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Beautiful theme – very well done!

OK, one issue: if I want to share a tumblr post, I mouse over “Share” and get a hover showing sharing sites and the shortened URL. As I try to mouse over (for example) Twitter, the hover goes away. I have to move VERY fast to be able to click it before it fades. That’s the only problem I’ve found – well, so far ;-)

Again, superb design, I really like it!

Oh, also… keyboard scrolling doesn’t work. :-|


keyboard scrolling in SAGA theme is not enabled. that’s why we made custom scroll in the layout.

Thank you for purchasing our theme :)

You might want to consider enabling it in an update. It makes the theme very hard to use.

Also, see my previous comment.

Thank you for the advice. We will soon make an update for all our themes :)


I’m glad I read the comments. I almost purchased. I tested what you all have mentioned and yes those are draw backs.

wow wonderful;

Hi there, I can’t seem to get my pages working, if you could take a look and advise that would be great –