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In trying to use Permalinks/Post Name for blogs, it seems to have broken the links for my main logo and other content on the site.

What’s the workaround for this?

How did you get the text beside the video on the second slide of your demo? I’m hosting a video on Vimeo and can’t get the video larger, nor text beside the video like yours. (Video is in an IFrame).

1. This is the support forum link:

2. If you add text right into your caption box like a regular slide, it will get formatted to the right automatically.

Great, done.

Hi there – apologies if this isn’t the right place to ask this question! I’ve installed the template, which I’m completely obsessed with, haha. I was wondering if it’s possible to change the color of the dark footer area.

Any insight would be helpful! :)

Hey sjandu, thanks for buying the theme!

The support forum is the best place to ask questions like this, check out this ticket in regards to it:


Hi there,

Live Preview down??

Hey designova,

yes, unfortunately my server crashed while I was sleeping so it was down way too long. Sorry about that!

Is WooCommerce integrated with this? if not, will it be soon? I would may my purchase decision on that. Thanks.

You’re welcome! I’ll make sure to keep you updated if it gets added down the road :)

no worries. If we buy the theme, we’ll install it ourselves, format it, etc… so if you want the WooCommerce themed code… let me know ;)

Thanks for the offer Milo, you’re a good dude :)

Is it possible to custom sort portfolio items?

thank you

Hey dguser!

You can either change the date on your items (items are listed from newest to oldest by default) or you can use a plugin like this: to get a drag and drop UI for sorting them :)

Awesome ty!

You’re welcome!

Using – to scan your demo site, is there a reason or a way to make it perform better and faster?

Hey Milo! If you inspect what the report tells you, ( you’ll see that the important recommendations are to:

Leverage browser caching, Enable gzip compression – both server related

Minify JavaScript, Minify CSS – can be done with WP plugins

I haven’t taken care of the the two server ones personally and haven’t leveraged plugins to minify all the css & js, but those can be taken care of whenever are not issues relating to the theme itself.


Cool… yep if that’s doable to be fixed that works for me.. just want the site to load fast and work great. Site looks nice, just want to make sure the code is all good and do you guys have a support forum?

Hi, i would find it very usefull to have a “One Whole” Columns Shortcode, that can be used for adding pictures / making a big boxed column / stacking a few columns under each other – some boxed some not… and so on. Is there a way to do this?

also, i cant post a ticket here can you fix that?

btw – i really enjoy the theme, you rock :D

tnx :)

i reposted the question on ticksy


Wonderful work on the theme! Is there an easy way to change the language of buttons (view larger etc.), comment box and so forth?

Paaat, check this link for a resource on the process of translating :)

Amazing support! Thank you!

You’re welcome! :)

Hi Themenectar,

Thanks for recent updates. I updated to latest version and now text loads slowly, especially on mobile and tablet.

Would be nice to speed that up.

Hey druffzy, I can’t see the text loading slowly. I tested on FF, Chrome & mobile. There shouldn’t be anything in the last update that would cause it to do so either

Yes ThemeNectar, you are right. Some weird browser issue only on windows. Cheers

Ah, good to hear druffzy. :)


Is there a particular reason why the icons shortcode doesn’t work in a text/html widget in the footer sections?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey STYX2109, thanks for purchasing the theme!

The shortcodes don’t work in widget areas because they are not getting parsed by WordPress, that only happens in the main content area. You could paste the raw html for an icon however and get it to work that way :)

<div class="col"><i class="icon-3x icon-trophy"><i class="circle-border" /></i></div>

Just change the “icon-trophy” to be whatever you need! the list can be found here:

Hi! I am so happy with this theme but I’m stuck on one small thing on the home page. I am trying to add my Recent Work, and my portfolio image has appeared but without a title, date or the little ‘love this’ clickable item? Where do I go to change it so that this info. appears beneath the image, like on the demo?


Hey vivtutlewski!

By any chance have you only added one or two items? The minimum is three to fill the space out correctly which will in turn show your titles, date & love button :)

Thank you, this seems to have sorted it out!

Good to hear :)


Is there any way to stop the H1 in the page headers breaking onto two lines?


You can either reduce the size of the text inside the H1 or just make the span_6 a span_12 in the nectar page header function in the functions.php file. ( it’s near the bottom of the file )

I purchased the theme.

Now there is a very strange issue that I am facing.

The menu of the website is not responsive in IE 8. It works fine with IE 9 and later versions.

In IE 8, if I resize the website, the menu disappears.

I checked it on your official website and confirmed the same.

Kindly have a look at it and fix the same asap. This is a very urgent work.

Hey rohitkhuranadce, thanks for purchasing the theme!

Once the window is dragged or loaded smaller than the minimum width on browsers that don’t support media queries (responsive design), the column gets pushed down and hidden. I know it’s strange to you, but it really makes sense when you analyze the situation. I’ll see if I can’t make a fix for that for you though in the next minor release :)



Trying to look up your demo site for 2 days now, but it doesn’t show up. Where is the issue?

Hey Delpierooo!

You must have checked in an unfortunate series of unlucky times. It’s been down about 30% of the time for the past couple days, but I have been working hard to resolve the server issues. Today, it has been up all day without a hiccup so far :)

Hi :D, Now there is new update and i have to update my theme. What about the modification which I’ve done on some files ?

Hey m-elgendy! You’d have to reapply those to the new files assuming you directly modified the theme files without using a child theme. There’s also a changelog posted with line differences which you could use as a reference to manually apply the new code sections into your current version :)

@MiloHoffman00 We are also looking to purchase Salient theme to use with woocommerce. Think this would be an excellent idea as the theme would work great as an e-commerce store.

Hey elliottward82! Thanks for mentioning you’d also be interested :)

Hi Can I easily turn this theme into a dark theme?

Hey fpower! A few other buyers have, but you’d have to be comfortable with CSS.


On the Single-Portfolio page, how can I display the Featured Image + Second Image, Third Image etc, Vertically on the page, rather than in a galley as it is?

I did try myself :(

Is this something easy?

Hey madewithpasson!

Check out this video: (skip to 4:55)

Cheers :)

How perfect! Thank you and thanks for the super quick reply. :)

You’re welcome!


hi! love the theme. I think there is a bug with the twitter icon linking. It automatically puts my website URL before my twitter url (which leads to a 404 error) Can you assist?

Hey pheethemc, thanks for purchasing the theme! There’s no bug, you just need to put “http://” in your URLs otherwise it will be assumed as a relative link within your site and not an external link :)

Hey guys,

Get ready for Salient v1.5.1!

I just finished the update with fixes for most of the bugs that have been raised since v1.5.. Also, I decided it was time to give you guys the extra blog layouts you’ve been requesting. Feel free to check them all out on the live demo! :D

There will be an updated changelog with all the line differences and a thorough list of fixes/additions soon. I just submitted the update to ThemeForest so you should all be getting your hands on it this weekend!