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Hello I have a problem with the display more load because it loads the items in a loop instead of other items. I wordpress version 4.4.1 I wonder if it’s my version of wordpress problematic. Qty.

Hello again I handed version of wordpress 4.3.2 and it works there must be a problem with version 4.4 and following. I can not remmettre 4.4.1 because it is a site that must be online tonight normally I’ll wait. If you have any information thank you to tell me.

I have reply you in mail please check it.

hello I sent you an email

Pleas you can update this theme , for support new wordpress and contact form 7 version thanks

Hi our theme is support with wordpress latest version and contact form 7 too.

You’re asking me to wait a few days and then stopped completely to respond to messages

I have a month to wait to hear from You. How long need to wait?

hi am working on that i will let you know by this week, am sory

The week ended like a month, and nothing has changed. When You do what was promised?

Hi, waiting for you reply… Please respond.. the theme in mobile responsive is complete mess.. please fix this.. soon..

please wait am stuck on it.

any updates. ?

i still working on that.

Hello the website looks very good on this post but I must say it is not the most user friendly site to work with. Let me start by saying I am not very tech savy and have worked with sites that require minimal technical knowledge such as Color Mag that automatically re-sizes the images to make the home slider and carousel posts look uniformed. I have tried several times with Salad Mag and am not getting anywhere fast. Is there a way to get uniformity with my images (espicially on Home slider with grid) without having to go into every single posts I have done in the past and re-size them?

please give me your website link for check it.

Hello are there any updates to the above request?....I have a launch coming up and would like to have the website ready. Below is the list of things I need help with as there were no YouTube videos to help:

-Make all Images the same size -Display latest Posts in Slider -On Right Grid: Latest Posts in Music Category; Business Category, Culture -Only 1 category tag on Slider with Grid -Change Color of Category Name from blue to purple

I look forward to hearing from someone very soon on this please!

It’s been 3 weeks since You promised to correct mistakes. You just don’t respond to messages. I will be forced to report you to the administration Envato

Hi in themeforest have policy about support we can support you with bug in our theme not theme with other plugin. and the other thing we try to help too,


I’m considering to buy this theme, but I have one question if you don’t mind. The Infinite scroll featured is refered to the category and archive pages or is also in the blog post pages (as in

Thanks in advanced.

In our theme now support infinite scroll when you select category or recent post on homepage.

Please update that theme.

For example… 1) Thumbnail in same size 2) Category page without sidebar

Hi i will update our theme soon but i dont understand this point (Thumbnail in same size)


cmtusa Purchased

Hi, Wow! Best template ever. I’m trying to resolve an issue with my logo. It’s very tall and as a result there’s lots of space to right of logo. Is there a way to put social icons to right of logo to fill the space?

cmtusa Purchased

Thanks. Great theme and great support as always. How do i sign up to extend the support? I want to pay you since you’ve ben helping me despite the fact that mine is expired :)


cmtusa Purchased

Sorry. I found it. Just renewed support. Thanks so much, I really appreciate all your help.

Thanks you.

Icons do not load on my website. Please advice

please add this line code to header.php <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html;charset=UTF-8”>

Thanks for the feedback. I have done as instructed by problem still exists.

Please help.

ok please give me your website link and admin account to for check it,

I would like to know how I can Compress this theme to get faster

Hi there, i can’t add categories, when i’m under “Posts->Categories” the button to create new categories doesn’t work, it does nothing when you hit it, do you guys know what’s going on? thanks for your help.

what is your website link? i dont see your mail.

I just send you another email , please confirm if you get it well. Thanks


I want the dropdown menu or the pop-up menu does not appear when I click on the main menu, where does the problem ?

Hallo , i have this theme i need now upload but i can not i have this probleem ( php.ini ) ???

can you please give me your website link and admin account to for check it.

i send it

ok i will check and let you know in mail

This theme is not updated for an year. Will it work find with latest wordpress? should I purchase it?

and i will update it in next month too with new feature.

Are you sure, there are no security related bugs? Actually your theme is being used on a project of mine but few days ago when we asked another developer to make few changes he told me that theme we are using is not licensed and not updated. So we want to make sure that everything runs licensed and updated.

yes sure if any issue my customer will report to me


wiworks Purchased

How do I hook custom content inside “header-top-left-bar” section? I did not see hook actions.

please go to appearance -> editor -> header.php and paste your code in side this div


wiworks Purchased

I am using child theme

add header.php from main theme to child theme so you can custom it

i can’t slide my photo.. i cant find slide gallery.. please help me.. what can ı do..

How can I add a picture to the description?

please click on image slider icon on post editor

it will show detail of image slider

thank you

hello,, presale q’s… on my site ive got a header picture, is that possible with this theme?

Hi ninanina we support user who buy our theme only

its a presale question not a support..

sure it can and we can help to do it too.