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Your demo have a lot of problem when i upload more product

Hi.I make a ticket. Please reply me . 2 Question: 1 Home Banner. How to change the word on Banner. 2. How to show sale product on left column ?

Hi, You can follow your ticket. Sorry, we don’t work at weekend.

Yes, please help me build a static block of home banner. Thanks!

Hello! Please be so kind to tell, if it is possible to change Default welcome msg ! from back office, or I should change a source files. If only source files please, tell which files. Sorry for my English. Thank you in advance for a reply.

System ->> Configuration > In the Left side menu pane choose “Design” under the “General” heading > Select the “Header” option in the body of the page Find “Welcome Text”, it should say Default welcome msg! Type in the new message you want Magento to display > save

Dear Author . Why don’t reply my ticket?

Hi, You can follow your ticket. Sorry, we don’t work at weekend.

Dear Author, I want receive the solution not just a yes mail. I send lots of tickts to beg you help me . But getting one mail need one day. This question is pending for one week.

please you can check your ticket

Hi there’s a problem with the module “Magentothem_Featuredproduct” when I installed on this template. There’s no product display on site. here’s the link of our site: also when you see the cart wrapper icon on top beside search bar, It cut into half.

Hi, You can open a ticket and provide detail.We will check and help you

I using sagitta magento theme, the feature menu alignment is not properly ..please help me.


You can contact us. We will help you

Hello team,

When I try to edit: Magentothem > Banner Sequence > Manager Banner

I get this error:

Fatal error: Class ‘Mage_Adminhtml_Controller_action’ not found in …/httpdocs/app/code/local/Magentothem/Bannersequence/controllers/Adminhtml/BannersequenceController.php on line 3

I have sent you a support email, I hope you can help me soon, I need to change banners as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Hi, You can open a ticket and provide detail.We will check and help you

It can switch themes once installed ? If you decide to change the models I can ?

Hi, You can select theme you want install. You upload all files and click install button.

Hello dears i want to know are this theme will support Magento 2.0 ? thanks

When it release, we will update our theme.


chandre Purchased

is this theme support Magento


chandre Purchased

I fixed by myself, add “newsletter/subscribe” permission


chandre Purchased

Another question, can you fixed the console error about “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘style’ of null prototype.js:1931”

If you create a ticket you can follow it. We will help you.

Dear Concern, I need the exact demo as you have shown on I am requesting you to send a QuickStart that is exactly like It is very urgent. Waiting for your reply.

Hi, All files and package included in the package download. You can buy and download.

will the theme support magento 2,0 ?if yes, when will you update ? any ETA ?

thankyou. will wait for the update.

still no update for the theme. when will you update ?

when it complete we will confirm you

Hello Dear,

Please let me know if you are able to work on customizing the template according to our requirements ? i had bought this template before but a freelancer worked on customizing it but he didnt give me good work, so am sure if you work on it then it would be better coz you created it.

So kindly let me know if you provide this service and how much would be the cost for customization ?


But i already sent more than once before and no body answered Can you give me a specific mail and i will send details :)

Hello Any replay please ?

You can check your email

Navigation menu for mobile device is getting hidden. Could you please provide solution for it.

You can check your email. We will help you


You can contact themesplaza(at) and provide detail. We will check and help you fix it right now


we’re checking it for you

Hello i asked from a long time ( more than 4 months ) about magento 2 update and you told me very soon, but nothing yet ?!

Hello, Sorry this delay. We need make all new for magento 2.x. It can’t update 1.x to 2.x

Hi , i have raised a ticket 3 days ago and still no reply. We are a web development company from Australia and we personally recommend this theme to our client. Now we are under pressure from him because we got over 1000 files missing when tried QUICK SETUP and over 100 files missing when trying to simply upload the Theme to a Magento engine. I have requested a refund and if there is NO reply from you by today , i have also requested them to consider my dispute. Please DO A FRESH installation using following login details and kindly help us which will win win for both sides

please refer to my tickets ( there are over 3 tickets ) – there is NO way of tracking the progress !!!!!


Sorry this delay. We have a holiday. You can check your email. We will help you

Hi, I want to purchase this template for Magento V2. Do you have any plan for creating this template for new Magento version?


Thank for your interested. We will make this theme for Magento V2.

Thanks for your reply. Do you have any deadline for this? How long I should wait?

We try complete it in 2 months because we need make new theme for magento V2. It can’t upgrade from old version

hi,I bought few week ago the template all is working perfect but I have only one small problem and I don’t know fix it . The vertical menu is not display in a product page .what I need to do ? When I open the product page I saw in a right side the COMMUNITY POLL and I want to remove it and show the vertical category in all page including product page.Please help me to resolve it.Thank you . The page is this : and in the product page is show like that whitout vertical category:


You can contact us themesplaza(at) We will check and help you.

Dear Sir.

We have licensed version of your product. But we do not find a way to change the layout of the theme or a guide to update the Theme to a new version. please, do you have a guide to do that without lost functionality. (



You can choose layout you want in the package download and install for your website. If you need help you can contact us.

Hi, Please. We have our site working. Can you explain us the procedure to install the new layout. I ask you because when we try to install update or new layout, in the copy process and install template, we lost functionality in our site.

We follow the procedure in the documentation to install theme only.

Thank you

You can contact us themesplaza(at) We will check and help you

Friend I noticed an error in the theme CSS in custom options. See the image. Tks.

Hello Friend. I noticed an error that is happening in the theme checkout. When the customer clicks delete product it is excluded in entato to refresh the page the product is back. This happens in Magento version.


You can contact us . We will check and fix it for you. We checked on our demo but didn’t see this error