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Discussion on Saasland - MultiPurpose WordPress Theme for Saas Startup

Discussion on Saasland - MultiPurpose WordPress Theme for Saas Startup

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since the last update my website crashed and Elementor loads for ever, except I deactivate the Saasland Core plug-in. Is there a way to reload an older version?

Thank you


Please ensure that you are using the latest Saasland Theme and Core Plugin. You can see the latest changelog here;


If you found that the latest version is causing the issue, please create a support ticket here;



Since the last Elementor update our website gets a fatal error. Already contacted Elementor but they say the problem is on the theme’s side. Can you help me? Check the error in this screenshot: https://prnt.sc/LGw299n1xR1x

Thank you so much!

We did but our support has expired. The problem seems to be the SaasLand core plugin. When deactivating it, our site works. But it doesn’t look like it should look obviously, because it’s missing the core plugin.

One problem seems to be that Saasland and Elementor use a different version of Redux. The other is that the site can’t find the Scheme Typography and other resources.

I hope you can help me, even if my support has expired.

Can we manually update the SaasLand Core plugin in File manager? It doesn’t seem to update before the Fatal error happens… Maybe that solves the problem.


Please reach us at the following email address;


I just purchased the theme, when installing I received an Purchase Code Invalid information.



Please create a ticket here;



I would like to ask, if I buy a template, can I use it only once on one site? I would like to use two different ready-made demos, just that on two different domains.

Is it possible to disable the preloader in the templates and are the sites SEO-ready? I care about fast performance and loading elements.

Hi, Here are the answers to your questions:

1. With a single license, you can use as many templates/pages as you want, on a single domain. For using 2 domains, you need to purchase 2 licenses/copies of the theme.

2. Yes, the preloader can be turned off.

3. Yes, demos/pages are SEO ready.


Zafit0 Purchased

hi sorry! i need aswer asap about a problem of the header, already uploaded a ticket. thanks a lot!

We have replied to your support ticket. Thanks!


ByPixel Purchased

After theme update, Wordpress (latest version) crashed:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method Redux::set_args() in … /public_html/wp-content/themes/saasland/options/opt-config.php on line 158

I’ve tried deactivating/reinstalling the core plugin (4.0) bit it still crashes.

Any tips?

Thanks for your support

We have released a new update earlier today (after your message). Can you please try that and let us know.



ByPixel Purchased

I have applied the new update and now it works.

Thanks again for your support.

You’re welcome!

We still get the following error, even after updating everything. No response on e-mail, can I get some help?

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method Redux::set_args() in … /public_html/wp-content/themes/saasland/options/opt-config.php on line 158

Website is befince.com

Thank you so much.

Please create a support ticket with your Envato username and purchase code. https://droitthemes.ticksy.com/submit

DOOHGURU Purchased

Hello we are experiencing the same problem as @stendesign – Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method Redux::set_args() in … /public_html/wp-content/themes/saasland/options/opt-config.php on line 158

Please take care of this

Please renew support and create a support ticket: https://droitthemes.ticksy.com/submit

DOOHGURU Purchased

Thanks for following up. This does not appear to be a problem that is unique to us so why do we need to purchase a support plan for a common issue that your other clients are experiencing as well and is evident on this forum. something is wrong with your latest release. It is common business practice to release stable working versions and fix them if there are bugs. This is not ok!

We are continuously releasing updates and before releasing updates we are testing them rigourously. We have 7.4k+ customers, how many do you see are reporting problems here? A very few only. So our releases are stable, then the very few customers who are facing the issues, have most likely unique cases. Either server related issue or any other plugin conflict – we are telling this from experience. So on those cases we will have to investigate further, most likely by accessing their server.

For that, we require those customers to have valid support period. Our customers are regularly renewing support for Saasland theme, so it is pretty common and logical.

Hope this explains.

Hi, I am WordPress developer and my client use your theme. I am start to customize your theme but I can’t find the place to change the Sassland Slider image. Your documentation is not clear about it. Can you tell me where is it?

If you sent me the documentation link where I find the discussion about Sassland Slider then I will be more beneficial to understand your theme. For more details you can see the screenshot below. Thank you.

