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Beautiful work, good luck.

Thank you!

Great design! Would be even better to make it not just a Landing Page.

Thank you!

Agree..with Heigl

Nice! Like the simplicity of the landing page. Is there any MailChimp functionallity when signing up? Or is it just a mail being sent to a specified email adress?


Hello Bondra,

Thank you for the compliment. I am actually getting into having MailChimp and Campaign Monitor in the next update. If you want, I can notify you via email. Let me know.

Best, Theme4Less

Yes please!


I loved your template. But how does not work with sites, need some help:

I installed the landing page in wordpress. Can you help me on how to release the download page?

Is there any plugin that I need to install?

Thank you!

Hello Ddossbr. Thank you for purchasing my template. I am not sure if you know it is not a WordPress landing page, rather than just a plain HTML. However it is very possible to integrate this to your WordPress theme but I am afraid you would have to do that yourself.

If you are to just use the template as it is and assuming the download is free, then you will only need to provide a download link to your download button. Otherwise, you will need a script to make a secure download page.

I apologize if you had bought this and thought you can use this as a WordPress plugin. I wish I can provide more support to it.

Thanks for the support!

I used the template on a subdomain of my site. He was cute, but I can not do the work button.

I know it’s not your job, but could give me a hint how to download be released after the email is entered?

Look to page:

I just wanted to capture emails with the page, but as I do not understand the issue … does not work.

You are not to blame because I have bought the template without knowing. You did a good job with it. If you can give me any help, I’ll be very grateful.

Hello Ddossbr,

Thank you for understanding. You may want to check the link below. It looks like it is the solution to your needs.

what’s the code to differentiate the two Radio icons w/ the ‘BUY NOW’ ..?

I can’t seem to find where to put the Printed Book link….

and the other ‘Digital download’ link…on the index.html file..?

Please help. —>

I’m aware of that..but within index-2.html code, there is no option to enter an external link to link outside to Amazon so you can actually purchase the book. I don’t care for a checkout script, i just want it to be able to click away so you can purchase the printed book on amazon + Digital kindle version… Where is that code..?? Am I doing something wrong?


<div class="col-md-6 col-sm-6 pricing text-center"> <div class="pricing-body"> <input type="radio" name="price"> <h3>$4</h3> <p>Digital eBook Bundle (PDF, Amazon Kindle)</p> </div> </div> </fieldset> <button class="btn btn-3 btn-lg btn-wide">Buy Now</button> <p class="text-small"><a href="#" class="color-fff">Read Privacy Policy</a></p>

Hello jona7. You can direct to a link via the buy now button. You may change it to Buy Now. However, you will still need a script if you are going to use the radio inputs to direct to a url.


Just wondering where the collected email addresses are saved to and also when a person enters their email address do they get an email with a link to the download?


Hello. Thank you for your interest. However, this template does not include a working PHP form as of the moment. You will need to write it yourself or integrate a plugin.

It looks great but I need MailChimp integration!


First, I want to thank you for the nice theme.

I have bought the theme, and trying to use the theme with the “download” button option.

The issue is that the “purple” part is empty, and the text with the button is down in the page with white background.

Why is that?


Hello again, the template seems fine. It seems I made a mistake in my editor and seems it is what made this changes. But, everything is fine now.



For the “download” button, how can I make it forward the email address entered to me without the popup of an email client?



I’m looking to buy this. Once purchased is it possible to get an editable PSD of that book image?


Hi- If I purchase this landing page can I upload onto GoDaddy?


Can you help me edit the social icons on the landing page?

I would like to replace Linkedin with YouTube, but I’m not able to find where the grey circle social icons are to add YouTube logo?

Can you help me swap out Linkedin with YouTube?


Rafael Marrero

How do I import the demo of the website to look exactly like your demo??

This isn’t in the documentation and it’s very confusing..

Advice, make it as user friendly as possible because this is #1 thing everybody is looking for after buying the theme.


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Hi! The theme is awesome, but I badly need MailChimp support. In some comments author promised to support it in next version but no updates so far. Are there any plans in near future to add MailChimp integration?

Hello, I just purchased a landing page template from Evato. The template is this one However when I changed some texts in the Index2.html with my own text , it gave me unreadable symbols.

The problem is that I use Russian language and it looks like your theme doesn’t support other languages?