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Salbuta Blog & Personal Responsive Blogger Theme

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Salbuta is a blog & personal responsive Blogger ( theme with a modern grid light & gradient, multi layouts & columns and easily customized design with a well explained documentation.

March 27, 2023 – v1.7
+ Added new posts list view style
+ Added lightbulb, kaizala, medium icons
+ Fixed low res post thumbnails
+ Fixed posts navigation repeated requests bug
+ Fixed some other reported bugs
+ Updated documentation to comply with the v1.7 version

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Theme Features

  1. Fully 100% Responsive Salbuta is fully responsive to work fine on all devices including (Desktop PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Smart phones).

  2. RTL Supported Salbuta supports RTL direction (demo 1demo 2demo 3)

  3. UiKit 3 Based Theme Salbuta is based on Uikit 3 library that gives you a suitable typography concept and many other features.

  4. Multiple Layout Styles Salbuta has Gradient, Light and Dark styles with many options to use.

  5. Custom Posts Layout Salbuta has 4 post layouts (Default Post with Right SidebarPost with Left SidebarFull Width Post with No SidebarPost with Full Width Title). Full Width Title can be added to any of the other 3 layout style.

  6. 1 & 2 Columns Salbuta has can be set to 1 Column or 2 Columns. Sidebar can be enabled or disabled in index, posts or static pages or some of them.

  7. Wavy Style Salbuta has a wave like shape in header and footer. This can be enabled or disabled as you like.

  8. Sticky Header Salbuta has a Sticky Navigation Header on top while scrolling. This can be enabled or disabled as you like.

  9. Drop & Mega Menus Salbuta 2 levels drop down menus and single & multi mega menus to show featured posts with a label of your choice. You can use Drop Down and Mega Menu as many times as you need.

  10. Home Slider Salbuta has a gadget to show featured posts in homepage in 2 style (SlideshowCarousel).

  11. Sticky Last Sidebar Gadget Salbuta has a Sticky Last Sidebar Gadget on top while scrolling. This can be enabled or disabled as you like.

  12. Grid Posts Filter Salbuta has a Grid Posts Filter to sort posts using label names that can be adjusted from the gadget. This can be enabled or disabled as you like.

  13. Grid Posts View Salbuta has a Grid Posts View option to select between expanding or shrinking posts. Expanding posts will show full posts or shrinking posts will show images only with title in a tooltip. This can be enabled to let users set the style they like or disabled and select any style as you like to be the main as you like. Also you can enable or disable shrinking for all other kind of posts including Mega posts, Related posts and Featured posts in error page. When you enable shrinking by default or user shrink them using View option, those posts will be shrunken too.

  14. Grid Posts Images Auto Height Salbuta by default has grid posts with cropped according to width and hight modifiers and have fixed size. You can enable the grid posts images to have auto height and cropped according to width modifier only.

  15. Infinite Scrolling Salbuta has the option to load more posts in the same page without redirecting to other pages. This can be enabled or disabled as you like.

  16. Highly Condensed Documentation Salbuta has a highly condensed documentation that explains every part of the theme. Also there are tools to help you create some of theme content easily.

  17. Custom Pages (Label, Archive and Search) Salbuta has custom design for the blog pages (Label, Archive and Search). With the grid posts view option.

  18. Youtube Videos Support Salbuta supports Youtube videos images. If your post doesn’t have images and have a Youtube video, the Youtube video image will be picked up automatically.

  19. Customized Social Icons Gadget Salbuta has plugin that lets you to put your social pages links inside the traditional Blogger Link List gadget to show social icons.

  20. Custom Posts Comments System Salbuta Posts Comments system has been built from zero. Every part of the has been modified to give the best design and user practice. It has a box with many nice emotions to be used by users. Also it supports Disqus comments system.

  21. Custom Error 404 Page Salbuta has an integrated, fast and simple Error 404 Page with some random posts to increase the user flow rate. This random posts can be enabled or disabled as you like.

  22. Translation Ready Salbuta has an option to edit all texts used to your preferred words or language. All these text are gathered together in one place for an easy editing and not scattered throughout the theme.

  23. Full Set of Short Codes Salbuta has a nice hand picked set of short codes including (Tabs “Vertical & Horizontal” – Accordion – Icons – Alerts – Buttons – Tooltips – Carousel – Slideshow – Grid System – Alignment Classes – Blockquotes). All these short codes in the demo are explained inside the Documentation. In addition you can use the other full Uikit 3 Short Codes.