Sorry for delayed response. Please customize the portfolio posts to change the slider image: https://prnt.sc/AsaZW8cH7G9A

Thanks for your help. If you sent me the link where I find this solution in your documentation, then in future if I face this kind of problem, I can handle it on my own.

We don’t have an article for this in our documentation, we might have in future.


I might want to ask, assuming I purchase a layout, could I at any point utilize it just a single time on one site? I might want to utilize two different instant demos, only that on two unique spaces.

Is it conceivable to handicap the preloader in the layouts and are the destinations SEO-prepared? I care about quick execution and stacking components. https://vidasinc.com/

1. You can use one or many demos/layouts on a single domain/website, according to Envato licensing policy.

2. If you meant that if you can hide the preloader, the answer is yes.

3. “are the destinations SEO-prepared”—We are not sure what did you mean, but our theme is generally SEO optimized.


rxonline Purchased

The latests update(s!!) are crap… After the previous update, the entire website crashed because of the core. Now there is a new update, which we did… Now We can’t even open our backoffice anymore. Error Details

An error of type E_ERROR was caused in line 158 of the file /home/571916.cloudwaysapps.com/jrmhkjtnrt/public_html/wp-content/themes/saasland/options/opt-config.php. Error message: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method Redux::set_args() in /home/571916.cloudwaysapps.com/jrmhkjtnrt/public_html/wp-content/themes/saasland/options/opt-config.php:158 Stack trace: #0 /home/571916.cloudwaysapps.com/jrmhkjtnrt/public_html/wp-content/themes/saasland/functions.php(142): require() #......

We were on vacation, so we could not reply earlier.

Please follow the video and let us know if your issue was solved: https://drive.google.com/file/d/129CtyQu7K7Y9Do_l9NgbpKtTbovRMea8/view

Hi, I was working on a client everything was working well, until we update and the site shows critical errors

Please create a support ticket: https://droitthemes.ticksy.com/submit


itsnwar Purchased

Dear Seller,

When importing theme data analytic it gives on all new wordpress installs this error:

{WARNING} failed to import ‘footer illustration’ invalid post type footer

And 4 more of these

Footer dark 01 Thumbnail menu Dual title menu Footer dark 02 Cyber security

Can you please tell me what the problem is? It is fresh wordpress and only like this on new demo’s. On older ones it works good.

Do i need to manual install?


itsnwar Purchased

After re-import no errors occured, but css of megamenu not working


itsnwar Purchased

also footer not correct

We have fixed these and released an update today. Please update the theme.



sajid1218 Purchased

please check the ticket…

We have replied to your ticket.

Hello, I want to buy but i saw this. My-account page is not reponsive this very very bad

What is this??? https://prnt.sc/7G2gwW6-xmXq

We have fixed the responsive issue. You can follow the attachment below or visit the “my-account” page again.


Did you release update? Because in comments i look many website every website have like this problem. If you released update i can buy now

We have just released the update with the fix. Please check the “Changelog”: https://prnt.sc/Bb8V6op5QXK5

Hope you buy the theme and build a great website with it!


marksim Purchased

2022 Droitthemes All rights reserved. the copyright text can not be removed. pls help me remove it this theme has bugs

Of course the copyright text can be changed or removed. Here is how: https://prnt.sc/2ET56JuDfzvO

Hello. I have a problem with the last update, my site crash. Can you help me ? I already send an email to support@droitlab.com but still no response. Thanks.

We have replied.

CurlyHead Purchased

Hey when i want to activate the purchase code it says invalid i double checked and the code and username is correct

CurlyHead Purchased

i am not sure if i used it before. Please provide me a solution to check and deactivate for the license for any test website i might have done in the past.

Please do these:

1. Clear your database from PhpMyadmin.

2. Follow this article from our documentation: https://docs.droitthemes.com/docs/saasland-wordpress-documentation/getting-started/purchase-verification/

hello, i tried and it worked. however i changed my mind about using this theme with my current project. I would kindly ask you to deactivate the license again so i can use it later with a different project that fits with the theme. thank you in advance for the patience and help (Y)


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