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Hi there, wondered if you can help. I have chosen a sticky header, however, if you try to use search half way down the page it jumps to the top. I know it’s not the end of the world, and they will be leaving the page, but I’d prefer it to stay in position :) any way to stop this?

I have submitted update, it should be live soon. Thank you for your support!


Excellent, thank you!

Hi Frank, I hope that you are doing great

Here is the code (we are planing to fix that in our next update). Just paste this code into additional CSS filed:

@media only screen and (max-width: 479px) and (min-width: 200px){ body.sfr_fixed{ padding-top:0!important; } #header.header-wide .navigation-container, #header.header-content{ position:relative; top:0!important; } }

We have a problem answering to your emails, don’t know why but seems that your email server rejects our emails. Can you try some different email you may have?

Nice Theme. Is running on

One Questions, where can i change the Youtube Code?

i have now: $output .= ’<iframe width=”’.$width.’” height=”’.$height.’” src=”’.esc_attr($meta[‘video_id’]).’?rel=0;?showinfo=0;” allowfullscreen></iframe>’;

Can you send us email on We can have better comunication there. Cheers

Thanks for fast Support.

Love your theme. I have implemented it here:

I like the work you have done.

Let us know if you need any help. Cheers

Can display post with paging number not “load more” ?

thanks for your information,, if you already add pagination types please tell me,, i will buy,, thanks


You already have normal pagination if you are using one column layouts, please see demo:

thanks for your update,, but need pagination for used tree columns

hello i`m installing your theme it´s wonderful, but i have a trouble, i can´t create a slider in the home page, i selected the category and into the post i selected Home Sidebar, any idea??


Thanks for purchase, we really appreciate it!

Maybe you don’t have posts in that category that you wish to show in slider?

Have you checked the documentation, there is explanation how to setup home page:

If you still have problems, please contact us via and provide your website url so we can check


I’m found of this, your, template !

I have two questions, when i publish an item, and edit it for color change, new color isn’t display. And a second little bug (maybe), front page do not display 8 articles as i want, but only 6, and i don’t know why …

Thank you for your help :)


Thanks for purchase!

1. When you are adding a specific color to post, you must uncheck “inherit” option below color pickers.

2. For each blog page as well as for home page, when you are in admin edit screen for that page there is a box called “Blog Display Options”. You change number of posts per page there.

Hope this helps!

If you have any further questions, please contact us via with your website url so we can check.


Perfect ! Thank you so much !

You are welcome! :)

Hi I think there is a bug. When I make a post “sticky” all non sticky posts on the homepage disappear, only leaving the sticky post visible.

Also, I am having some problems with masonry in chrome. When i click “More posts” the new posts are overlapping each other and overlapping the footer.

Will there be an option for different pagination soon? As this will fix the overlapping issue.

Yes, check the Theme Options -> Archives section and choose a layout there ;)

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

I can’t seem to get the map to display on the contact page. I am entering my location “Bournemouth, United Kingdom”, however, nothing is displaying apart from the contact form input fields. Any ideas? Cheers :)

We have try entering Bournemouth, United Kingdom and it works perfectly. Please contact us via so we’ll ses what can we do

Man, this is a stunning theme.

Thank you! :)

I have a project in mind and this seems the perfect theme for it. I will probably buy it in the future.

Hey, there!

Didn’t have a projekt for your theme just yet. But I couldn’t resist any longer, have been looking at it since the day you released it. Great stuff, really!

One thing I noticed in the demo: If you do a mouse-over on the facebook social icon under a blogg item, it doesn’t release the mouse-over effect until pointer is waaay outside.

Try moving mouse pointer from left to right over the line of social icons. Then do the same from right to left, and you’lll see what I mean.

Never mind that, though. This is a great theme, and now that I’ve bought it, I just got to find a use for it!



Glad to keep you occupied. :) Just kidding. I’ve installed the theme on my demo server just to play a bit with it. I have an idea for it now. :)

Just to let you know… the issue I pointed out above, the same thing is not happening on my demo server! On my server, it works perfectly (although I have still only dummy data installed, and haven’t set up social media).

Thanks Steve, we were aware of that. Actually, we have added some other fix on the live site which caused the issue you have noticed. It’s not in the current version of the theme :)

Anyway, with the next update we will get rid of those small glitches.

Once again, thanks a lot for your feedback!

Hi, great theme… thanks. I’ve set a custom background image. Is there a way to stop the responsive (mobile/tablet) version of the site from showing the background? Given the horizontal layout, the large image background takes a while to load and doesn’t re-size appropriately. I’d rather just turn it off for mobile. Thanks, Anita

This can be done with Additional CSS field in Theme Options.

No problem, please contact us via with your website URL and we will create additional code for you ;)


Excellent support. Thanks! The css code was supplied straight away and it works a treat. Now my site loads much quicker on a mobile device and it looks better too :-)

Hello again.

Lovely theme to work with. One of the easiest to set up too. And loads of possibilites that yet don’t feel over-whealming.

I have a minor question. When you add images in text (as in the article of Toulouse) you get the image alt-text within a theme-colored box below the image.

When I’ve added images (with add media button in editor) I don’t get that. How did you do that?


Another question… how do I get the background overlays you have in the demo? I’ve tried adding opacity to the image and using bg-pattern, but that doesn’t do the trick. Is there an option somewhere for this?


Text below the images in content is not ALT text, it is CAPTION field in the media uploader. It’s a common WordPress feature so no magic there :)

Regarding background overlays, you have opacity field in Theme Options, and for patterns try using some pattern that is transparent PNG image. Some of our bult-in patterns are transparent and you can of course upload your custom pattern in Theme Options as well.

Please contact us via with you website URL and we’ll help you if needed.


