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Just about to purchase

With the shop is there a way to display more than one image after selecting the item as on most woo sites.

i.e. click on item and go through to screen that has thumbnails of other images of the same item along with price and options etc


Hey nichematt!

Yes, see an example that that here:

Thanks, I should have looked a bit harder:)
Is there a way to get two columns of products on the shops page rather than three with the sidebar on there

You’re welcome!

That would require you to do a little css modding :)

There is serious problem with Search. The search result have no thumbnail or feature image, only 3 column of text title. Pls fix it, the normal default search template is a lot better.


You can add them yourself using the method described in this ticket to hold you over until it becomes a standard feature :)


I have your theme and wanted to know if you are releasing a Google+ icon so users can share articles?

At the moment I have Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and Love this but require Google+.


Hey globalexp!

It’s more than just a google+ icon, it’s a whole sharing functionality script that would need to be created for the theme. As of now it would require custom development, but I might end up making it a default feature down the road :)

hello, this theme is very nice!

Had a question about the shop. Would it be simple to have the homepage with a slider and then the shop below it?

Thank you

Hey catchmikey!

That would require a little modding of the files to include the home slide into the WooCommerce template :)

Can you center the logo?

Hey thomasmkl, that would require custom modification of the css.

Hi, I’m having an issue embedding a livestream player from Any other player works and scales properly.

however, when I embed or use a plugin’s shortcode to place a (and ONLY a player on the page it functions properly but it defaults the height parameter to something around 100px for some reason.

I also posted in the support forum for Themenectar. First time i’ve ever had an issue with a site >_< haha. Link Below, and Thanks!

Hey, gshaw23!

I am only applying the video sizing to iframes that are coming from youtube and vimeo – I will add twitch tv into the list to check for make thew automatically size correctly in the next update :)

For now to fix it on your send, open up the init.js file located in the js folder and fun a search for ”” to end up at the relevant section.

Change this:
if( $(this).attr('src').toLowerCase().indexOf("youtube") >= 0 || $(this).attr('src').toLowerCase().indexOf("vimeo") >= 0 ) {
to this:
if( $(this).attr('src').toLowerCase().indexOf("youtube") >= 0 || $(this).attr('src').toLowerCase().indexOf("vimeo") >= 0 || $(this).attr('src').toLowerCase().indexOf("") >= 0 ) {

Also, it looks like you’re embedding a flash object instead of an iframe. It will need to be an iframe in order to work. :)


I have a question before I purchase the theme. I already have another website in the root directory and I want to set everything up in a /test directory before moving it to the root and use my actual domain. The settings and every modification I make in the /test will be transfered or I’ll have to do it all over again?

Thanks in advance!

Hey gdfruta!

It would be the same as moving any other wordpress install/theme to a new directory. As long as you point the things correctly in the database, you won’t lose anything!

Hey TN,

Thought I address the followings to you after I tested around with it.

1. Secondary menu for boxed layout is not aligned properly (

2. The arrows for the home slider are not contained within the boxed layout

Great update! Thanks

1. I’ll give you the fix so you can correct it now and will include this by default in the next release :) open up your init.js file located in the js folder and run a search for “smooth” to end up at the right section. in there change this:

$('body, body #header-outer, body #header-secondary-outer, body #search-outer').css('padding-right','16px');

to this:

if($('#boxed').length == 0){
    $('body, body #header-outer, body #header-secondary-outer, body #search-outer').css('padding-right','16px');

2. That’s how it was intended to be. Also, you should see the next animation to hide the arrows when scrolling down past the point of the slider :)

Can you center the logo and move the menu?

Hey thomasmkl!

As of now that would require custom modification.

Hi there,

I’m about ready to purchase this theme but have a couple of questions.

1) Is it possible to have multiple portfolios, or have pages filter portfolio content based on content type?

2) Can you change the rotation speed of the main slider?

3) Is there flickr integration native to the theme, or do I need to get another plugin?

4) Is there any user-login features for this theme, or do I need to get another plugin?

Thanks, J

Hey harry_dresden,

1. Yes, you can have multiple portfolios.

2. Yes, it’s configurable through the options panel.

3/4. You would need a plugin.

Cheers! :)


im going to purchase this theme soon. Is there an option that the sticky header doesn’t shrink when scrolling down? and can you make the header higher for a bigger logo?


Hey LiveAtTheBBQ!

1. Yes there is! 2. Yes, you can define your own logo height and header padding :)

Hi! Congrats again for your work!

I need the dates and other stuff of the portfolio video in english, and.. I´m brazillian, so something is translating only this things…

Should I email u with the printscreen?

And VIMEO on Ipad is kind of weird, wrong pixel aspect radio i think…

Can I hide the arrows in “Homeslider”?

Can u help me with this?

Thank you very much!

Thanks a lot marco!

Here’s a css snippet to hide the home slider arrows:

div.slider-nav {
   display: none!important;

For your other questions, please open a support ticket where you can also attach the screenshot :)


You’re welcome!

