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Happy Elite Day! ;)

Thanks imangm!

A few questions, the first one is about embedded videos again.

1. When I click “Watch Video” on a video I have embedded in the portfolio, the video shows up small in size even though I have changed the size of the video in the embed code. How can I change that? Here’s the link to the portfolio page

2. How can I add more portfolios? On the “Directors” page ( I want basically the same layout as on the portfolio page. When you click on a director, I want their projects to show up. Is this possible in Salient?

Once again, thanks for this great theme and support.

Hey Slaughterhousefilm!

1. The popup videos have to be 800px width on desktop because that’s the size set for the responsive styling, but you have control over the height.

2. :)

You’re welcome!

And oops, I managed to remove and lose the .iframe embed code in the CSS. Can you post it here, please?

Sure, here you go :)

.iframe-embed {
    position: relative;
    padding-bottom: 54.25%;
    padding-top: 25px;
    height: 0;
    margin-bottom: 15px;

.iframe-embed iframe {
    position: absolute;
    top: 0;
    left: 0;
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;

Does the RECENT WORK feature on the homepage show recent blog posts? I wouldn’t be using any portfolios, but would need a way to feature recent blog posts on the homepage.


Hey hannahwillette!

There is a recent posts home layout, yes. But it isn’t in a carousel.

Is there a way I can see it before purchasing?

Can I ask is it possible to change the slider dimensions? 1. Rather than fixed with can set it to align with the content width? 2. Can you also change the height of the images?

Thanks in advance

Hey jhana!

You have complete control over the width, and there is an option for image resizing in the slider options :)

Hello, I wonder if you would change the link of the portfolio. As in this example: Thank you.

You’re welcome!

Awesome work on the theme! Love it! Quick question- Am I able to remove the ‘search’ function up top on the menu bar?


Thanks stenuto!

Yes you can :) Check out this ticket:

hey themenecter,

im still cruising through my modifications— your template is such a pleasure to work with!

question about the portfolio post page, next and last navigation on the upper right. i’d like to remove those, but keep the grid button that shoots ya back to the main portfolio page. possible?

also, i’d like to remove the line that appears below the tabbed section boxes, is this an easy fix?

again, thanks so much! emily

Oh i see now..Enter this into your Custom CSS Box :)

#sidebar div ul li {
  border-bottom: 0px!important;

once again perfect THANKS!

and now, what i hope is the last query: i’ve scanned through previous posts trying to find this answer but none where quite it. im simply looking to remove the menu and search bar (already done that), and replace it with static text (address and phone number). is this a quick fix or a more custom job.

Okay, well my response in here keeps getting screwed up by autoformatting so I’m gonna answer this on the support forum instead. Please open a ticket ASAP with a descriptive title relating to your question and I’ll paste the answer :)

Hi, I bought your theme. How I can take linkable the pic of the carousel in About Page? Is it a .php or html widget?

Hey ViceAdv!

Ironically another buyer just asked about this on the forum, I’ll be answering regarding the issue later tonight. Check back at this ticket:


I love the responsive nature of your theme, but the header images on each page of my site don’t seem to be behaving responsively. Any idea why this is?

Each header is sized 2000×500px.


I got the header on the index page to resize properly by uploading it to the Home Slider area of my Dashboard. However the headers for Portfolio, Resume and Contact do not resize. I added them in the Pages section of the Dashboard, under “Page Header Settings.”

Is there a way I can get those 3 headers to resize in the same way as the one on the index page?

I haven’t touched the source code, btw. Thanks!

Okay, try adding this to your Custom CSS Box in the Salient options panel:

@media only screen  and (max-width : 690px) {
     #page-header-bg {
         height: 350px!important;

Hi ThemeNectar!

I’m having an issue with the short codes. When I try to insert a short code using the shortcode icon in the page dashboard it acts like it’s going to open and then the page turns white and nothing happens. I’ve emptied my cache and tried in Firefox, Chrome and Safari with no luck. Do you have a list of short codes that I can use to manually enter them?

Thanks, Sarah

What is the link to your support forum?

Thanks, I added a private ticket.

So, Now i have a lot of problem with your theme !!

01_ can i add more than one portfolio page? 02_ how can i add sidebar in portfolio page? 03_ how can i add sidebar in portfolio single page ?

And much more :D

I’m glad you’re happy about that! :p


2. You’d have to modify the page-portfolio.php template to include one.

3. There is always a sidebar in the portfolio single page. It’s content is filled out from the main editor. If you’re talking about a widget sidebar area, that would require file modifications.

If you need help doing any of these custom modifications, I have a developer I can recommend. Just PM and i’ll get you in touch with him :)

:D i think i am going to be happy for this theme :D

hi themenectar,

is there a way to apply the icon shortcode to the titles of the portfolio items. that would be totally awesome. thanks in advance

Hey xhammertimex!

That would require some custom development because you’d need a new input of some sort to choose your desired icon per item.

Hi, i like your theme a lot!

In the About Team page, the carrousel of the members, they have external links like facebook, twitter and Youtube… how can i add a link there that open in the same window

Here is my page , when i click the “about me” in any member at the carrousel, it opens in a new window and i want to be opened in the same window

Thanx in advance

Hey omar_d_ruiz, thanks for purchasing the theme!

You can stop the automatic opening of new windows by editing the shortcode-processing.php file located in nectar/tinymce. Once you have that open, run a search for

$target = 'target="_blank"'; 
And change that to:
$target = '';

Thanx a lot for your fast response! its all done! very grateful

Great to hear! Cheers :)

damage, the footer is not set at the bottom of page.

Hey Dams20, I don’t understand what you mean. Are you saying the footer on your site setup is not flush on the bottom?

Hi ThemeNectar, your theme is impressive.

I want to purchase it.

However, I have a question, though it is very appealing, I was wondering whether there is an option to have a view of the following slides of the sliders like in this theme?

(Right below the slider)

Thank you.

Hey Skybox7,

Unfortunately, that’s not possible with the included slider. You’d have to use an alternative slider for that.

Hi, I just purchased this theme and installed it on wordpress. now I’m having a problem I can’t find the shortcodes widget on wordpress. please help. thanks!

Hello jmbsabariaga!

The shortcode generator is located directly in your editor as the yellow “N”. Make sure you’re in the visual tab or else you won’t see it :)

Please I need your help, I can’t find the shortcode generator.

jmbsabariaga, I was asleep :p I’ve answered your question below.

Thanks. Last question there’s no contact form on the shortcode for the contact page like on your sample? Or i will install it via plugin? What plugin do u recommend.


The form used in the demo was created using the Contact Form 7 plugin. Install that, configure your own form and drop the shortcode it gives you on your contact page wherever you desire :)


How can you change the extension of …/portfolio to something else?


Hey neibohood,

You can configure that slug in your portfolio options tab in the Salient options panel. Just remember to resave your permalinks after doing so :)