I managed to fix the overlay. I had assumed all of them were transparent, so when I tried the first ones and didn’t get it to work I (faulty) assumed there was a problem. :)

About caption… yes that would be standard wordpress, however, there is no such thing in the media upload and I thought this was something you had manipulated.

Just before you ask: I did a completely new wp install for this theme, with 3.6.1. If I can’t sort it out, I’ll email you. :)


Hi, is it possible to add a header over the navigation bar?


At the moment, it’s only possible to change header/navigation size, and position your logo as you wish.

We’ll consider creating more header layouts in next updates, but you can always ask for additional work and we can put specific features inside child theme for you.


Hi guys, I need your help. Can you tell me how i put the template with the HOMEALT2 only? I don’t need the blog.

Thanks Regards, Pedro

Hi Pedro

1. Take a look at Theme Options -> Footer and take a look at Appearance -> Menus – you have menu named Safarica Footer Menu and you have widget area named Footer (go to Appearance -> Widgets) you can drag and drop widgets there.

How do I put up the sidebar above? At the moment I have the welcome box? In the same position of slideshow? Can you give us more explanation on this to

Cheers, Meks Team


Sidebar above – If I want to put the sidebar in welcome box place? If I retire the welcome box, I stay with a empty space.

Thanks Regards, Pedro


Currently it is not possible to do that, but we will try to find solution for our next update. That is a very good suggestion, we will probably make it possible to put a widget there …

Stay tuned for next update

Thank you, Meks Team

Hi guys. Great job. Can the slider autoplay in a loop?



Yes, there is an option for this inside Theme Options!


Great! Thanks for the swift reply :)

I’m pretty sure I’ll buy this theme either way, but I was wondering if it’s possible to have different home sliders depending on the viewing device. I really would prefer using slider 2 but when viewing on a mobile device there are no slides (Obviously because the accordion with be impossible in a narrow view) so is it possible to link a slider 1 for mobiles only?


Yes, that is because of accordion and slider is not useful at all when you are viewing from mobile. You have a valid point and it’s a good idea, we’‘ll consider how we can make this better in the next update.


Much appreciated. Just purchased your theme and playing with it as we speak. Love it ! :)

Thank you and have fun :)

If you have some questions email us – We are here to help


What a fantastic theme this is. You really have to work with it to truly appreciate the well thought out, hard work and effort to put this out. Packed with ‘wow’ and ‘that’s clever’ moments and very clean code. I had it up and running faster than my coffee machine! A true five star theme followed by most importantly a fast, friendly and responsive support.

Tnx celticdancer :)

I’ve sent an e-mail for support, unfortunetly, I couldn’t get reply.

Are you sure? Can you please resend it directly via ?

Hi meks, i’ve some pre-purchase questions: I really like all the slider option for the homepage and i’d like to know how can i custom the boxes under the slider: for example, lloking at i’d like to know if its possible to hide all the text such as content title, text excerpt and text… well.. i’d like just to see images. Can i select from different kind of content? (blog entry, portfolio item, pages)?

Thanks in advance Antonio

Hi Antonio,

Thanks for your interest!

Please see:

Basically, you are allowed to hide everything except the title, but we can send you css code to hide the title as well if you want, it’s a quick solution.

These pages lists blog entries(posts). You can do the following, for example:

1. Create a blog page to show posts in some specific category and display image, title, text, etc…

2. Create a blog page to show posts from some other category which display only images so you can use these posts as portfolio.

You can create unlimited blog pages with different styles and display options, there is no limit.

Check the features page here:

Let us know if you have any further questions.


This theme looks fantastic. I’m very close to buying it. The one tiny thing that bothers me is that the video heights don’t scale proportionately when the theme responds to smaller displays – the video is 16:9 on desktop but you get black bars above and below the video on anything smaller. Could you possibly implement FitVids to fix this?


Thanks for your interest!

Yes, we are already aware of that so we will improve video responsive behavior in the next update, for sure.


Hi meks. Thanks for the very quick reply. Any idea when that update might be released? As I said before, I know it’s a tiny problem but I may as wait for it to be fixed before implementing the theme on my site.


We are working on the update at the moment. I’m not sure when exactly it will be released because we want to make sure every new feature and tweak is in place and well tested. Expect it within next few days!


I’m implementing this theme at On the whole I love it but I have a few issues:

1. Only 5 posts are displayed on the homepage and there doesn’t seem to be a way to change this like there is for archive pages.

2. The font sizes, particularly when viewing on a small screen, are very big. Words in headers especially are often too long and overflow. And generally when viewing on a phone screen it feels very cramped and you can’t see much in the viewport. I wish there was a way to adjust the size of type like you can font family and weight – setting an adjustment in ems from the theme default size would be ideal.

3. The way the menu top changes into a standard select list at smaller screen sizes causes problems. On my site, the select list overlaps with the logo and in general, doesn’t look all that great. It would be nice if the menu collapsed into a vertical menu accessed by tapping on an icon next to the logo.

4. The footer menu doesn’t seem to work for me. I’d like to display a nested list of my site’s navigation in one of the three columns but the CSS seems to be missing and it just displays the menu as a block of text.

5. input[type=url] isn’t styled like other form elements

6. This isn’t really an issue with the theme but I’m just hoping someone out there will suggest a solution for me: I have 100s of posts that I need to change the post colour and featured media for but because the Safarica doesn’t store this in the wp_post_meta table I’m unable to set these easily using SQL. Any suggestions?

Sorry to just list the problems. Like I said, on the whole I’m loving the theme :)


Can you please copy this message and contact us via because that’s our official place for all the support questions.

We would be glad to help you out and setup the theme as you wish!


Done. Thanks.