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Hi, I have a big problem,

I uploaded the theme and all was working well. I now have the latest version of the theme running.

The problem i’m having is that the website loads fine the first time now and then when i try to load again it strips all the styling out and I get a bare bones website. I have disabled all the plugins and cleared the cache and the problem still persists. I think it is the theme now which is causing this.

Furthermore, when I try to go onto wp-admin the site sends it into a redirect loop and nothing loads up. Sometimes when it does load, the next pages dont upload and it shows 404 page for admin pages even after being logged in.

These problems are crazy and I can’t figure out the cause or the solution!

Could you please look into this and assist me in it.

Thanks a ton


The problem is with your hosting. Can you please email me the wp-admin access?

Why you included a Revolution plugin in this theme? and Why it need Envanto API key?

Can you please resend me the email or screenshot? This is the 1st time I hear things like this.

No, we have updated the Revolution slider. It’s fine and secure. Please check this link:

How can I change the index.php to exclude a particular category from the posts list?

Just say I have 5 categories, and I want my blog page to only show 1-5 categories.

Then I also created a new template ( a copy of the original index template) and I want that one to ONLY show category 5.

How can I do these? Thanks in advance!

This is the theme customization question. I can forward this request to our developers team, but this will cost based on the hourly rate $40/hour

Nevermind, I figured it out on my own. It was one simple line of code..and charge $40 an hour for that when the theme already cost $50… :( Love the theme..but yeah..that’s crazy.

I’ve purchased a lot of themes over the years and many even though they don’t really offer customize support..have always helped their buyers with simple stuff..this is the first theme where support was really bad.

Not one question I ask has ever been properly answered. But I figured it all out so it’s fine.

Hi there, dear Developer!

Thank you for choosing our Theme. Our team provides free help to installing the Theme and democontent at your website. Also we provide the full documentation with all the features of the Theme.

Regards, OLga

Will this theme work with wordpress 4.0

Yes it works with wordpress 4.0

Please, help. How can I remove NEWS Popular /News this and replace another thing here? please let me know.

Thanks Arif

Please open the ticket at and our developers will solve the problem asap. Regards

Sorry the right link to support is

Good day kindly show me how i can change the following details i marked on the attachment, i will appreciate

Sorry, I cannot see the attached file. Please send it to if it is still needed to fix

You do not write if this theme is fully compatible with 4.0, and I need to make sure before I buy it. Are all components compatible with 4.0?

Yes it’s compatible with with WordPress 4.0. If you will face problems, our support team will help you for free.

Hi Guys, I add events under the dashboard. It doesn’t list under the Events page. Every time, I create an Event it doesn’t list under the Events page.

Please I need your help.

Best Regards,

Send please screenshot or admin panel access to the e-mail address below.

It works well. Thank you a lot. Best Regards

Great! Feel free to contact with us if needed.

Hello good day, I have problem on my site request help. I have the event at Home “Christ Redeemer Program of Men” .mp3 audio is not playing full. You can check what’s going on?

Hi again, Adagilson. Send the admin access to, please.

Hello thanks for the reply and service. Problem solved. It was on the server. Thank you

Nice. Enjoy the Theme!

very nice theme
my question: does it support RTL ?

Hi, Besfe, Unfortunately, we didn’t make the RTL version, but we can make it for you to order.

Best regards

Hello, I am currently having problem with the revoslider. I updated the new theme and it disappeared. Now I have created a new slider but it is still not working. And the option to select a slider on the homepage is not working.

Dear, dptrax, can you please PM us your details, we’ll need to see and fix that on your station.

your email address please?

Hello once again, thanks for fixing the previous problem, There seems to be a problem with the related posts

If you scroll down to where related posts are, its not aligned well, and I cant find where to fix it.

Great, would be waiting

The related posts show this way because the first post doesn’t have a featured image Please set the featured image an then you’ll have 5 related posts :) Hope it helps

thanks a lot

I am getting an unresponsive script error Script: https://d36hc0p18k1aoc.cloudfr…modules/tintembed.js?ver=4.2.2:1121 I am using version 1.1 and wordpress 4.2 I will check for an update

I updated to the latest theme version but it still doesn’t work. It does work in Safari but not in Firefox.

Hi, dear thedesignpub,

can you please create a ticket at, and include your wp-admin and ftp credentials so that we could take a look and fix?


Nice theme. I haev some queries before i go n purchase it.R u going to provide Layered psds ??

Hi, dear Zoe, thanks for interest.

The current WordPress theme pack doesn’t include PSDs. Actually the set of PSDs can be bought separately if you only need PSDs.


where can i get those psds? here in graphicriver section ??

Oh, My bad! I confused SaintChurch with Save the World template. We don’t sell SaintChurch separately. But we have WP and HTML versions. HTML version is here: If you don’t need WordPress, you can buy HTML – it includes PSD files. If you do need WOrdPress, buy it and send me the purchase code via email, and I will send you out a zip with PSD as a bonus. :)


When is next update?

Hi, dear Nick, Well, we hope to have it by the end of summer, as we have many many irons in the fire with new themes.


Hello I tried to plug WPtouch Pro but I can not fee so What the law PROPERLY the shorcode quote I can come Solve thanks ?

Dear Myweb2,

WPtouch Pro is not one of the plugins we installed with our theme. Apparently it adds some extra class for the word Quote. We don’t know the reason, sorry. Maybe adding some Custom CSS might correct it.


Puoi conigliarmi un codice personale css in modo che posso provare? Grazie

Sorry, but it is a third-party plugin that is not on the list of plugins coming with the theme. Can you please address our extra support service? They can help you out per charge.


Nice theme

Is it possible to change to Full-Width page rather than just the boxed off pages?

Hi, dear NewYears1978, I don’t think there is a setting for that, sorry, it was an early theme of ours :)

I have a problem

I bought saintchurch theme once and I was billed twice…Please how can I get refund?


You can refund it via Themeforest -> Help -> Request a Refund.


hi, can I set the homepage post in full content instead of excerpt?


You can only display excerpt description on Home page.