  24. SEO & Adverts Salbuta is SEO optimized and Ads Ready as you can put your ads almost every where as (after blog header – below blog footer – in between grid posts – top of post – middle of post – below post)

  25. Structured Data Included Salbuta has a fully correctly added structured data that will enhance your blog search results in all search engines.

  26. Browsers Compatibility Salbuta Supports the major web Browsers Including (Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari and Edge).

  27. Blogger Theme Designer Salbuta supports the Blogger Theme Designer to be able to change Font, Link & Hover Colors, Background of the theme without any coding knowledge.

Theme Used Assets

I have used the following assets

Theme Demo Font

The fonts used inside the demo themes are “Poppins” font for the default version and “Changa” font for RTL version. You will be able to change the font so easily from the Blogger theme designer and choose between many of free fonts.

Theme Demo Images

I have used the images for the demo from and they aren’t included in theme files.

Change Log

March 27, 2023 - v1.7
+ Added new posts list view style
+ Added lightbulb, kaizala, medium icons
+ Fixed low res post thumbnails
+ Fixed posts navigation repeated requests bug
+ Fixed some other reported bugs
+ Updated documentation to comply with the v1.7 version

June 17, 2022 - v1.6
+ Fixed social sharing icons links when URLs sometimes the url doesn't load properly
+ Enhanced the filter and view options designs
+ Changed icons names discord to discord-square and quote-right to quote
+ Added option to show search form in the header instead of the icon
+ Added option to increase the theme width for big screens
+ Added option to adjust the homepage slideshow height
+ Added copy url button to sharing icons
+ Added bag, twitch and discord icons
+ Added lazy loading support to images
+ Added table of contents shortcode

January 6, 2022 - v1.5
+ Added new option to use Google fonts easily instead of the limited fonts of the Blogger theme designer
+ Added new option to hide top nav and its spacing
+ Added support to custom third party subscription form like Mailchimp or so
+ Added telegram to post sharing icons
+ Added Messenger icon
+ Enhanced header spacing and responsiveness
+ Enhanced resources loading performance

June 22, 2021 - v1.4
+ Added new rounded corners option.
+ Added new option to set the menu drop icons.
+ Fixed bug related to theme customize in Blogger dashboard
+ Fixed some accessibility issues
+ Fixed some reported bugs
+ Removed the license validation limitations
+ Updated inside posts ads spots to support adding multiple ads spots instead of one
+ Updated documentation to comply with the v1.4 version

June 2, 2021 - v1.3.2
+ Updated documentation to meet the new Blogger gadgets design
+ Added bitbucket social icon. You can use it immediately without the need to update the theme XML

April 24, 2021 - v1.3.1
+ Fixed images thumbnails in featured posts
+ Fixed post author profile link for authors with no links
+ Fixed the translation generate code tool in the documentation that was generating wrong code

February 4, 2021 - v1.3
+ Almost all suggested features added
+ Added pages numbering built from scratch
+ Added new option to switch homepage filter to labels (The Most Wanted Suggestion)
+ Added new big drop sub menu
+ Added Facebook comments
+ Added posts next and previous navigation and the option to disable or enable it
+ Added new option to enable or disable the side gadgets menu
+ Added link for label of the mega menu posts
+ Added tiktok, disqus, blogger, blogger-square and facebook-square social icons
+ Fixed all reported homepage slider issues
+ Fixed the scrolling bug on mobile chrome
+ Fixed the console warnings
+ Fixed the full title issue of posts with youtube videos on mobile
+ Fixed the thumbnails issue not shown in some posts
+ Fixed hidden search form issue in IOS
+ Updated documentation to comply with the v1.3 version and split the theme options section into smaller sections to be easier to follow

August 31, 2020 - v1.2.3
+ Added google-play, vk, telegram and discord social icons
+ Updated documentation to meet the new Blogger dashboard design

April 20, 2020 - v1.2.2
+ Updated documentation

April 4, 2020 - v1.2
+ Added new dark style
+ Added new home slider gadget with 2 styles
+ Added new option to control side menus styles separately to be light or dark
+ Added new option to control the cookies notification position
+ Added snapchat social icon
+ Added more ads spots and more control over ads positions (after blog header, below blog footer, in between grid posts, top of post, middle of post and below post)
+ Added more sharing social icons
+ Added Disqus comments
+ Fixed some reported bugs
+ Updated documentation to comply with the v1.2 version

May 2, 2019 - v1.1
+ Added new RTL version
+ Enhanced words translations
+ Updated documentation to comply with the RTL version

April 25, 2019 - v1.0.1
+ Enhanced grid posts filter support

April 20, 2019 - v1.0
+ Initial Release

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