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hello elyza , im going to buy this template now for my blog but i have a question : do i have control over ads ? for example : can i add more ads in single post / remove some or edit their place like adding an ad on the header ? or i just have to put ads exactly like demo version ? thank youu

Hello amrscorpio, Thank you for purchasing theme. The ads should be placed as shown in the demo but it’s possible to add ads in other places if you want. You can try to edit it through the HTML editor as the codes are so clean and easy to find. Also, there is an upcoming update that will give more control on ads placements and some more features during March. Also, i have got your email and will reply too. Regards.


bikramg Purchased

Thanks for the new updates, notification loved you guys. Please update the new version demo

You are welcome. We are now working on that.


bikramg Purchased

While updating the new version, after the headear blank space is showing,. Its looking bad, I have mailed you the screenshot, please help me out.

OK, i will check it.


I am thinking to use your template for my blog, because the theme(Template) seem to be able to suit to my blog

However I have a couple of question before I purchase the Template,

1. I wonder if it is possible that Ad(Adsense) on „Home“ page shows up continue randomly in this situation that 4 Adsense Gadgets, for example, set up in a sidebar Gadget area and there are many many Articles in blog. so Visitors would click the button „more post“. And other posts would show up and Visitors click the button „more post“ again in order to see more other posts. In this situation, is it possible that Adsense can be exposed on „Home“ page randomly and till the end of the posts in the way how your demo version shows up, even though 4 Adsense (For example) Gadgets set in.

2. In the full site Ad gadget (Header and Footer) area in „Home“ side, is it possible to add more than 1 Gadget or only 1 Gadget is avaiable?

3. Is the „Thema Option“ button shown, when visitors come to the blog? And Visitors can adjust „Thema Options“?

4. Is „Multiple filter“ available? What i meant is that not only one filter ,for example in your demo version, „fashion“ is filtered but also „fashion“ and „happy star“ are filtered at the same time

5. Is it possible to get rid of only the icon „Filter“ and „view“,Specially „Filter“ ? (But the text icons of the filter and and „Expand“ and „Abstract“ icons of views should be available)

6. I wonder if it is possible to adjust „Side Gadget“ on and off. (disappear and appear)

7. There are now 7 Versions for Salbuta Blog & Personal Responsive Blogger Theme so far. If i purchase this template, can I use all versions and i can change later another version as well? Or I can use only one version and I should buy it again if i would like to use another version.

Thank you for the answer in advance and I’m looking forward to it


hello orange777blue, Thank you for your interest.

1. Yes, ads will keep showing up as long as new posts load when clicking on “More Posts” button regardless of the ads provider.

2. Yes, you can add more than 1 gadget.

3. No, that button is just in the demo to show up the options that you – the blog admin – can edit in the theme as explained in the documentation but it won’t be available to the visitors.

4. It’s a single filter only, it shows posts with the label name selected. And of course, you can choose which label names to be shown in the filter.

5. It’s not in theme options but yes, it’s possible to do it like the following image using a very small edit in CSS and i can let you know how to add it.

6. It’s always enabled but also it’s possible to do it like the following image using a very small edit in CSS and i can let you know how to add it.

7. All these versions are the same theme file and can be modified using theme options. You are free to use any of it or change it at any time on your blog.


When I am going to buy this template…then I saw that there is no breadcrumbs for this template…so I stopped my buying. Can you add breadcrumbs ? Because nowadays its very helpful for us for more page views or other purpose.

Thank you udayskr for your suggestion, we will consider this in our coming updates.

Hello Elyza 

Before I buy your Template, I have a question.

1. Are you going to develop the function “Random Post” for another update soon?
 (Showing Post in random; No matter when it has posted, the website shows posts not timely manner but in random)

 Because it wouldn’t look so good, if the posts on “Home Slide” in Carousel Demo appear the same posts on “Blog posts Gadget” because it show the posts which are recently posted first.

1-1 Or if the main posts on the main Home show randomly, it would be really fantastic.

2. I wonder, if the users who have bought your template can continue using it in the future as well, even though neither you operate this website(Template) business nor the website company (themeforest.net) works any more (Bankrot, hopefully not :) )? 

According to my experience, the developers who sell the template use some documentation.html or documentation system. (Users access to somewhere using something.html And it is possible that users who have bought the template can generate code with the documentation.html easily.

Because users access to this system. And they copy the code which is generated for the layout option which is by user’s wish. 

 Is your document system like that? If it is so, I wonder, if this generating code system for Layout option is connected to your (Server) system and you can manage it? So that if this system does not exist anymore, can users who have bought your website(Template) not generate another code for another layout option anymore?


Hello, thank you for your interest. For the your questions, 1. The home slider in both styles just shows posts with a label name you select. In the demo number of posts are low so, the label name used has some posts that are placed on home. So, you can handle it by yourself and select which posts to be shown on home slider. No sorry, there is no intention to add a feature to make it random in the future updates. 2. Important scripts and styles are hosted on our server to insure fast and vast way to fix any bugs that could arise and deliver them directly to clients without the need to wait some days until a new update becomes approved and be available for the download. However all files used inside the theme are included in the downloaded files and for any reason you could use them inline or host them on your own server whether. 3. The documentation is also included in the downloaded files and can be accessed offline. Regards.

Is there a version of this template for the WordPress platform?


Elyza Author

No sorry, there is no version for it on WordPress.


fielddev Purchased

Nice Template, I have a question how to change post thumbnail image on home feed to square 1:1? thank you


Elyza Author

Hello fielddev, Thank you for your kind words. Please, check your inbox i have replied to your email. Regards.

The new version does not load the entries by pressing the button more post

hello Juan1224, The v1.2 has new options and updated codes. So, you need to check the updated documentation parts specially “Theme Options” section to be able to use it properly.