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Good idea , good luck :)

Thank you friend :)

Examples of Bad Titles

  • “THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE” – Do not use all caps.

Yes testmyname, I already know this but unfortunately I have missed this time. Sorry for my mistake :(. I will make update request after this weekend. Hope it will be okay then. Thanks for your support. Best wishes :)

Got it. Kind regards!

Great email marketing theme… GLWS…

Thanks AtomTech for your support :).

Does each image support independent links ? Or is whole pages one click through?

Hi 100XTV,

Yes, each image has separate links so that you can use your specific links where need.

Thanks for your interest.

Great Work! Good luck with sales. :)

Thanks you pixlandmedia for your support :).

Exchanger, nice template you got here.

However, changing your title is 2 seconds of work, either with an update or an e-mail to envato.



Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your helpful info. I am sending an update request now.

Your works are also very nice :)

Keep in touch.

Thanks Monowar

Hi Kevin,

I have sent update request for title change but it not changed yet.

What can I do now?

Any suggestion?

Thanks and take care

Hi, I am a new html user so I’m afraid using a responsive template will be complicated. Is there a non-responsive version of it? Many thanks!

Hi samysalajan,

Thanks for purchase my template.

It’s not a problem to use the responsive version. You can simple use this as regular html like just copy paste the html in dreamweaver like for any other.


Does this work with mailchimp?

Yes, It works with Mailchimp.


Does this work in aweber?

Yes, This will work for Aweber.