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lavvaf Purchased

is it possible to customize or add new box in Page Builder?


mainhero Purchased

Sir I am very sad about your support services , your support cannot reply my problems , before 14 days left to your support…


sreelalk Purchased

in my theme, single post paragraph going outside the border. please give me css code for fix this issue..pls

Ho to add multiple codes in Heaer or body in Theme settings page. Please let us know.


sreelalk Purchased

Hello sir my single post content appear outside the box.. how fix this issue?


ambandla Purchased

Given that many are moving to 720p displays or higher, can we please expect support for 1280+ pixel width in upcoming version?

The instructions to disable Google fonts does not work—at least for me. Every time I try to disable Google fonts per the knowledge base, it breaks my website. https://tielabs.com/knowledgebase/disable-google-fonts/

I have faced some problems for using this theme. I will create 3 tickets and waiting for reply. 9 days ago i will create first ticket but not anyone give me any reply and not anyone give reply my other two tickets. Please give me reply as soon as possible. Thanks.

If you have not time for give reply emails, so why you give support option.? i will wait your replies but not anyone give me reply. If you have no time, so please tell me. Next time i will write issue on here and please give me my problem solution here and soon. Thanks.

Hi. There’s a trouble with the theme and the menu. I bought and install the theme, and try to apply toi the menu the layout “Mega links” with 3 columns. I choose the right options (Enable Mega Menu), I choose 3 columns in Mega links Columns” (and I put some in submenu enought content). I save these parameters… The page is loading : ok I go the the front office I’ve not the mega links menu. I go to the Menu in backoffice and all the options choose in previous step is erased.

For information :

- My Wordpress is updated (4.7) - All the plugin are shutted down - I erase the theme and reinstall it

No way… the problem is the same.

I’m very sad… please help

Why so long to respond to my request (Ticket ID: # TIE-5540)? 5 days have passed …