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hey mr. nectar!

i have bothered you with questions for the last couple days but i’m feeling my website is just the way i wanted it to be if i had hired someone to do it.. so, thanks for that! :)

one of the last things i’m trying to do is, i’d like to have a fullwidth portfolio, with no gaps between the thumbnails, but with 3 rows of images instead of 4, is that possible?

also, is it possible to delete the project header entirely? i mean not just to hide the boxes/title/arrows, i have already done that, but now there is a big gap until my project images start to appear.


Hey ricpolisel!

1. This would require modding the css/js files to accommodate the different column number – I do actually also plan on adding more control over the max constraint in the theme itself in future updates :)

2. Add this:

.project-title .single-portfolio #page-header-bg {
  display: none!important; 


alright, thanks man! it didn’t work at first but i found another answer here that did the job.. about the first question: that would be awesome! looking forward to that update! cheers

You’re welcome :)


Please can you let me know how to change the woocommerce css styling for the X marks (to remove products) on the view cart page.

Thanks in advance :)


The selector for that is:

.woocommerce table.cart a.remove {

so you’d essentially need to set a background image and hide the x inside e.g.
.woocommerce table.cart a.remove {
  text-indent: -9999px;
  background-image: url('your-bg-img.jpg');

How can we add retina images into the parallax version of the nectar slider? I’ve added the @2x scripts. Works for all other images on the site but being overridden in the slider.

Hey graphicmonkey,

i’m not sure what plugin/scripts you’re using but since the slider uses background images instead of actual img tags it’s probably bypassing them.


Is there a way to get the author card and the comments to stay in the left content column under the blog?


aww! but I like the Ascend skin

Looks like I switched it by placing the single.php in my child theme and changes the ”!=” to ”=” visa-versa

Hey again – I’m glad to hear you found the answer :)

Hi ThemeNectar, :)

Could we have an ‘Enable Swipe on Desktop’ feature/option for Testimonials at some point (the same kind of feature/option that we have for Nectar Slider already)? That would be a very nice and user-friendly feature. Also, and more importantly, it would make the user experience even more coherent IMHO.

Thank you for the amazing work once again! And have a nice day. :)

Best Wishes, Teemu

Hey Teemu,

Thanks for the request – the functionality to swipe the testimonial slider for all devices is already on by default. If you wish to turn it off it would require a javascript mod to the init.js currently

Cheers :)

Oh, it is, Great! :) Thanks. :)

You’re welcome :)

How is the integration with Ubermenu? 100% compatible? Or some tweaking required?


Hey dxeptive! You’d need to follow the ubermenu integration guide or use the child theme they provide:

I have a bug with SSL for the section “google map” that isn’t supported with SSL. It won’t load the map for security reasons.

Hey Maximesincerny, this is a bug that will be fixed in the minor update coming out tomorrow :)

Im having a problem since the latest upgrade, its creating some kind of loop that locks up my entire server. Is anyone else having a problem like this? Just looking for info prior to reinstalls?

thanks Aaron

Hey Aaron,

Is it happening in the admin panel or on the front end? Since there’s been no similar reports I’d need to log in to check on what’s happening – could you open a ticket in regards?

Ok so after 48 hours of process of elimination, the problem is with the nginx server running on Linux…something appears to set it to a lock state requiring a terminal stop/start set of commands to get it going again.

Anyway, for now I have shut down nginx server and reconfigured linux to run without it.

Still not completely sure if its originating from the theme or the new Wordpress version, unfortunately i updated both at the same time.

Thanks for the additional information – I know there are quite a few users using nginx instead of apache so that’s odd – were you upgrading a from a very old release or coming from 4.1 prior to the latest upgrade?


I need to change the background color but it doesn’t work. I’ve tried

body {
background: blue !important;

and it doesn’t work. Any help? I didn’t see any options for toggling color in the salient dashboard.


Hey jjezjay, please see my response to your previous comment in regards :)



I have a question about the nectar slider. I saw that it can accommodate 2 buttons, is there a way that it can accommodate more, like 4?

Yes – but you’d need to paste the buttons into the actual caption field of the slider rather than using the default slide button options – this way you can paste as many as you need inside

Is there a shortcode or somewhere in the css files that I can copy and use the down arrow in the nectar slider elsewhere on the site? I have a parallax background like you used on one of the demo’s instead of a slider but I would love to include the down arrow since it takes up the whole screen still. Thanks!

