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Looks Nice ! GLWS :)

Tnx :)

There you go! Awesome work!

Tnx :) And once more tnx for your help :)

Nice theme! Good luck:)

Thank you!

Great work!
Good luck with the sales :)


Very nice theme. Good luck dude :)

Thank you ;)

Beautifully done! Quick question… is there a way to add a Reddit share button to posts?

Responded :)

Thank you for everything! Not only is your theme absolutely gorgeous and awesome, your customer service is stunningly exceptional as well. You guys are fantastic and have a lifelong customer here. :)

You’re welcome :) And many thanks for your kind words!

It is me again. I would like to know if its possible to embed youtube videos into the page with a menu (that you can the youtube video with settings). And could it be that the ‘Facebook’ Share-Button does not work?


Hello again :)

Yes, you can of course embed youtube videos on any page and do not use our integrated options for video if you don’t want to.

What do you mean about facebook button? Here’s the link in demo:

Very cool theme.

Bookmarked. Will probably buy in future.

Thank you :)

Is it possible make the menu fixed in the top? Tips?

Loved the theme, is the best. :D And yes, I would like you to send me the code, I will get in touch. Keep doing these creative and different themes. Great work!

Thank you, we’ll do our best :)

Email sent! Cheers!

Excellent theme. Five stars! Thanks :-)

Thank you for your kind words!

If you need any help with theme setup, or you have some questions or ideas email us –


Wow, Awesome work, Good Luck bro :)

Thanks mate :)

Looking for the various slider dimension for your theme. Can you provide them in your documentation?

I am really just wanting to know what the sizes are of the current slider variations. I may change dimensions later, but I just want to know what dimensions they are currently set at. Thanks.

Here you go, you have two different sizes implemented by default…

Full width slider: 1100×480px Two thirds slider: 725×385px

Variations of the sliders are connected to “welcome box”, so by “layout variation” we think about changing positions of slider and “welcome box” which can be above/below for a full width slider and left/right for two thirds slider.

Hope this helps!

Excellent. Thank you!

Hi, thank you for this amazing template. I want to increase the height of the header, where can i change the number of pixels ? Maybe to have the twice in height.


Thanks for purchasing the theme, we really appreciate it!

We will most probably add an option for this in our next update. But now, this can be done with “Additional CSS field” inside Theme Options -> General section.

If you are not familiar with CSS coding, please contact us via with your website url and more details and we’ll help you out.



Brilliant theme. Just wondering if the header font can be changed by myself?



Thanks for purchasing, really appreciated!

1. You will need to change the code a little bit, please contact us via with more details and we’ll try to help

2. When you open your page to edit in admin, look for the box on the right side of screen which says “Blog Display Options” and there you will find it.

Hope this helps!


I’ve dropped you an email. I also ran into another problem when trying to use a featured video. I entered the youtube ID and then underneath selected featured video too, however it doesn’t show up on the homepage of latest posts (Only the title and post text does). I’ll send you a link of the site so you can take a look

We have sent you an email ;)

Hello, Amazing theme for my new blog about where i live ! Is there a possibility to have the menu always visible when we scroll down? Thanks, Regards. Thierry.


Thanks for purchasing the theme!

Yes, in the last update we have added option for this (v.1.1).

Please make sure you have the latest version of the theme, and then look at the Theme Options -> Header section for “Sticky Header” option.


Yes, thanks, sorry, i had not seen that feature ^^ cool!

Hi, I wanna ask a question before buying it. I’m gonna make a website for a photography group so I think I will post many photos. I think post photos as an article is not good so I wanna have a photo gallery in my website. Is there a photo gallery in this theme? If there is not, is there any plugin can do this and work well with this theme?

Waiting for your reply! THX


Thanks for your interest!

Safarica theme provides support for common WordPress gallery which you can add via wp_gallery shortcode inside any page.

