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Discussion on Sahifa - Responsive WordPress News / Magazine / Blog Theme

Discussion on Sahifa - Responsive WordPress News / Magazine / Blog Theme

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Hi, how do you stop the theme adapting when you shrink the browser on your desktop?


There is no option to do that .. you disable the responsive action on both desktop and devices by editing style.css file and remove all media queries from the end of the file

Could you advise what code I should delete from the style.css please?

remove the code from
/*  TABLET  : 1024px */
@media only screen and ( max-width: 1024px )

till the end of the file

Hi Mo3aser,

I’ve been using Sahifa for a few months now, and up untill a few weeks ago I was really happy with it. A few upgrades ago my websites dashboard was loading slower and slower. Now it takes up to 30 seconds to load (for example) my postlist or my media library. I have upgraded wordpress, the plugins I use (only 3) and Sahifa, but none of these made any difference.

I’ve found out it’s a problem with Sahifa, because when I change my theme to the standard wordpress theme Twenty Twelve, my dashboard works perfectly. I hope you can help me, because this is really frustrating! Thank you!



Try to Disable the “Notify On Theme Updates” from Tiepanel > Advanced Tab

Hi, i installed bbpress and for some reason its just all white and i have a grey background, i thought bbpress is supposed to integrate with theme

also how do i change the text hover color, its white and really anoying because if i hover over the link i cannot see the text if i have a white background.


Please provide URL of the page containing the problem to check it

Under sahifa setings > styling > Post Links Color on mouse over does not work for me, when i hover over its just white even though i change it to blue


Please provide URL of the page containing the problem to check it


How can I create a post/page reviews box with five stars instead of the default 4 stars? And, also, how can I manually adjust the rating of a post/page in database?

Thank you!


- Please check “Adding a Review Post” section here http://themes.tielabs.com/docs/sahifa/#!/review_post

- Rating values stored in post-meta table

Nothing related to my questions. I can’t find how to set five stars reviews instead of four stars reviews in my current page: http://thongtinhanquoc.com/lien-he/ve-may-bay/

And, how can I manually adjust the ratings (decrease or increase the rating).

Thank you!

- Please update your theme to latest version 3.2.2 by re-uploading all new files

- There is no option to adjust the total score .. it calculated automatically … Just add a reviews criterias in your review .. please check “Adding a Review Post” section here http://themes.tielabs.com/docs/sahifa/#!/review_post

This template looks great but it takes up so much memory that my website crashes even when there is fairly low traffic (eg. 1,500 visitors per month)! Is there a way to optimize the script so it takes less memory? Thanks in advance for your help, Fouad.


it depends on the number of News boxes, posts per box/ per page, images appears in the page, number of widgets and the number of plugins uses on your site ..

also try to use a cache plugin like w3 total cache or wp super cache

I need to use an iframe in the slider. Could you please help me how to acheive with custom slider or how to integrate other slider with the sahifa theme.


Unfortunately, theme doesn’t support adding iframes in the slider .. it support images only


How can I modify the theme to look like this?


Basically, on the posts on the homepage, move the title and meta data beside the the thumbnail instead of on top. Also, add the extra author and category metadata.




Sorry, it needs a custom modification. This type of customization is a bit more complex and is not covered under theme support.

You will need to make modifications on the loop.php file to move totle and meta add the post author name

<?php the_author() ?>

Hi mo3aser

I have 4 questions (I’m using Sahifa):

1- I want to align “justify” all my posts, so I have to add this code in every post: <div align="justify"> post content here </div>

but adding this code every time I made a post is annoying and a time waste.

I want my posts to be “justified” by default, how to do it?

2- I’m using Google Adsense, I use ad unit 300×250, and I put it in tag with this styling: <div style="float:left; margin-right:15px;"> Adsense Code Here </div>

I want this ad unit to be automatically (and by default) inserted inside my post (at the beginning) without using short codes. How to do it?

