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I cannot get my post’s featured image to show in homepage.

You need to check featured image in display options. Can you please contact us via with your website URL and we’ll help you out.


Hi! Have you already tested the theme with WordPress 3.8? My WP is asking me to upgrade, but I’m unsure if the theme will keep working correctly.


We have tested it and everything seems to be working fine.

Feel free to update your WordPress to 3.8. If you have some more question send us email to



Lovely theme! I want a few changes:

1. I want to have only the slider and under the slider a bunch of widgets (not just on the side bar). I do NOT want any display of posts on the home page as slider would be enough. What’s ideal would be a full-width recent post carousel at a smaller size. (Check the Presso theme in themeforest. If you adopt some of those great ideas around full-width recent post carousel and menu hover display of recent posts, this theme will be simply unbeatable.)

2. I want the post title box on the slider to be positioned closer to be bottom. Right now, it’s in the middle and blocks the images on display.

3. I want to change the colour of the arrow marks on the slider. Also if there’s an option to disable the arrow marks that would be better. I have only one post on display in the slider in the home page. So I don’t need navigation arrow marks.

Looking forward to your quick response. Cheers!


Thanks for your kind words! Please contact us via so we can discuss your suggestions further.


I’ve upgraded to WordPress 3.8 and everything working perfectly in all browsers.

Of course that everything is working perfectly :)


Hi, i like your theme. Before purchasing, I need to know this: On your posts, there is no facebook-share button, you have “facebook-LIKE” button. Can I convert it to SHARE only instead of Like? (Or both, etc.)



Thanks for your interest!

There is only a like button integrated into theme at the moment, but you can use many plugins to display share button if you want, it’s not a problem at all.


Hi, I need to upload a picture for an author. Couldn’t find it in documentation. Mail is: if you can send a solution to here, I will appreciate it. Thanks,


WordPress by default uses Gravatar for your image

If you are registered to Gravatar with particular user email, avatar image will be taken automatically from your profile.

Also, I guess they are couple of plugins which will allow you to use some other image. Hope this helps, if you have any further questions please contact us via


Thanks, I solved it by modifying php file.

I also have this problem. Dropcaps aren’t implemented correctly—they remove the paragraph (p) tag from the paragraph, which then causes issues elsewhere (for add-ons that use the p tag, excerpts, etc.)

Could you advise me on how to fix it? Or give me a timeline for the fix?

I have hacked the code (in shortcodes.php) to include a p tag in the paragraph with a dropcap, but it’s not ideal (and still no excerpt, alas).


Shortcodes as well as any html tags aren’t displayed in excerpts and this is default WordPress behavior. Alternatively, you can split your content with common “more” wordpress tag if you want to display shortcodes and not to show full content.

Not sure we understand (p) tag issue. Please contact us via with some example and we will try to help you out.

All the best

Hello, Before purchasing this theme, I’d like to know, if it is possible, that each page an blog-post gets its own background-image. I’d like to set the background-images according to the content.


Thanks for your interest. It is not possible at the moment but if more people request it, we will consider adding it in the next update(s). For now, you are able to choose background image and pattern only on global level.

We can also create a child theme with extended functionality to suit your needs but it goes out of free support scope. If you have any further questions please contact us via


Hi meks HQ -

Just wanted to say that I’ve purchased and tried several themes for my kids’ archive blog and Safarica is by far the best that I have used. I really appreciated having so many user-friendly options to customize the theme to my tastes without having to know code.

On top of that, I had a small problem with the design that I couldn’t seem to fix. I contacted support and they far exceeded my expectations.

100 stars all the way around. Thank you.


At your service ;) Thank you!

Is there a plugin you prefer so I can integrate vBulletin into Safarica if I purchase it?

We have answered you via email.

Hi.. I always come back to your theme… I love the design style, I just wish it was more of a magazine style than a single blog style..

That being said, I have a question about post design. Is it possible to have a fullwidth featured image and have content and sidebar underneath?

What I mean by magazine style, is a bit more focus on post categories, so different categories can be featured separately on the homepage. Also the main slider showing what category a highlighted post is from


Thanks for your kind words!

Currently, single post template looks like this:

We also have the option for full-width single post layout but it does not include sidebar.

Regarding magazine, main idea of this theme was to be personal blog so we probably won’t include “magazine” features in the next updates. We plan to release a magazine theme in the near future but ti will be a separate theme.

