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GREAT design and very flexible template. A five star theme and outstanding support. :)

Thx! We are doing our best :)


Hi guys thanks for the update v.1.3. Is there a change log? What is the best way to update without losing settings and mods?

You won’t loose any data if you didn’t changed the theme files.

You just need to overwrite safarica theme folder via your FTP.


I think I did…nothing major though. First time I found a theme that required virtually no modifications to please me :)

Glad to hear that, we try do our best! ;)

You can see the changelog here:

Do not hesitate to ask if you have any further questions.


Hey there! Just purchased the theme and am working on setting it up. I am totally brand new to this whole self hosting thing so I am going SLOW and learning little by little. I do have one question though.

I would like the blog title (in my header menu) to link to my homepage rather than having a button that says, “Home”. I CANNOT figure out how to do this. Help!!!


Ok then… Never mind…I mashed enough buttons to fix it myself. Beginner’s luck? Sure. We’ll go with that.

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for purchasing our theme. Glad that you solved navigation usage. You can learn more about setting WordPress menus in official WordPress codex:

Hope that helps, if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at


Hi I was wondering does your theme supports custom headers such as loading an image for a unique feel and look?


Thanks for purchasing the theme, we really appreciate it!

If you think about logo image in header, of course it’s possible to upload yours. Go to Theme Options -> Header and there you will find setting to customize logo and header.


Quick question. What’s best size for featured image in Safarica?


Depends of the layout you are using. But, just make sure they are at least 1100px wide and the theme then takes care to fit any layout. We resize the automatically, they just shouldn’t be too small.


Excellent, thanks

I’m delighted by the quality of this theme and outstanding support. There’s inevitably teething problems – conflicting plug-ins etc. – when moving to new theme, but this has been well worth the time & effort. I’d welcome any comments on how I could improve my blog design any more:

Thanks, we have answered you via email on pretty much everything you have asked. If some of other buyers want to give you suggestions here, they are welcome!

Definitely. Yes, only interested in other buyers’ feedback. Happy to repay the favour. Always inspiring to see what others have done. :)


thank you for this incredible template. It makes me happy :)

I noticed an issue when i want to go to the second page by clicking the number “2” at the footer of the home page. It doesn’t work.

What can you do for me ?


Thanks for nice words, it’s good to hear! Your website is looking cool so far :)

We are aware of this issue already and it’s probably not theme related. We have noticed that some comment plugins rewrite permalink structure so pagination on the home page (and only on the home page) always redirects to home page even if the page link is well created.

I’m suggesting you to try some other comments plugin for now, or switch back to common WordPress comments if possible. If we figure out how to by-pass this issue we will put it in the next update…


Hello, I have a quick question. Is it possible to add a custom logo to the top left corner (Where it says Safarica) - Thanks!


Thanks for your interest!

Of course, you can simply upload and position your logo image via theme options. You can also have your website title instead of logo image if you want.


I love this template! Is there anyway to put images in the slider on homepage without having it associated to a post? I just wanted a rotating few images that linked to specific links I define.

Thanks! jeff

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for kind words!

Unfortunately, it’s not possible at the moment as our main idea was to make this theme completely WordPress friendly with no custom stuff. But we are thinking to maybe implement such a feature for some of next updates…

Alternatively, you can install some of slider plugins and use it inside “welcome box” option, maybe that can do a trick ;)


Hi there,

Does this template work on the latest WP 3.7?



Thank you for interesting in Safarica.

Sure it does work on latest WP 3.7

Cheers and let us know if you have some more questions. Meks Team

This is going to sound like a really dumb question but how do I get a navigation bar/menu to appear on the preview of my site. I have just purchased the theme and can’t seem to change the look of it.

Hi, we have answered you via email ;)

My dropdown menu displays behind the home page content.. Please help!


Can you contact us on and send us your website address so we can help you out


The mobile version of my home page isn’t showing any content. Other pages seem ok like category pages. I’m using the Home Page Template.

Please help, thanks!


This is strange, something prevents our template to load on home page, this is probably some plugin you have installed on your website. Please contact us directly via and we will help you out.


Emailed you a login. Could you have a look? Thanks a lot

Tnx, investigating…

Love this theme, especially the home page design and was very easy to customize for my craft blog. 5+ Stars. I don’t have many posts yet, but here is what I have done so far.

Thanks a lot! :)

This theme is great, thank you for making it!

I do however have a problem with the dropcaps being removed from excerpts. The shortcodes are removed from the excerpt, which is how I would like it, but the actual letter is also removed which means that the first letter is missing from the excerpts. The first letter (when it is a dropcap) is also missing from the small excerpt in the slider.

Is there a simple solution to this issue?

My site is at


Good looking website! :)

I got your point, yes there is an alternative way.

You can select to display “full content” instead of excerpt and then use WordPress “more tag” to split the content inside post editor. See this:

Shortcodes are not working in excerpts unfortunately and it is default WordPress behaviour…

If you have any further questions, please contact us via

Best regards

Trying to get in touch with support for a few days now…no luck. Was having many issues that I had to fix on my own through trial and error. Would have been easier and better to actually have some help from the designer. Oh well.

Hi, don’t worry we had all your emails. We were out of the office for one single day. Responded ;)

Hi! I wondered if your theme has different styles/options for different post_formats ( specifically ‘asides’, or whether it would be easy for us to do this using the options you give. Just that we are doing a site which has two types of content and we are thinking that labelling some of it as ‘asides’ might be really good, so I’m trying to find a theme to support this. thanks!


Currently, Safarica WordPress theme is not supporting post formats. Maybe you can label content without post formats- some category maybe?

Please let us know your thoughts on


Just purchased this theme and something didn’t go well on the install into WP.

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

I think that I have replied you to email, but just in case…

Please make sure that you are uploading only file where WordPress installation is – it is located in zip file that you have donwloaded from ThemeForest. File that you have downloaded from ThemeForest contains other files (for example – Documentation, etc…).


Thank you. That worked.

I should have checked into that first.

I guess I was just excited to get my new theme in place.

Cool, I’m glad that it worked.

Don’t hesitate to ask us anything on


I don’t speak English but i’ll try to explain. I purchased this theme, and this is very nice but i don’t know how to put a pic for the author in author widget. Other question, how i remove the links “View All Post” and “Author Website” from this same widget? Thanks

Can you please send us email to I will write you detailed tutorial with pictures how you can do that.


Hello, I send you email to support one week ago. Can you check your messages. In this moment i don’t have response. Thanks

We have responded, please check your email.


Hello , I purchased safarica and I write to support one week ago. Can you check your messages. In this moment i don’t have response. Thanks

We have responded, please check your email.