the image load that’s taking it so long.

It looks like there are lots of potential improvements, the first and biggest issue is your server response time and speed.

Initial server response time of 2.65s and slow overall response times are the biggest issue.

Next you can install and set up Autoptimize plugin and use the guide here to set up http://3forty.media/docs/ruki/#optimization

To give you an idea of what you should be aiming for; Demo 3 (which is the equivalent to your setup) http://www.3forty.media/ruki/?demo=3 which is running Hero plugin, Featured Posts plugin, posts widget plugin and multiple sidebars has a Pingdom score of A (93) and 1.4s full load time.

I hope this helps

Thanks – Steve

Nice theme, looks different from the masses :) Your sticky column perform as stop-then-go. Can it be changed to a more standard go-then-stop?


That is something I am adding in a future update (select at which widget the sidebar stops). For now you can achieve this by simply modifying a line of CSS setting how far down the sidebar stops.

For example:

top: -300px;

Will stop the sidebar when you have scrolled down 300px.

I hope this helps

Thanks – Steve

Selecting at which widget the sidebar stops is good option to add to the standard method adopted by modern themes you can see here: https://abouolia.github.io/sticky-sidebar/examples/scrollable-element.html (scroll then stop until reached by main content).

Giving a fixed amount of pixel like in your code is not flexible enough in case the content of the sidebar is dynamically generated, plus doesn’t adapt to every viewport.

I see a great potential in your theme. Performance is VERY good, similar to some of the top seller here. I think design could evolve to include a pure card-style option like on https://blog.hubspot.com/ and https://demo.getpublii.com/themes/easyblog/purple/page/2/ where the user can click anywhere in the box. It would be pretty unique here on Themeforest so to justify even more the price tag you’re in.

There are things to refine here and there, like the text in the search box which is truncated on mobile. By the way, I think “Type and press Enter” sounds better than “Search and press Enter”. I mean “Type” is the call to action and “Search” is the effect.


kridged Purchased

Hello, how to modify text when sharing on facebook? Mine looks weird it says at the bottom “Posted in TechWeb Scraping Explained Posted byby atlas May17, 2021” How to fix this?

Can you share a link to your site?


kridged Purchased

It is fine now, i used yoast plugin, it’s been changing meta description without me knowing. I dont know if its cached doing it.

My other question is, how to add ranking like on the demo site footer like user favorites, Popular, short reads?


Appearance > Widgets > Footer Column (1,2,3)

Ruki Posts Widget. Configure how you like.

Thanks – Steve

Regarding audio post formats, what exactly does it support? It’s not picking up the podcast player (on newer posts) and on older posts, it shows the player but also a big black box along with it.

See here: https://www.bacanalnica.com/category/podcasts/


I can see the podcast player on all posts (at the bottom)

When you set the post to audio format Ruki displays the Gutenberg audio embed at the top of the page and adds a wrapper (the black box). Because this is a plugin and not a standard Gutenberg block embed there is no embed to display at the top so you get the black wrapper and no audio display.

Change the post to standard format to remove the black box and any functions related to audio embeds.

I hope this helps

Thanks – Steve

Hi Steve, At the moment my front page is a feed of all my latest blog posts. Is there a way I can filter out a certain category from that so it feeds to a page and not show up on the front page? Alongside my book reviews, I also do reviews for authors ahead of publishing. It involves more technical work and editing suggestions. I don’t want those to go into the main feed at all, as I’d like to use a separate page on the main navigation for that and as a reference point for freelance work. Thanks!


That would require a custom function to exclude posts from a category form the homepage loop. Currently you can exclude specific posts which will do the same job but you will need to enter the ID’s of each posts you want to exclude.

Appearance > Customize > Ruki: Theme Settings > Homepage Settings > Exclude Post ID’s (enter a comma separated list)

If you would rather just exclude a category you cna add this to your child theme functions.php file (if you are using the child theme)

function ruki_custom_exclude_category_home_loop( $query ) { if ( ! $query->is_home() ) { return; } // Prepend category ID with minus symbol (no spaces) if ( $query->is_home() && $query->is_main_query() ) { $query->set( 'cat', '-12' ); } } add_action( 'pre_get_posts', 'ruki_custom_exclude_category_home_loop' );

Enter the ID of the category you want to exclude (prepend with a hyphen)

I hope this helps

Thanks – Steve

I followed your instructions in updating the theme functions in the child theme and it still posts the test post to the front page. I named the category -netgalley and added it in as you said but it still doesn’t filter it through.

You need to use the category ID (number) not the slug.

Hi Steve, I am having some issues with space between posts in the homepage. Can you direct me to what I should change? You can see the issue here https://imgur.com/L2nnvmy – thanks again for your help

Hey Steve, can you tell me in which bundle that translation should be found? https://cln.sh/LKLgJh

Update: Ok, I am retarded. Found it.

Thanks man!

Hopefully last time you hear from me, any idea in which component this text should be found? https://cln.sh/3Y5T7u

No problem,

Appearance > Customize > Ruki: Theme Settings > Ruki: SEO & Misc. Settings > Read time text string

Thanks – Steve

Hi Steve, could you please update the changelog? there seems to be an update on 22th of May, but there is no change listed in the changelog. Need to know, if Update is urgent or necessary.


Hello, i want to buy this theme. But i new on themeforest.. My question is

1. what happens if my license expires, can i still use this theme?

2. can I use it on my multiple sites?

3. Does this theme support AMP?

Thank you in advance


1. Yes, it’s a lifetime license. Support expires after 6 months (which you can renew if you want to) but the license is for a lifetime.

2. No, You will need to purchase a license for each site you want to use the theme on.

3. No, but this is being added in a future update.

Thanks – Steve

The stick menu colour settings don’t appear to be working. For example, if you change the sticky menu background to black, and then try to add white text only when the sticky menu is active, this does not work in the header…

Brilliant. Thank you.

I used this slight adjustment to your code. Makes the colour image black first, then inverts it to white. Looks great.

header.site-header.sticky-nav.fixed.logo-left-menu .custom-logo { -webkit-filter: brightness(0) invert(1); filter: brightness(0) invert(1); }

Another quick one: where do I find the store/shop setup? Is that a plugin? Or just a page in the demo?

Cheers, John

Hi John,

Great hack, works perfectly.

You need to install WooCommerce to enable shop settings. Then go to: Appearance > Customize > Ruki: Shop Settings.

Those options are in addition to the WooCommerce Plugin settings which can be found in: Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce

Thanks – Steve

Thanks. Thought I must have missed something. Will install WooCommerce. Cheers. John.


i saw, that this themes was 39 $. do you have any offers like this?

Best regards


I have no plans to discount Ruki theme at the moment. My Carrino theme is $39 https://themeforest.net/item/carrino-an-exciting-blog-theme/23109678

Thanks – Steve

Hi my friend! Very, very, happy with your Ruki theme!

Is there any posibility to take out the big “main image” of the single post (publication/ post)? I just want the “main image” in the preview main page or site. Thank U.


Thanks for your message.

You can disable the featured image in the Gutenberg panel. Scroll to the bottom of the document panel and check: Disable Featured Media”. See screenshot: http://3forty.media/media/disable_featured.png

I hope this helps

Thanks – Steve

Sorry again, my english is a little bit rusty, I´m spanish… Let me explain you my problem: The post-thumbnail is too big in my single-post. I want to eliminate it just from the post or single-post (div.post-thumbnail)