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Hi ThemeNectar. How are you?!

I just bought the theme a week ago. Very, very nice theme!

I’m having some issues with it and i need your help here!

1. Is it possible to get rid of the “view larger” and keep the “more details” button? Ow, and also change the text of the “more details” ?

2. Change the size and color of the footer.

Thanks for your help!

Cheers, Marcello

Hey Marcello!


.portfolio-items .col .work-item .work-info a.pp {
   display: none!important;

Edit your template files, (page-portfolio.php, template-home-x.php) to change the wording. Just run a search for “more details” :)


Hi TN!! Works perfectly!!!

Thank you very much!!!

You’re very welcome!

Hi there, I have been looking at buying salient for a while now. I love the design and its very close to being perfect for my needs, There are just a two things I would like to ask before making my decision.

1. infinite scrolling or show more option – rather then pagination to save time and make searching easier for visitors. (blog and portfolio)

2. Masonry for blog- personally a big fan of blog masonry would be nice to have the option.

Please let me know if you are thinking of implementing these into a future Salient update.

Came across a new them which is similar and implements masonry but have to be honest I do still prefer Salient. Just food for thought.

Keep up the great work! (theme i was referring to)

Hey 2simpl!

It’s possible I will consider a masonry layout for the blog, but it’s up in the air as of now. I probably won’t add infinite scrolling though on this theme though.

I’m glad to hear you still prefer the original ;)

Hi ThemeNectar

Thanks for a great theme!

I’m having a problem with the tag page. The main navigation doesn’t display and I can’t figure out why. I haven’t touched any of the template files that the page uses. Can you help?



Hey David!

Would you mind opening a ticket on the support forum with your URL so I can see what’s wrong?

Thanks :)

Hi there,

I’ve just purchased Salient, and it looks beautiful.

I have 1 question:

Would it be possible to somehow make the frontpage like a one-page theme? Ie. make the menus to link to specific anchors on the home page (like or etc)?

I’m a PHP-coder by day – and have other responsive theme which is a one-page, and here I just do Team and then have a <section id=team> somewhere on the page :)

Thanks for any input to making this theme even more valuable! :)

Hey outsourcers!

It would require you to essentially paste all the sections you want into the home template your using and then add a jQuery plugin like scrollto ( to bind events for your nav to run a scrollTo function based on the their hash. Are you also comfortable with the JS library jQuery?


A quick question, I’m trying to follow the instructions to create a child theme, in the manual it says that I should copy colors, custom and fonts files both the php and css versions. However, in the css folder of the theme I can only find colors.php, custom.php and fonts.php and not the css files. Am I doing something wrong?


The new user guide with the latest version should actually not have a child theme section anymore. (If you’re looking at the one embedded in the theme in the Theme Information tab, that version might be cached as an old version) Basically, if you’re on v1.5 you don’t need to do anything special to set up a child theme anymore; no more copying any files over :)

Ah, then it was the cached version that I checked. Thanks for the clarification!

No problem nilskarlen!

Hi there & thanks very much for the prompt response earlier!

We have an issue wit this site >> when viewing on iphone4 the images below show the problem of images in the footer & a random image in the Client slider being the wrong way around …



Hoping you can help as I can’t see this happening with any other mobile device!


That’s the weirdest problem I’ve seen posted yet with the iPhone 4, haha. I’ll take a look into it. :)

Great thanks very much! I know it’s stumped me also! & I checked on another iphone4 yday & it is still there :-/ unfortunately!

Strange! Do you see that same thing happening on the live demo for the clients section?

I apologize if this was asked before, but i couldn’t seem to find an answer.

I currently have a logo setup and i was wondering if i can adjust the height postion of the menu because its not aligned with the bottom edge of my logo.


Okay thanks,

so if you want to adjust that alignment, you’ll have to open up the init.js file, located in the js folder, and search for the nav section. Inside of that area, find the parts in the headerInit, smallNav and bigNav functions that relate to the padding given to links. It looks like this:

$('header#top nav > ul > li > a').stop(true,true).animate({
    'padding-bottom' : (((logoHeight-shrinkNum)/2) - ($('header#top nav > ul > li > a').height()/2)) + headerPadding / 1.8,
    'padding-top' : ((logoHeight-shrinkNum)/2) - ($('header#top nav > ul > li > a').height()/2)
},{queue:false, duration:250, easing: 'easeOutCubic'});    

Adjust your padding top to be more and padding bottom to be less. I know this probably feels daunting, so if you need to have a developer handle it for you just let me know and I’ll get you in touch with one :)


I’ll grab a cup of tea and see if i can do it first :)

Thanks Nectar :)

You’re welcome!