3- I want to update Sahifa, but I have made a lot of customization, such as : Header code, footer code, Typography, Styling Global CSS, etc…

My question is: when I go to Advanced > Export . and copy that code in the “EXPORT” field, and “IMPORT” that code after I update Sahifa. Will this return back all my customization?

4- How is your daughter “Talin”, I hope she is fine ;D

Thank you.


1- Add this code to custom css area in Tiepanel > Styling
.entry {text-align: justify;}

2- Edit single.php and add the AD code in above post content code

3- You don’t need to export theme settings .. You will not lose any theme settings in Tiepanel or any articles, pages or comments .. but if you made any modifications on the theme files .. you will lose it by overwrite the files

4- Fine , Thanks :)



Is it possible to show only the featured image in the recent posts box? and how to change its size?

Thanks a lot.


- Unfortunately, this is a change you would have to make on your own as it is not an automatic feature of the theme.

- Please Check this http://themeforest.net/item/sahifa-responsive-wordpress-newsmagazineblog/2819356/faqs/16138

I just purchased this theme and am liking all the possibilities.

I noticed in the demo, some posts have text on the images (article title perhaps).

I can not figure out how to accomplish this.


Sorry, I am not sure I understand you correctly, could you give me more details or send me some screenshots with description please?

Hi I purchased the template i just wanted a categories tab like you have before the footer on the live preview of the template. how do i get this ? (i am talking about the sports, technology and world tabs at the very bottom of the page)


From Tiepanel > Homepage > Home page displays == “News Boxes – use Home Builder” .. Then setup your tabbed box from “Categories Tabs Box”


It seems that I cant use any shortcode feature from the dashboard and I cant insert anything. The grey window appeas but nothing happens when I click on the Insert botton. I am running Firefox 22v (latest version) on Apple MacBook Pro. I tried on Safari and I cant either.


any ideas?

Yes , Please provide URL of your site to check it

the theme installed path is not correct .. http://www.rctribu.com/wp-content/themes/rctribu/rctribu

it should be http://www.rctribu.com/wp-content/themes/rctribu/

move the theme sub folder “rctribu” to be in the “themes” folder directly


How do I change it so when I click on a category on the navigation menu it just says the category without the: “Category Archives:”

Hi, sorry support for purchasers only … if you purchased this item with another membership .. please add your questions from it


I’m having trouble with the lightbox on the gallery page if I add a vimeo URL it just hangs with the buffering graphic, I have checked my vimeo settings and my domain has full permissions to play video?



Please provide URL of the page containing the problem to check it .. also please provide me with the “shortcode” code appears in the post editor

Hi again,

I added a Lightbox Gallery but it doesnt work on the post level. It does work with the featured image but it handles the pictures as links to the images.

I followed the steps fof the video and I am running out of ideas.



If you uses WP 3.5.1 .. There are a bug in it http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/23298 till it be solved in next wp version .. go to text mode in the post editor and add link=”file” to the gallery short code to be like this
[gallery ids="164,116" link="file"]


the link=”file” appears by default (running WP 3.5.2) but what it doesnt work is the Lightbox effect. I dont want to be linked to the image, I would need to open as a lightbox gallery.

Now, it works! huh?! I just changed the order of link=”file” PREVIOUSLY: [gallery link=”file” ids=”164,116” ] AFTER: [gallery ids=”164,116” link=”file”]


I checked it and the gallery works fine here !

Sorry if this has been answered already, What are the px for a static image on header? Thanks


The recommended size for the logo is 180px X 60px

Thank you very much! :)

Do you have a list of upcoming upgrades and next version release date? I know a lot of us are asking about new features, so maybe you can help set expectations :)

Also, how do you change the twitter widget to show date of month/day/year?

Thanks for all the support, not sure how you keep up. :)


Unfortunately, this is a change you would have to make on your own as it is not an automatic feature of the theme.

The twitter widget codes located in the includes/widgets/widget-twitter.php file


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