I really wanna buy but after reading comments is it true you have to code for the simple stuff, like background color, menu background color, footer background color, and so forth…??

Hey mdlhale,

Salient offers you tons of configuration options. There’s color options for accent color and 3 extra color slots that you can use to create your own color scheme with ease. You have light and dark color schemes for the header. In fullwidth sections you can change the background color or use an image and even parallax it (the home page in the demo is a great example of this), if you use the boxed option you have in depth options for the background of your entire site..All of this is done without any coding. However, if you want to change the overall bg color for the fullwidth layout, create a new top nav bg color or change the footer bg color – you will have to use a css snippet. I have already written what it is so you don’t have to do any more work than copy and paste it into your admin panel and change the colors to what you need. I might just end up making them color pickers in the admin panel with the rest of the color options, but for now it’s a css snippet.

Cheers :)

I can’t thank you enough for the last update! Salient just keeps getting better and better! :D

You’re very welcome! I’m glad you guys have been enjoying it!

Cheers :)


after updating my website with the current theme updates, inside my portfolio section the left and right buttons also have text that appears when you push them that says next or previous. How can I get rid of these?

Yeah I don’‘t see any text that says that. Please clear your browsers cache and check again :)

it work, thank you very much!

No problem!

Cheers Stephie :)

Hey TN!

i just wanted to come back here and say thanks for making the BEST theme i have ever used! i really appreciate all of the feature updates you have put since since i purchased, really cool stuff!!! keep up the great work man!

Max, it makes me really happy to read that! I’m going to continue building up Salient more and more so prepare for more awesomeness :D


Hey you, thanks for your continued support… k, so it’s launch day, website goes live, my client sends out link to everyone and she gets a gazillion peeps saying the main nav dropdown menus don’t work at all.. I think it’s an IE8 issue? dunno… Also, lots of people saying the BlackBerry experience is horrific apparently (and my clients target users are heavily BB weighted)

Any light you can shed would be super appreciated and respected ;)

Thanks bud


Andy, please just open a private ticket with your login credentials so I can take a look at it myself :)


much appreciated, i’ve submitted the ticket.. sorry to be a pain in the wotsits ;)



(bloody lovely theme once i get this last bit of jiggery sorted) thanks for your continued and prompt support, very refreshing) :)

It’s no problem don’t worry about it!

I’ll be with you asap on the forum :)


Hi ThemeNectar! I am loving the woocommerce integration you put together. Beautiful! I have a couple of questions regarding this: I enabled the social media share buttons under Salient > WooCommerce Options but they are not showing up on my pages like they do on yours. Is there somewhere else I need to enable this? My checkout page doesn’t show the “Returning Customer? Click here to login” or “Create an account?” options like your demo page does. Under WooCommerce > Settings > General, I enabled “Enable guest checkout (no account required)” as well as “Allow registration on the checkout page” etc. but it is not showing up. Also, is there a “My account” navigation option so people can login to look at order statuses etc and if so does it have to be part of my main menu? Thank you so much! Also, do I have to require a phone number for checkout?

Also, once I add something to cart the little pop over cart on the upper right does not come back on my site like it does on yours…

I just took my site live so you will be able to see the few woocommerce things I am talking about…thank you so much & look forward to hearing back!

Hey kubinska!

1. If you update to v1.8 the buttons should show. There was a bug that didn’t allow them to display unless reviews were present.

2. That’s odd, they should show if you’ve enabled them in the back. I’ll have to look more into this :)

3. You can add a my account link to your main nav just like any other page. Just make sure it’s the page that contains the WooCommerce my account shortcode

4. The ajax shopping cart is only hooked up on the main products page – since all of your items require you to select options first it’s not used. However, once the user has added an item to their cart you will still see the cool shopping cart in the right hand side on the products page and single products page :)

Is it possible to have 1/4 1/2 1/4 layout (so that you can have central content on screen with white space down 1/4 left and right)

Also is it possible to use the Revolution slider with this skin in place of a homepage w/slider option?

Really appreciate your time, looking to buy this theme or a competitors soon, your theme is winning so far due to your continued support and updates.

Kind Regards Lee

Hey leecant!

1. Yes you can create that shortcode layout.

2. You would have to purchase and implement it separately. Some other buyers have :)


Hello again, Beautiful theme, and thank you again for all your assistance. I was wondering if there was a way to create a field to enter an artwork’s dimensions and medium on the portfolio page to have that information show up under the title.

Thank you.

Yes, but that would require custom development. If you hire a WordPress developer they should be able to wrap that up for you in under an hour :)

Thank you for the quick reply. I will figure that one out. 2 more questions though.

1. How do we activate captions on the light box?

2. Can the featured image once you click to view details be opened in light box also?

Thank you very very much.


1. There is no built in caption support – you would need to do a little modding.

2. You would have to open the single-portfolio.php file and add to class “pp” to the featured image :)