Hi again,

Another question: since updating to the latest version yesterday I have the problem that others have reported namely that the shortcode generator does not work anymore. When I click on it the popup window appears, but its all white. I’ve tried the actions suggested in the FAQ to no success. Any suggestion how to solve this?

Thanks again, Nils

Ticksy hasn’t updated their docs yet for the new ThemeForest UI, click download > License Certificate

Great, ticket submitted now :)

Thanks, I’ll be with you soon!

Hey Salient,

Having an issue with firefox and a plugin i’m using to display listings in an iframe. Occasionally the footer floats up over the listing page or an individual listing when clicked. Any ideas? Thanks!

Haha, that’s the first time I’ve been called “Salient” :p

Enter this into your Custom CSS Box :)

.iframe-embed {
  height: auto!important;
  padding-bottom: 0px!important;
.iframe-embed iframe {
  position: relative!important;

Haha thanks for the fix! I wanted to be very targeted in my communication with you ;)

hey themenecter three questions:

1- curious how to remove the little vertical line that appears inbetween the favicon and the page title on the page tag.

2- id like the link colors to be different than the highlighted color within the them options… even just a small dotted underline would do. possible?

3- also, is it possible to speed up the slideshow within the portfolio posts?

many thanks, emily

No problem!

You can try editing the title tag in your header.php file, but there shouldn’t be a line there by default.

great! will do.

is it possible to have the title of the portfolio post appear when rolling over the image?

again, thanks, you’ve been such a terrific help.

You’re very welcome :)

You could accomplish that by finding this section in your portfolio templates:

echo '<a href="' . get_permalink() . '">'.__("More Details", NECTAR_THEME_NAME).'</a>'; ?>

and changing it to this:

echo '<a href="' . get_permalink() . '">'.the_title().'</a>'; ?>


Can’t wait to see what you do next!!!

Thanks CrucialCounty! I’ll make sure to blow you away with the next one ;)

How can I update?

Hi Tnectar I Figured out the update question above, but have another one: how can I control the tracking spaces in fonts? I want to give a little separation in between character.. Thanks in advance buddy!

Hey jaraujo! You need to first target the necessary elements on your site to alter and then add the letter spacing rule. Here’s an example with the body of your site:

body {
   letter-spacing: 1px!Important;

Hey guys, a couple quick qstns. Firstly I can’t see a License Certificate next to my purchased ‘regular license’ at my themeforest downloads page so can’t open a ticket for the minute. I have added the code as suggested earlier to keep the header the same size when viewing on the iphone, how can I use a larger, centred version of the mobile menu icon?

my site isn’t displaying as responsive on my mobile, I have responsive turned on in the salient theme options. It also isn’t opening to the ‘home’ page and the header menu’s arent directing anywhere… I’ve only added typekit fonts to the theme..

and finally, where would I find the padding code located to reduce the border on the header, page content and footer?

thanks guys, great theme!!

Maybe a plugin of some sort placed it there or something with your server?

Thanks!! all sorted now, was redirecting to temp url

Another one, how can we in crease the home slider text size and remove the black bar from behind. Cheers!

1. In your typography options, choose open sans > book for the font and change the size to whatever you desire.


#featured article .post-title h2 span {
   background-color: transparent!important;
   box-shadow:0px 0px 0px!important;

Fantastic, cheers

No problem :D

Hi again, Turns out I do have another question..

My carousels on this page are jumping about and not scrolling correctly. All images are the same size. Any idea what iv done wrong?


Hello, Before I purchase this theme I just want to make sure that the 4 icons and text right below the hompage slider can be made into clickable links to other pages on the site. Please let me know if this is possible! thank you

Yes, you would just have to wrap them in regular HTML links in the text view :)

Sorry I got it! One [/carousel] was in italics. Fine tooth comb stuff this web world!

Glad you found the issue yourself Jack!

Hello there, I’m wondering about this theme’s PSD files. Are included?

Hey elesefe! No PSD included, but all the images used throughout the theme are easy to edit .pngs

Hi guys,

Fantastic theme!

Just one thing: When in responsive mode (small browser window) the logo at the top of the screen shrinks right down. Is there anyway way of maintaining the logos size when responding to screen size?


Hey pdcsheffield, thanks for purchasing the theme! See this ticket:

Daaang that was a fast response!


Cheers pdcsheffield :D