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The theme won’t install and I can’t register on your support page to ask any questions. Can you please contact me or help me get access to your support page so I can get help with installation.

Hi, this is a standard Web Template, you have to simply upload it to your web server using FTP. There is nothing like any installation procedure in this case (this is not a WordPress theme).

Our support system is working as normal. If you need help, Please contact us via support system (need to submit your purchase code also there in the form):

Hi, i buy this theme, but i have my videos on Wistia, can you help me with the code to use wistia videos on fullscreen background?? thank you very much!

Hi, as we had already stated in themeforest, by default the template supports only Youtube / Vimeo video as fullscreen BG Video. We are not aware of the Wistia video’s possibilities on this.

So, its a NO for Wistia. Well i like your job and we need to use and buy templates consistently each month but also we buy video templates and host all those on wistia for the great speed for corporate accounts so it could be nice if for future templates you can include Wistia into your video options for your customers. for now i think we have to hire someone who can fix this template for Wistia. Thank you.

Hi, thank you for your notification. We will check the possibilities with our developers and we will let you know if we can push it on future versions and upcoming themes.

Hello,my cellphone is Lumia 920 with a Windows phone system. Your program does not work on this system. Pls repair it soon. Thank you!

Tested and working perfectly on real Lumia device.

In order to verify, please see the identical responsive layout view (with transitions) for Lumia 920 here:

There’re indeed something wrong with your program. Try to open it with Lumia 920, you’ll know that the link you sent me has been running in computer. It’s sure different than running in cellphone.

Hi I bought the wrong version (bootstrap) earlier, is there any possibility i could top up the difference to get the wordpress version?

Licence management is done by envato. So kindly contact envato support for such queries.

Hi, im having a problem with the video background that the video does not finish. it starts at 0 and ends at 7 seconds. the video is 12 seconds long.

Hi, we are having heavy load of queries after weekend. We will get back to you via email.

Still waiting for a reply! its been 8 days!

Please check your email.

Designova templates are fantastic. I’ve submitted a support ticket about the LESS coloring on the SAGA (and PRESENCE) template(s) not working on mobile platforms. I’m hoping to avoid having to re-style each template with a stylesheet for colors. Please advise. Your demo templates on your site exhibit this behavior also on iphone 5s and galaxy s4 with current OS.

I’m also curious if in this template’s Works section, if using all lighbox photos is there a quick way to turn the interface gallery controls on, to facilitate left/right scrolling through photos? Thanks.

Hi, even though we see your genuine videos (these issues are strange), we are not making any false comments about our products. These issues are NOT yet experienced on our devices.

We have uploaded live videos from our testing devices running SAGA template’ same live preview (

Live Device Testing Videos (real devices, working perfectly):

iPhone 5S preview:
Galaxy S4 preview:

You can check it and you can see the issues are not present here.

Now, we don’t know what to tell you. May be your connection settings are making some restrictions on LESS rendering from server (or) may be your platform needs an update (we are not sure). We have latest version of OS here, particularly on iPhone 5S.

We do care for our buyers as best as possible, and also in this case we have tried our level best. But, as we do not find any of such issues in our live preview, we are helpless in your case. Otherwise we would have definitely solved it.

Thanks for your reply. Strange problem indeed. I’ll take it from here.

Yes, it is weird indeed. We are checking all possibilities, if any other users reports the same we will investigate it further as best as we can, we will let you know for sure. Thank you for choosing our products.

Hey guys, The paralax images are very ‘jerky’ for me. Is there a fix for this? Now that I look at the demo i see it happening too. Safari/IE/ bad. Chrome/firefox is better.

Hi, please open a support ticket with screenshot (if possible), we will check it.

chorme ,IE10 do not work ? folder : saga-v1.0 template/index01.html

Upload on a web server / local host server and you can see the LESS colors working perfectly.

Hi Designova, I am using your Saga html template and so far it works great! There is only one small issue I am facing. I have changed the height of the header (made it taller), now when I link to a section in the page, the section header scrolls a bit too high and is hidden slightly under the main header (navigation / logo area). I can see that you have a waypoint-in class assigned, but where can I change the value? Cannot find that class in any of the css files.



Hi, please open a support ticket, we will surely assist you

Hi, I’m using this product and notice that the the Home 8 variant has a problem: the full screen video live from youtube does not display. Can uou please check if anything is out of date? thanks. Lorenza

anybody who can take care of it?

Hi, we are working on a fix and we will update the template soon. Thank you.