Also, we don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to use any of WordPress gallery plugins for something more advanced. This theme has well written code inside so any good written plugin will be compatible.


ok, im not very familiar with wordpress so my question may be not good :( but, since there is no problem to have a gallery in the website using this theme, i m considering buying it already! XD

If you follow the WordPress general guidelines you will automatically be able to use our theme. And we also have full documentation provided so it will be easier for you to setup.

Don’t worry, once you purchase the theme we will answer to all the further questions you may have ;)


Before purchasing the theme i would like to ask you one thing. The space for the logo (on the red bar) seems very small. Since my logo is quite big, what other solutions do you have?



Thank you for interesting in Safarica, we appreciate it.

We have prepared CSS tweak for that and we are planing to release update on this Monday that will allow users to have flexibility when uploading logo (adjusting height of header bar and position of logo).

If you have some more questions you can always send us email to –

I hope this will help.

Thank you, Meks Team

Hello, Great work! I´m a newbie in wordpress and and I´m impressed how easy it is to set up this theme. I found some small problems, so I wonder if you could help: 1- I´ve posted a featured video, that works fine in the single post. But the video doesn´t appear in the homepage, neither in the Slider. 2 – I used a shortcode from qtranslate to translate widget titles, that worked fine. But I used it inside the welcome box but it didn´t work. 3 – The footer menu gets messed up if I add a sub item in the main menu.

I also would like to know or suggest: 4- Is it possible to change font size and colors inside the posts without having to use code? 5- I´m using qtranslate and I wonder if it´s possible to add a widget area in the Welcome Box or in the header, so I can have flags there. 6- Is there a shortcode for toggles, accordion or tabs? Thank you so much!! Cheers

Thanks for purchase and for your kind words, we really appreciate it!

These are good suggestions, and some of them are already on our update list.

1. Featured video – we will provide an option in post edit screen where you choose what type of featured media you want to have. So you may choose whether you want to show featured video only on single template or also in home/blog/archive pages. This goes into next update. We are not sure about allowing slider to have videos but we will reconsider it as well…

2. I’m afraid welcome box is not compatible with qtranslate because it is located in the theme options. Maybe we will provide a workaround so you use home page standard content field instead of welcome box option for this?

3. This is strange, we will check it, but i suppose you need to create two different menus, one for main navigation, one for footer.

4. For post text color, it’s already possible, check the colors section in theme options. For font size it’s not, but you can send us what you want and we will gladly create additional code so you can enter it into “Additional CSS” field in theme options.

5. same as 2

6. Not at the moment though we will consider adding it into some of our next updates. But, I’m sure that you can achieve it now by some of free shortcode plugins available.

If you have any further questions and thoughts, please contact us via

Cheers, Meks Team

Thanks for your answer!! Everything is clearer now. :bigsmile:

1-2-5-6- That sounds great

3-About the footer I´ve realized I was using only one menu. I´ve created another one and it worked fine. \o/

4- Is it possible to use more than one colour for the same text? About the sizes, that would be brilliant! I would like to have one or two Header sizes if it´s ok.

Thank you so much!! :grin: Cheers

4. WordPress have this functionality built-in, check the visual editor when you are writing a post. You can select the text and apply any color to selected part ;)

Hi there!

Referring to this layout:

1. Is it easy to change the widths of the boxes and the gaps between them? Is it just a matter of editing the CSS?

2. For video posts, is it possible to have the actual video instead of the preview image, so the user doesn’t have to click through to the full post to watch the video?

3. Rather than “More”, can you easily change the pagination to numbered pages?

Don’t worry about telling me how, just a simple yes/no is all I’m after.

Thank you.


Thanks for your interest!

1. Yes, it’s possible to do it with CSS tweaks.

2. Not at the moment, but we are preparing an update tomorrow which will allow you to do this, it’s on the list already.

3. One columned layouts have pagination, 2 and 3 columned layouts have “more” button. It’s possible to add pagination but it will require some additional work.


Excellent, thanks for the fast reply. I shall purchase this theme tomorrow, once the update is released :)