Of course, you can always hire us for any feature(s) you may want to add inside the theme specifically for you. It’s possible to create a child theme with extended functionality.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us via



e81 Purchased

Thanks for a great product!

How do I add a custom header background? I am trying to customize the header-content without luck.



Thanks for purchasing our theme, we really appreciate it!

To customize header area, go to Theme Options -> Header section.

If you have any further question please contact us via


Photos on the articles and the carousel widget don’t appear. what should I do? I tried everything


You should set featured image for each of your posts so they will appear correctly in slider and widgets. See:

If you have any question please contact us via


Thank you very mach! But what about the slider? I can’t add the CarouFredSel or the other one on the home page. Any idea?

You need to create “Home Page Template” so it will display the slider at the top. Please read the documentation under “Home page” section.

If you need any help, let us know…

hello there is rtl mode ?


Not at the moment but it’s on the list for the next update(s).


The “Social Share Buttons” do not seem to work with Google’s Chrome browser. I checked on my site and on the themeforest live example. Works great with Firefox and IE, but not Chrome. Any ideas?

I have sent you reply via email. Waiting for your response…


I use Avast anti-virus extension in my Chrome browser. Turning off Avast’s “Block social networks by default” option under the “Do not track” header in the settings fixed everything. Thanks for the help and the great theme.

Just bought this theme today and I love how easy it is to install, great job!

I have a question… Is there a way the caption can show up when we create a gallery? It would be sweet if we can scroll through a photo gallery with captions under the images or on top.

I would like to also add an AdSense banner below the header and above the slider, or if its the post below the header and above the post. How can I do this?

Another question? Is there a way to make the headline from the slider appear in the bottom corner and not above?

Last Q… I use Disqus for my comment section, how can I make the background appear white instead of transparent, I want the comments section boxed in.

Thank you for your help. My site is at

Thanks for purchasing the theme, we really appreciate it! Btw, nice looking website, really.

1. Regarding gallery, it’s not possble at the moment but we are working on the next update and we will try to add this feature.

2. This can only be done with some additional work, you can contact us via and we can discuss more about it

3. & 4. This can be done with some css tweaks you can put in Additional CSS field inside theme options. Please contact us and we will help you out.


Hello, firstly thank you for this theme! It is super! I have a question.. I’m using visual composer. But it is not runnig with your theme.

Classic post in homepage:

Post with Visual Composer in homepage:


Thanks for your purchase. I don’t see any point using visual composer with our theme since it’s regular blog with many options.

Can you please contact us via with your wesbite URL and more details so we can see how can we help


Hi! I love this great theme! I’m just missing a mobile menu like the wonderful mobile menu in your awesome theme Seashell. Could you integrate this mobile menu in an update of safarica too? Or any other ideas (recommended plugin for that)? Thanks.


Thanks, yes, we were thinking about it already. It will probably be included in the next update.


I just purchased the Safarica theme and for some reason I cannot add my featured picture directly below the welcome heading as shown in the demo. It won’t publish at all. I did notice that the feature picture will publish if my template is selected to default template, but when the template is selected to the ‘Home Page’ template the featured picture will not publish and my content will not publish. I did verify that under settings, reading, I do have the front page displays set to static and front page as home.

Can you please advise what i’m doing wrong?


First thank you for purchasing SeaShell theme, we really appreciate it.

As I understand you are having trouble adding featured image for the welcome box?

To add featured picture for welcome box you have Subheader Background Image box that is located under text editor. See the image –

I hope that this will help you, if not contact us on and we will solve this problem together.



I purchased the Safarica theme. Not the SeaShell theme. I do not see a similar option that you speak of for the Safarica theme. Can you please advise?

Thank you for the quick response!


Sorry, I did type in wrong editor for wrong user. My bad :). We do get a lot of support and sometimes we are lost because both of our themes are on “S” :)

Can you please send us your website with WordPress log in details to

Once again I’m sorry for this Its my bad :)

Cheers Meks Team

I really like this theme. I’ll buy tomorrow if possible, but just wanted to know one thing. Can you launch a option to have comments from facebook instead of the default wordpress?


Thank you for interesting in SeaShell WordPress Theme.

You have a lot of plugins that overwrites default WordPress comment system and replaces it with Facebook comment system. They are very easy to install and use. With few clicks you will have Facebook comment system in place.

I hope that this helps