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hello darling :) i can’t found contact form plugin i want contact page like contact page in a demo contact form in left text, paragraph in right

forget that comment on top :)

Hey m-elgendy! I’m glad you figured out what you needed help with :)

I’m having trouble with my featured image and columns.

1. When putting my photos in the featured image section, once I save it they come out looking smashed. Resized in a couple different ways and still getting the same results.

2. My columns on my homepage are off on the right side. Some are bigger than others. Please help!

I posted a ticket on themenectar but it’s been two days since anyone as replied to my post. I know you guys are busy, but I would greatly appreciate the help!


Hey stephieburrr,

Sorry for the delay in responding, but as you guessed I am super swamped. While I do my best, there is still a queue for support issues and I thank you for being patient.

I’ll make sure to answer your ticket tonight. :)

Hi ~! I have a question. 1. I want to change the button color and shadow. 2. Copyright footer of the two is shown.

My site:

What should I do?

The shadow will update automatically when you change the buttons color. Here’s a ticket I wrote up on the subject :)

Copywriter has problems. Two are shown. Please help me

jumpnwow, I don’t quite understand what you mean. Can you explain in more detail?

Hi ~! Answer Thank you. Is the question again. Button color, button hover color, shadow, I want to change the color of the button border.

I want to modify the source file, what do I do?

Search for the class ”.nectar-button” in the style.css stylesheet in the root of your theme :)

How to add captions with clickables on the slider on the homepage?? the one with the slider and clickable captions on the homepage

forget my questions =) it’s okay now. thanks again.

Glad you figured it out! :)

Hi I have a question again, columns makes me confused. whenever I try to create a one half column. I want the first paragraph on the left then the second paragraph on the right. but the problem is the two paragraphs are retaining on the left side. see the picture.

Here’s my code:

Also for the portfolio section. I can’t figure out when I clicked the image for more details it turned black. the thumbnail is working. but the big image no.

Last, I want to change “sort porfolio” the nav to “sort products” how can I change that?name? please. thanks.

Nevermind my questions. I figured it out. you should’ve put a note on the user guide that we need to install the .xml file. =)

Just these questions perhaps.

1. I want to change “sort porfolio” the nav to “sort products” how can I change that?name? please.

2. And under portfolio on the nav. for ex. when I clicked on one category for ex: photography I want the gallery just the photography? bec I don’t want to click the navigation tab for sort portfolio- because it’s confusing for the user. is that possible?? and when the user just clicked the portfolio. it will show all the works thanks.

There is a note right in the “First Steps” Section of the user guide that states, “After you have installed the theme successfully, you can optionally import the supplied dummy data in order to get a feel for things. If you would rather skip that and continue setting up your theme, please continue below.” :)

1. You have the ability to change that right in the portfolio options tab in your options panel.

2. The closest thing you can do to that is this:


New on this platform. Just tried to load the slider of the theme. Followed all the steps in the tutorial. But no slider on the homepage. This is my site:

Can you help me?



Hey Hans!

It looks like you have not assigned one of the home page layouts to your page in the “Page Attributes” box. Make sure to do that as well as set your home page as the front page in Settings > Reading :)

Thanks for your quick reply. It works!


Cheers :)


would it be possible to change the width of the feature image in single porfolio page and the side box? I can manage to change the side box size (280px) but not the feature image. Pls help


Yes actually, I will be releasing an update that contains various bug fixes and WP 3.6 compatibility. There will also be an HD video tutorial series released as well :)

Awesome! :)

Also, is there a way to change the mobile site’s menu icon?


There’s always a way ;)

Just edit/replace the icon at img/icons/responsive-menu.png

oh, sorry I should’ve read the user guide carefully. lol.

I already checked that ticket and tried it but it’s confusing, when you say copy and paste the page-portfolio.php and give it a new name.? i don’t get it. pls elaborate. thanks

jmsabariaga, In your theme folder where all of the files are located, you need to duplicate the page-portfolio.php file and name it something new. e.g. page-my-category-portfolio.php

“Change Search Text ?? ”

Hi there how can you change the Text from “Type Here …. ” in the Search bar at the top? Many thanks
That can be changed the in the searchform.php file :) Just change both of the instances of it at this line:
<input type="text" name="s" value="<?php echo __('Start Typing...', NECTAR_THEME_NAME); ?>" data-placeholder="<?php echo __('Start Typing...', NECTAR_THEME_NAME); ?>" />

Hi there thanks for your help, can I add this to custom CSS or is it best to do in Dash editor or Cpanel?


Natalie, that’s actually not CSS code so it wouldn’t work in the box. You need to make the modification to that line inside of the searchform.php file which is located in the root of the theme folder.

How do I change the background color from white to something else? I’d also like to change the footer from gray to something else…

Hello sahimthadream,

For some reason I can’t see your “purchased” tag, have you already bought the theme?

Hey guys, how do I control what thumbnail is used when I post a link to my Salient site on Facebook. I am getting an option for 2 thumbnail images on FB but neither are what I desire. Also, I am not seeing a thumbnail of the site at all when I post to LinkedIn. Can you please advise? Many thanks for your continued assistance, really appreciate it.

Hey Bloom!

Try using a plugin like this to have more control over the images:

Hi, I have purchased your theme a few days ago and I love it!
However I have an issue with extended content in portfolio. I can’t format it, it ignores new paragraphs and collapses all the text into one.
Is this a common problem or happens only to me?
I’d really love to use external content in an extended way, please let me know about this issue!

Hey rimi2305!

The extended editor is setup to function the same as all of the other editors in WP, it shouldn’t smash your content into one line. Would you mind opening a private ticket regarding this on the support forum with a URL to the page in question and your admin credentials.


Hey themenectar. Very nice theme! Is it also possible to skip the “view larger” and “more details” button on the portfolio, so that when you click, you’ll get redirected to the specific portfolio item?

Hey JoeyvanBoxel!

Yes, I have actually posted a guide on doing so on the support forum. If you’ve already bought the theme let me know and I’ll give you a link to the thread :)

I followed your instructions I duplicated the portfolio etc. but still I’m having a problem. under the portfolio nav when I clicked mash or pellet/crumble all of the products is still showing up. but I already categorized it. with tags?

please check here

here’s the codes for the portfolio section

please. please help me.

thank you.

Have you assigned that new page template to your category pages for mash & pellet/crumble?

You need give it a new name at the top of the file where it says

/*template name: Portfolio */
and then you will be able to select it in your page attributes.