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for Design Quality

If I could only have one theme, this would be it. It's a joy to work with, service is good, features are great and executed beautifully. Highly recommend you get this.

for Documentation Quality

Very good theme. The only issue is the documentation : I find it hard to do thing because I can find a guide on how to do this (even if it is basic stuff that they have put on their demo)

for Other

This theme just permit to do what you want. Gaming website to personnal blog ... You just makes your dreams real !

for Code Quality

I decided to try this theme out for one of my clients. This thing became a headache the moment I installed it. I've used many other themes since and I've never had as many issues as I had with this one.

It completely decimated the server that the site was hosted on. The loading times of the site went from 2.5 seconds to 30+ seconds. And that was just installing one of their pre-created themes.

I worked with the support staff and they told me to remove features from their theme. Saying that the Nectar slides are known for causing massive loading times.

I had so many problems trying to get various plugins to work with it. Every time something didn't work, it would end up being the theme's fault.

I had to migrate this theme over to a new hosting account that was better suited for it.

After going through continual problems getting this theme up and running my client ended up blaming me for all of the issues. Which, it was my fault since I chose this theme for them and their site. But I was under the impression that it was one of the best $60 themes you can buy.

Moving forward with Divi, would highly recommend investing in it.


Author response

Hey nullen, I'm sorry to hear about this. I've only located one ticket opened from your account on the support forum many months ago (#1381093) in which the support staff never mentioned anything like "Nectar slides are known for causing massive loading times". Instead, it appears they pointed you to the performance optimization guide and recommended disabling the page transition option if you didn't want to see a loading screen. If you experienced great increases in loading times, something was likely conflicting from a server side/plugin perspective as that is not the norm:

Unfortunately I'm not sure what other issues you're referring to as it seems you never reached out, but as with anyone who's not satisfied with our theme - you can get a full refund here whenever you'd like: https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new

for Design Quality

hello there, i want to ask 1 question, my support time is over. thats why i am writing this way.

i imported the blog magazine demo and then install the homepage this skin. but i dont see category colors please check: http://prntscr.com/jeyxik

how i activated category colors? thanks.

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