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I love the theme.

I have two questions for you.

1) Can i have in the menus another level of category?

So lets say Desktops->Mac->Software?

2) My client would like the ability to have a gallery with categories->subcategories.

Can you point me in the right direction?



Awesome template!

For some reason everytime I choose products for the “Featured Module” they disappear after I save them and I can’t get them to show up on the home page.

Can you point me in the right direction?

Respectfully, Leonard Michael

In the featured module after opening on the left side you will find the number of products to display plz have a look on that.

I have it set to 5. I chose 5 featured products. Click save. And then it doesn’t show them. Then I go back into the module, and the products I chose have disappeared.


Respectfully, Leonard Michael

Can you mail me the link and the admin login details to my mail id, so that i will have a look what is the problem your facing.


Standing by…

Respectfully, Leonard Michael

I have tested both with default theme and my sagwan theme in both the themes getting same error. I hope their may be some wrong with the installation setup. Plz remove and re-install and try.

Hi I cannot get rid of the Lorem Ipsum text under our shopping cart on my homepage – How can I do this?? Any help would be great.


In the Search Box, where in the CSS can I change the color of the text “that you type” in a keyword? I changed the color of the text, but I can’t figure out where to change the color when you type in a keyword.

Thanks in advance!

Leonard Michael

One more thing, the product descriptions are not showing on the front end of the site. Would you know why?

Respectfully, Leonard Michael

Hi there,

I want thing. I want to buy this template but I want to change the top , were u find the search bar and shopping cart text. I want the header to be straight and made out of one piece. So the curve were the text shopping cart is in must be deleted and given the same color as the background of the logo/company slogan. Let me now ASAP because else I have to search another template. Thx


I will help you out Just drop me a mail to this id sainath.chillapuram{at}

Hello. in V- missing brick-red theme. can you make a check please? i need it

Hi thanks for buying,

can you just drop me a mail at

i re download the file and its ok now. i dont know what happend and sorry for the inconvenience thanks a lot for fast responce :-)

Hi Sainath, I love this theme so I bought it (SAGWAN FURNITURES OPENCART by Theme Forest) but I can´t upload to Wordpress. I zip the folder and I try to upload files but it´s impossible. Thank you for your help. Best, Santiago

Check mail plz.

Will this theme be supported on a Open Cart V

Yes :) i have mentioned in the preview image.

I have bought this theme.

style sheet losses :(

Please help

can you please mail me the link to my mail id sainath.chillapuram{at}

Quando sai a versão para ?

Latest version files works with also.

Hello, I am using OpenCart An error occurred when the home purchase and install your theme.

Help ?

Hi Thanks for buying my theme. Can you send me a mail ( sainath.chillapuram{at} )

I think you have changed theme name. Kindly replace the theme name with original theme name and try.

Before buy: I just wanto to know if I will have support. And how can I get the paypall express extension. Thank you Paulo Correia