Hey ChrisConner,

unfortunately there’s no shortcode for that as of now but it’s on the wishlist :)


hey there, i’ve got a problem, so when i make my header transparent, theres a space, black on safari and white on chrome, i don’t want that space at all, this #header-space { display: none!important; } solves it however, i need a space because my content reaches to the very top, i could fix with a padding but it requires more than 50px just to get to the bottom of the hear, is there a way to set the spacing to race the bottom of the header without the white/black space i get?


body {
background: white !important;
kinda does the job, but if theres a way as i described let me know thanks

Hey Juniormc,

is there anyway you can share your URL so I can check this out for you?


Hi, Just trying to find out if i can change the text on the navigation for a specific word.

See below an example of what im trying to do with the theme for the word #LeaveAMark in the header.

Please let me know, thank you.

Hey SebastianThiel,

Are you trying to change the text when the link it clicked after you’re on the page itself?


No, i just want the color to be different so that It stands out on menue. Its going to be a link to a campaign, so i want it to stand out for a little while in the menu. Hope that makes sense.

Hey again – add this into the custom css box in your Salient options panel:

#header-outer #menu-item-2824 a {
  color: #ba2323!important;

Hi guys,

Fantastic theme! Just a quick question! I have created a new page called Portfolio and the permalink becomes (exactly what I want) and when I create something in my portfolio it is /portfolio/.... (again what I want) however when I go to /portfolio it shows Portfolio Archives and its empty. Not 100% sure where I am going wrong!

Thanks Ryan

Hey ryanjohnstondesign,

anyway you can share the URL so I can check this out?


Hi Nectar,

Sorry if this seems dumb, I know I can change the font sizes in the typography section, but how do I change the font size of the secondary menu at the very top? Thanks!!!

Hey powerhound!

Add this into the custom css box located in your Salient Options panel:

#header-secondary-outer nav > ul > li > a {
    font-size: 14px !important;


HI! I Have a problem with include a Gallery into a Tabbed Section, but isnt working well…

i tried to Put Try to add this: into this section of the init.js file located in the js folder $(‘body’).on(‘click’,’.tabbed > ul li a’,function(){ right before the return false;


But still isn’t working. Please Help With This!

Hey Carolina_Pe,

Can you share your URL that contains this element so I can take a peek?


First off, really nice theme. I have a few questions:
1. Do you include demo content for all three demos included on the live preview?
2. Also your portfolio is very cool, is it included?
3. Does the theme have any conflicts with Hide My WP?

THanks mtmfx :)

1. Yes, three separate dummy data files are included for you to import as desired.

2. Yes it is, just the images are replaced with placeholders.

3. I am unaware of any issues with that plugin.



Please can you let me know how to change contact form design? i wanna change to your new theme(ASCEND DEMO) contact form.

i wanna know source codes ;-)

i love your theme!!!

Hey vivid85,

You just need to activate the ascend skin in your general settings tab of the theme options panel :)



Please can you let me know how to disable the smoothness of page scrolling. I have disabled the “Styled Scrollbar / Smooth Scrolling” from the theme settings but after the 4.5.1 update scrolling became smooth even when its disabled. Actually this is some other kind of smoothness because when this option is enabled from the admin panel the scrollbar changes too. And the reason why I want to completely disable the smoothness of scrolling is because of it my website user behaviour analysing tool isn’t working.

Hey hellodesigner,

delete the:

//chrome ss<pre> from the init.js file located in the js folder of the theme directory. :)


Thanks, that helped me.

You’re welcome :)

Hey there, sorry to bother you.. I have been trying to figure out contact 7 form styling forever and I was just wondering if you could tell me how to do this:

I want to use the salient button class in the contact form 7 for the “send” button. So.. in contact form 7 when the button looks like the buttons I generate with nectar shortcodes and the other buttons you see on the demo of salient.

How would I do that??? Great theme, thank you in advance.

Hey abovesound,

Enter this into your CF7 form creation box :)

<a class="nectar-button large extra-color-2 regular-button" href="#" data-color-override="false" data-hover-color-override="false" data-hover-text-color-override="#fff" style="visibility: visible;"><span>Medium Button</span> </a>


I will give it a try, thank you so much :)

You’re welcome :)

I get capital letters in headers no matter what I do in the typography admin. I am using Lovelo…

If you want to take a look you can still login using the credentials I’ve created for another issue.


Hey fredrics1,

The lovelo font only exists in an uppercase style – if you switch fonts you’ll see that the upper/lowercase selection works as you’d expect :)